Saturday, October 29, 2011

Still walking at Echo lake

Once we got our way through the maze of roots, we walked across the boat launch parking lot, which is now covered in sand and were greeted with majestic, yellow filled trees against a blue, blue sky. I love these colors! Blue is my favorite color, but when it's decorated in whites and yellows, it just pops out. The birds were all over the grass, until we came through so noisily clomping through the brush- at which they all took off and went to laze in the water.

Emora took this one of me, I sat her in a spot and told her to find my head. I have a few other shots of my feet, but she got me here!

And of course I had to get her!

The colors and textures were such a feast for the eyes.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Still on our little walk

After we left the washed up dock/sitting area, we walked along what used to be a path through woods near the water. Now it is right on the water with some very interesting decor. Like this mock volcano all covered in green residue. I'm guessing it's a former tree's roots. The tree is long gone, and these are it's remains- I suppose.

Speaking of tree roots, here was some kind of art display. I found the bleached white wood so beautiful. I almost took a piece home. I may have to go back and get some. They had fascinating twists and were so soft.

Here you can see the tree tipped over with the roots.

These are the same roots along the water. I had to heave Emora and our stroller over some of these obstacles.

I loved the textures in this spot along with the colors and shadows. It looks like another world altogether.

We saw some pretty reds in the trees.

I liked how the green was popping out along this tree's trunk. No matter the catastrophe, the earth is so amazing in it's strength and will to sprout new life again.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

walk to echo lake

The weather has been gorgeous, gorgeous, especially for October. It is warmer than normal this time of year, AND the hills continue to change colors, reds have been coming out more and on a blue sky day, the yellows on the trees look like they are gold falling from the sky. Emora and I were out doing errands. There were some things I was looking for for the house and didn't find anything in town, plus I HATE shopping, so the morning was not exactly fun for me, then Emora spotted the bridge and suggested we go on it, so we ended up doing a very late morning tour of the lake and beach in town. I was so happy we did. Seeing the colors and sun playing on the water, in the bushes, on the leaves was food for my soul. I snapped a ton of pictures. Seriously, from 2 walks I have over 40 pictures to share with you and those are just my favorites! The light right now is incredible. It feels like it's a setting or rising sun, only it's just the regular daytime October sun- and we can get out and enjoy it!

We walked out onto a little sandy outcropping near the dam and got a different perspective of the lake.

I loved the big clouds in the water.

There used to be a big sitting area with benches hanging over the water here. You can see the cement posts ripped up and a section of the platform. It had walls too that the water sent on it's merry way during the flooding.
I could have watched the way the water sparkled in the sunshine for much longer than Emora would allow, but now I have this photo to remember it by.

Speaking of my little adventure partner- here is the grand lady herself with her grand ideas- thanks for changing our morning from drab and narrow to resplendent and bigger than life Emora!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

party time!

Here are a bunch of pics from the party. It was only 2 hours, and I had a ton of games planned, but we whipped through them in no time and I had to come up with some last minute unplanned games. It was a good thing the weather was fabulous, because we didn't realize how much space you really need for that many kids. Seriously, he only invited 5 or so from class, but then they have siblings (some of which we accidentally forgot to invite) and then there are cousins and the neighbor kids who he plays with everyday and wow- we have actually gotten to be a small part of a few people's lives since we got here! It was nice to realize that last year we didn't know anyone and this year we could fill the yard to overflowing with people we know to some degree.

Ivan decided on a music theme. This was pin the guitar and recorder on Ivan. Enjoy the view of the cutout out now, because it was quickly massacred by a wild gang of boys with 2 seconds between activities at the near end of the party.

We played "simon says" how to dance to the music. Jordan said they should all do the "worm", I suggested the twist.

This was a very hard ball toss game.

I couldn't have been happier with Ivan's pick for his cake design and hope that all my kids always want this cake! It was the easiest decorating ever! At first he said he wanted a French horn cake and then a 7 layer cake, so I had reason to be terrified at the task, then he came out with a ribbon and polka dot with smarties cake- so great!

The kids were loving the games, but I really needed a bunch of adults at each station so that there weren't such long lines.

We made up a story about a musician and his wacky mishaps.

The full crew- ok, now I'm counting 17 kids? Seemed like about 100!
I was pretty shocked at the nice gifts he got! And it was so sweet to see how excited the kids were to have him open what they gave him. There were also lots of hand made cards- which I totally love!!
He felt very very special with all the attention and fun- but I think we're going to have to limit our numbers some. The weather won't always cooperate for us each year mid October- I'm afraid!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

got pictures!!

We got our traditional picture made. I need to post the line up so far again as it's always fun to see how Ivan has grown. We had a wonderful birthday week with lots of fun.

Brian and I got to go on a date. We had a fancy supper in "the city" and caught a movie- which was not muppets, but this display was too fun to not get a picture at.

That week I also got to go swimming and to the library and with birthday money, I've gotten to spoil myself some- today I got a couple of coffee mugs made here in town by a local potter. My coffee was so luxurious in it!

We had 18 kids I think at the party, maybe it was 16, however many it was, it seemed like a mob of kids. We were very thankful that it was not too cold out, as we last minute decided to host the party outside. That was a super idea, because we really wouldn't have fit in the house!!

One of my birthday gifts was some more face paint. I tried it out today and couldn't believe how nicely it works! I'm not sure why it responds incredibly well- if it's the paint or brushes or both, but it makes amazing pictures!

We've gotten to go exploring a couple of times in the last couple of days, so I have mounds of fun pictures. I never used to post landscapes, but have LOVED my cousins pictures of her Fort Qu'Appelle walks past the treaty four grounds. Sheena is an amazing writer and is reflecting on the treaties and how to struggle through the injustices and promises, our responsibilities and muddling through the present realities. She's also an amazing photographer. She and her husband took our wedding pictures in fact. A few years ago ;) I'd never posting landscapes before, since this blog is really about life with our kids, but her pictures always make me smile, so I thought maybe you'd appreciate seeing the beauty too.

What do you enjoy most from this blog? What do you like to see or read about? Cause really, it only makes sense if you are enjoying it.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Foxy guitar lesson

This pic was from my cousin. I guess the high school mascot walked in on Ivan's guitar lesson and decided to play some too. Auntie and Ivan said that he wasn't very good at guitar- but what fun! Speaking of fun, Brian and I get to go on a date tonight! We are being all grown up with a sitter and a drive to the city for dinner and a movie! Birthdays are good for something! It'll be nice. I think our last date was our anniversary in Jan! We are also planning lots of dates in about 16 years, when the kids are (maybe) moved out ;)

Tomorrow I'll get some more pictures on my camera as we celebrate the day my life changed forever when I had Ivan and became a mother. OK, so it's just his birthday party, but that day was so significant for us, a real landmark in our lives.

This is his first party where we are doing the "invite some friends to come from 2-4 party". He's so super excited. I hope it won't be total mayhem, but I think we've got about 20 friends coming, so I can hope all I want, but mayhem will probably be the agenda- which is why you just do it for 2 hours until next year?

I have lots of games planned, so that will be fun and JOY JOY- Ivan picked out the easiest cake design. We are having a music theme party, but he didn't want a music themed cake. He saw a cake that looked like a present- rectangle with dots and a ribbon- so we frost the cake, plop on some MnMs (or smarties here) and they had used fruit leather, but he wants frosting in an t. Yipee for easy ;) I just wrote drink boxes on my little list of last minute items to get.

He has already had such a wonderful week. We both have. And we are so greatful to all our friends and family who love us!! Thanks to all. ACK- I just remembered we didn't take our traditional boy on my lap picture. I'll have to go do that now!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Still not sure how to get those pictures out of IPhoto. It won't be many that I lose if I won't ever get them out, so at least that's good. But I don't have anything else new uploaded, so you get my boring words instead!! We had a totally fun day today. Brian took Ivan to school for breakfast and a book (a program they are running all week), a got to listen to some of my new music that I got with birthday money as I worked this morning, then headed into the city with the girls. We DID NOT do shopping!! YIPEE. Brian did it for me Sat. so we are OK on groceries and stuff. So nice. Instead, we went to the library and stocked up with two huge overfilled bags. I got novels for me, documentaries for Brian and I, movies for the kids, Geronimo Stilton books (8) for Ivan, Star wars books, princess books, French books for story time and some for at home, French cds, halloween themed books for story time and some books just for fun. Yep- I can do a lot of damage in an hour!!

The girls and I ate a packed lunch on the way to the pool and then got to swim for a couple of hours. It was so wonderful, although I do miss getting to get real exercise doing laps and really pushing myself, I do love to play with them and try to move as much as possible while there with them.

Tonight we are going skating- apparently there are quite a lot of open skating times at the beginning of the season. Dominique has been BEGGING to have a playdate with a friend from her class, but we really don't know them, so I don't want to go drop her off, and her off days are with her at home dad, which would be a bit awkward I think, so her mom and I came up with skating tonight. It'll make our day really, really full, but overflowing with fun! The girls conked out for a bit on the drive home, but I think they'll be sleeping really great tonight!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

technical difficulties

I'd have a few more pictures on here, but we are having some space issues I think. Some sites have not been working, but I think we just have too many pictures on our desktop, so Brian has been getting them backed up so that we can hopefully get full access to things again. Brian got this picture onto our desktop and I'm not sure how, since the ones I'm trying to drag aren't dragging!

Life is full of excitement in the Baggett house with Ivan's birthday approaching. Dominique and Daddy went to the city yesterday to shop for birthday while Ivan and I created props for games. He's got his invites sent out. This will be his first birthday where we've really let him just pick out some close friends. Of course those close friends have siblings we also play with, so there are about 16 kids invited, but I'm sure not all of them will make it and I think 3 of those are mine ;) Ivan and I painted 2 cardboard guitars, a recorder and a cutout of Ivan. He wanted a carnaval theme, not exactly sure what that is, but he said dancing, singing and music playing, so I'm going with an instruments theme. Instead of pin the tail on the donkey, we are having them put a guitar and recorder on him. And the bean bag toss game is a throw a "rock" (for rock and roll) into the cardboard guitar.

Speaking of music, Dominique bought herself a harmonica yesterday along with a present for Ivan. She was quite pleased with herself and has been playing it lots with delight and joy. OK, I need to get the littlest down for a nap. Although Emora does like to say "naps are HORRIBLE!" she still needs them.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pretty, pretty

The colors here are just breathtaking. This was the last time I was at the town lake. I've noticed that the trees on the hills have dropped most of their leaves, leaving great swaths of black/dark trunks, but the leaves remaining are bright yellow. When the sun hits it, it looks like the hills are speckled in candle light that flutters and quakes. I'm loving how the hills transform, how everything around us is getting ready for the next season. We saw big flocks of birds in the harvested fields while driving to and from Saskatoon and I got to tell Brian what was told to me a long time ago... that the birds fatten up in the fields before their big migration South for the winter. Nature is so fascinating and smart too. How many times do we just spend our resources, not thinking about the upcoming journey that will require strength and stamina, working together and in harmony. So often we just do what feels good at the moment, like blogging instead of cleaning my house- ack- did I just write that? heehee

Remember to stop and smell the roses today, or notice the colors, or kiss a child, hug a baby, tickle a spouse, do a kind deed, take deep breaths, stretch, smile, sing, dance, create, journal, live lovely.