Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Ivan had a goal made some time ago to practice his guitar 5 days a week. We write it on the calendar, but since he was having problems reaching it, I told him that I would also join his goal by adding 5 days a week of exercise. That was some time back and I have done way worse than him- like never!

So last night, when I was telling him how proud I was that he has been so good at practicing and already has 2 nights in a row and didn't that feel good, he asked me if I had exercised. ACK I was so BUSTED!

So this morning I made it my goal to exercise. Then I added to the incentive by making a deal with Ivan. If he practices more times than I exercise this week, I will owe him 50cents. He also told me he doesn't need me to remind him- which would be amazing because that would mean he wouldn't be arguing with me to not practice. But if I exercise more than he practices, he will owe me 50 cents.

My legs feel great and I got out in the beautiful fresh air too! Yippee, maybe our little competition will help me more than I thought! Also, I went for coffee and ended up at a free clinic, so I thought I should be a good sport and let them test me. Despite my total lack of consistent exercise and the fact that my mind, body and emotions are suffering for it, I haven't too adversely affected my heart, cholesterol or blood sugars which are all stellar ;) Big smile. So thankful to be healthy despite my meager efforts.

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Keep it up mom.