Sunday, January 31, 2010

a rough week

OK, we're ready for some health and healing in the house, so if you are into praying some up for us, we'd be grateful. Emora's had a very rough week. On Fri. she got her vaccinations and was fine for several days. About Monday she had some fever, but they said that was a side effect. Then us 3 girls got head colds. Then Emora had a series of really bad diapers and got the worst diaper rash I've ever seen, although admittedly I've not seen many. Then she started running fever again (which they said the fever would come about a week after the shots). So the poor girl is dripping from the nose or altogether stopped up, she's coughing too, has a horribly sore butt, and feels horrid with fever. She's even eating less, which tells us she really feels awful! Dominique and I are congested too, but it is mostly just annoying.

We are not entirely sure what day we will leave here, as there was a squeduling problem already with our initial date, but we are still thinking the end of May. It will take 2-3 days to get up there. Things are moving along, falling into place. Brian did his first item for fixing up our house to sell. He replaced the sliding glass doors which have needed replacing since we moved in with French doors and they look so nice. It is great that we get to enjoy them for a little bit before we leave anyways.

trio plays in sandbox

Friday, January 29, 2010

Tentative move date

We set a tentative moving date. We have some AMAZING friends who want to spend their holiday time helping us drive a U-haul, all our junk, 3 small kids and 2 pets for several days up to Canada. Yeah, I told you they are amazing! We got out our calendars and figured up May 22nd to try and head out. So crazy!

All the womenfolk of our house have a cold, so that is not cool, but the weather is, so we have been snuggling up and trying to rest or watch movies. The kids got their first taste of the Muppets. Now Ivan is constantly wanted to hit us in the head (which was one of the slapstick jokes, but he keeps messing up the joke part and doesn't have a pie so he substitutes other household items). You don't realize how violent these "innocent" kid shows are until someone takes it to the extreme!

Speaking of... What happened to my girls. Our first, A BOY likes to be tidy and clean, but the girls, whew-- Dominique still prefers paint on her body as opposed to on paper. Although in this case it was sidewalk chalk that she and Ivan first mashed on the cement then made a paste by adding water. And here is Emora's rendition of a baby vampire. Doesn't she look like she could be in a horror flick? Apart from the fact that she is way too cute and precious, with eyes gleaming in joy. I had to dig a splinter out of her hand tonight. She was amazing, just lay there, didn't even cry. When I had to do this recently with Ivan and Dominique, they were so horrible, crying, writhing and I hadn't even touched them. Dad was there for assistance, but we ended up not needing help and as he left, Emora said her first sentence "bye da".

Emora and her first french word

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

the cotton fields

Emora is still running a slight fever, so I've kept her in all day. Now I'm starting to get some cabin fever. Fortunately, Brian has been available, so he was able to take the big kids out to get groceries and go to a park. He and his co-workers are in between jobs, about to start another house flip possibly next week. But tomorrow I may see if he'll stay with Emora so that I can get out. Time for a change of scenery.

Speaking of, check out these cotton fields. They were so pretty and striking to me since I never grow up with them. Wynetta had though and she was telling us about how her grandmother would card the wool and picked some for us telling us the seeds are hidden inside the wooly part. So fascinating.

Our little kings and queen at Tighe's house. We love getting together each week. It is so refreshing for all of us. Lily is missing from most of the pics since she naps if we are at her house.

Chicken pox?

Emora's been running fever all day, but she just got vaccinations Fri. and the doctor said that could be a side effect. The only new one she got was chicken pox, so I'm guessing that is what she is fighting. I'm staying up right now to see what her temp. is to determine if I need to get her Motrin to finish out the night.

Other exciting news in our house: Brian's flipped house is under contract. If all goes well, he will close on it in early March and we will be able to set a date for our move. This is another step of the process that we are so thankful to the Lover is going so amazingly well.

Equally as exciting: Brian and his co-worker got the French door installed to replace our sliding glass door. It looks so much better. This was so exciting that the kids didn't even want to watch videos this morning. They were daddy's helpers. Ivan figures he is a master at caulking and they both got to operate the drill. The door hasn't fallen off yet, so they must have done good.

Not so cool, Dominique irreparably damaged our camera. But I got it to where it would take pictures again, so we can make it last 'til the house sells. Ironically, this happened when Brian's first house was under contract too- the digital camera started to mess up. So I'm hoping that is not a pattern. At first I was so upset about it, but then I realized that it's just a thing, a somewhat expensive thing, but a thing none the less. There are far graver things going on in the world and that I have everything to be thankful of in my family. In fact the camera has other annoying qualities, and it seems that we will have funds to hopefully get something more durable. So it can even be seen as a blessing in disguise. All the frustration dissipated and everything fell back in balance. So stupid of me to even give in to moments of anger over a camera! Don't worry, I'll still be clicking away.

OK, time for another temp. reading...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Party videos

Emora's birthday song

Emora's birthday "if you're happy and you know it" song

Emora's birthday "dance and freeze game". We were playing a game where you had to dance while the music played and freeze when I stopped it. The funny part here, is Ivan's expression when he froze.

Happy Birthday, for her 5th time, at the actual party.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Birthday party

I tried something new this birthday- small, very small. We only invited 3 friends with their kids and only two of them made it. You would think that seven kids would make for a calm and serene party.

Don't get me wrong, we had lots of fun, but our average age was 3 and that makes for lots of excitement, mayhem, tears (from nearly all of them at different times) laughter and great memories. We made a ladybug craft, played games, danced, sang songs, ate, had cake and presents.

I feel bad not to have invited a ton more people, but it was so much less stressful and more age appropriate. I remember with Ivan and Dominique's first birthdays planning games for preteens, because we totally love having the entire family here and involved, but it can get insane with huge age spreads. So simple was lovely.



I'll try to get some videos up too. I think she was sung to no less than 5 times this week and I can see that she is understanding the song is all for her!

She did get a ton of shots yesterday at her 1 year check-up. She is in the 77% for height and weight at her age. She now weighs 23lbs and is 29 inches long. She gets to face forward in her car seat which she totally loves. I do need to start watching and encouraging her speech. They said at her age, she should be using "dada" "momma" and a few other words. So far she mostly uses "dada" for everything and that's about it. She has said "momma" a couple of times and "tete" a few times, but mostly she just screams at us until we figure out what she wants. The doc. said to be sure the siblings don't talk for her.

Speaking of siblings, we have Dominique signed up for spring soccer. She is very excited. Ivan is also excited to tell her everything she needs to do. Since he has prior experience, he figures he's a pro. I'm also trying to get them signed up for another round of swim lessons before we leave. I get great deals since I work at the Y, so I need to take advantage of it before we leave.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

of life, death and love

We enjoyed going to Lela's wedding last weekend. Here are some pics of us. We also visited Brian's grandparents gravesite which was in the vicinity. It was a touch on the chilly side for an outdoor wedding. But one of Lela's many claim to fames is to be the only friend of Brian's to make the treck to Canada in Dec. for our wedding, which was much, much colder than it was at her's.

Emora is now officially one. She shocked the librarians today. I didn't realize that I usually just have her in the stroller at the library while I try to handle the trio, a half dozen videos and a couple dozen books, our jackets, the diaper bag... you get the picture. I let her out for the children's time when they do action songs and are read to, but most the librarians are not there for that part. Today I let her out while the kids picked out videos and books, she was a handful, pulling videos off the shelf, but then when it came time to go to toddler time, she made the long walk happily through the library. The ladies at the desk all started saying "I can't believe it!" "Look at her go!" "She does that so well" "But it seems like you just had her". Yeah, it does seem like it was just yesterday, but a walking, understanding toddling girl makes us realize that a year has really passed. She noticed a baby at library time and was all excited about him and wanting to get near him. She also "helped" with laundry today, putting clothes in the baskets, sorting them, trying to put on socks and putting things on her head to make us laugh. It's just so amazing.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Some have teenagers to gobble it up

Some have teenagers to gobble up all the leftover food. We have Emora. I left for water aerobics with her at her high chair, eating a pre-dinner snack. I came home to her eating super. She had finished a couple of helpings and looked hungry still, so while I ate, she also had her brother and sister's helpings. They decided that they didn't like their food, so they didn't eat any of it. I didn't finish all that I had taken, so I gave her the rest of mine too. There was a little bit left in the bowl (orange chicken and vegetables with brown rice), but I thought surely she'd eaten enough for someone who is not even a year yet! Tomorrow is her big 1 year day, but we're celebrating in miniature Sat.

She was our biggest baby and is still our biggest, but she's not huge as compared to other babies her age. In fact she spent most the afternoon toddling around the back yard, drawing with sidewalk chalk, so I know she's exerting a lot of energy, especially when half the walking is falling down and getting up again. I wonder if she'll always be different from the other two and eat well like this. Of course, the other two ate well at her age also and now they are picky eaters. I never thought I'd have to say that, but they are. At the same time, I can't imagine what the grocery bill would be like if they all ate like Emora- a foretaste of their teen years I'm sure!

Here is the play by play of finger painting.

First touch of paint- wow, I could get into this.

And I did, look at all that I can do (OK, mommy helped with my name, the heart and flower, but I get sole credit on the rest!

Did anyone mention that fingerpaint can get messy, um yeah, and not just on fingers either. Don't even look in those little notches under my arm rest, mom. I said not to look!

When you said it was time to clean up, I thought you'd just wash my hands. Did you really have to rinse the paint out of my hair- that was my new hair do. And I thought the orange on my face brought out the color of my eyes! Ah well, will you let me run around the house now?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Last year

Emora and Logan make music

This time last year, we were anxious to know when Emora would be born. She was due on the 15th, Brian's birthday, but we finally forced her out the 20th.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

crazy driver seen on Briarwood

We are heading out of town, but I don't think we'll let this driver take the van's wheel just yet. Let's give him a dozen years or so.

Ivan driving

We are actually going to be in the part of Texas where Brian's grandparents lived. They are buried there, so we will go see their graves, but our biggest reason to go is to celebrate our friend's wedding. Congrats to Lela and Colin. Lela became famous to my family by making the long trip to Canada for our wedding. She was Brian's only friend that was able to make it up. The rest celebrated with us at a reception in Abilene later, where Lela again attended! ;)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy birthday Brian!!!

Emora's first attempt to experience this expressive medium. Yes, fingerpaints and yes, she did taste it right after she dipped her finger in it. She stuck to the paper for the most part, but eventually she became a bit of a paint monster as you can see.

Emora fingerpaints

Today is Brian's birthday. The kids wanted to get him gifts, so we hit the dollar store. Ivan is still learning the value of a dollar. We found a really nice fleece jacket for $5 (on sale), so I was trying to tell him that was a good buy and they could buy it together, but he preferred to get his dad a car freshner and fritos. But we couldn't pass up the jacket, so Dominique bought it all on her own. They were very excited to give him their gifts and didn't even give away their secrets this time.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

they know their names

the trio figuring out addresses on a package

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Do you remember being 0 years old?

I've been having troubles getting my videos up on blogger and youtube, so I had to take drastic measures and the advice of my sister. These are all seen on facebook. So if you saw them there first, my apologies. I'm working on getting more up, but in the meantime, feast your eyes on this! Our baby is about to be a year old!!! Yep, She passes her original due date on Fri. and sails on for her actual birth day when we forced her to come face the world and her exuberant family some 5 days later.

Emora walks

Emora talks on phone

For a little someone who is only 0 years old, she sure can do a lot.

Monday, January 11, 2010

She walks, she talks, she entertains

It is actually quite shocking to me that Emora is about to be a year old. You would think what with this being my third, that I would not be so surprised, but it really is different with three. With the other two, I was so eager for them to reach each milestone and watched them with anticipation. This is no longer feasible with three. This year has been about doing what we can. I just can't be as diligent about seeing to Emora's every development because I constantly have two others demanding attention and needing help also. I guess this is what happens as the family grows. I need for the bigger kids to help interact with and supplement what I can offer to Emora because a single person can only do so much. So, Emora has a mommy who carries her a lot and does what she can to interact with her at times, a daddy who does the same, plus a 5 year old tutor, brother, protector and a 3 year old sister friend. Between all of us, Emora seems to be doing amazingly well. Instead of anxiously awaiting each stage, we wake up one day and find that suddenly, she is saying a new word, imitating us in a new way or walking! (OK, so we did anticipate that one quite a bit, mostly because I'm a little tired of her hanging on my leg).

The kids love to play together. Here is a tag tail game. Ivan loves pulling the other's tails off. Dominique just wants to wear hers- all day and night. Emora hasn't quite figured it out yet, but will no doubt catch on quickly with all her teachers at her side.

Do you have sisters and brothers? How did your birth order/# of siblings affect who you have become?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

have a good week!

A fun evening with friends... Tighe wanted to cut our decadent chocolate cake with her wedding knife, so of course, Olivia, Tighe and I had to pose. The kids loved making mayhem with the massive pile of legos. This was some of Greg's leggo supply from his childhood. Tighe also entertained the kids with music as the other adults played Settlers of Catan.

Emora likes to pretend she is talking on a phone. Sometimes she even uses a phone, otherwise she just puts any toy or object to her head. She said tĂȘte the other day while tapping her head, so there's her first French word. She sometimes says hello or bye, dadda or momma, but never when we are trying to get her to show others her skills. She also really likes our pets and is often seen giving them a hug or petting them.

Ivan picked cotton the other day (OK, technically Wynetta did). We were passing a field of cotton. It was so beautiful, so we had to get out for pics. Wynetta was telling us all about how her grandmother used to card the wool, what tools were used, how there are seeds in the cotton to separate out... Some things I just have no clue about having grown up in the North. Ivan is finally mastering the art of going #2 every day. We now have a doughnut reward system that seems to be doing the trick!

Dominique loves to pull over her sister Emora in a huge bear hug, which Emora doesn't enjoy so much. I think Grandma Sue pegged it when she was saying how hard it is for the middle child. Dominique has been particularly whiny and talking like a baby, but not wanting to nap and wanting to do school with Ivan. So we are trying to give her extra hugs and attention.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

digging to china

These are our neighbors Valerie and Logan. We like to play with them and swap babysitting/dogsitting/housesitting services. Logan got a fourwheeler for Christmas and invited us over to let the kids take it for a spin. They had such a blast. It was a bit frightening though to see my 3 and 5 year olds behind a wheel!!!

A stray dog has been visiting us through the fence in the alley several times a day. The big kids have come up with a plan to dig a hole near their slide, tunnel it about 20 feet to the fence, go under the fence and come up the other side, then crawl through with tools to fight the mean dog (who seems quite friendly in all truth). Ivan has decided that he and Dominique are going to "save the day" and protect our family from the nameless, tagless, playful, tail wagging canine. Meanwhile, it kept them outside and happily playing for a long time today. Ivan drew out his plan and determined that we will have to stay home from now on and that his plan will take many days. I am not complaining in the least. I'll even give them another garden trowel if it will keep them happily occupied. Maybe they can dig while I clean house tomorrow, except that I heard it is going to get cold again.

What imaginary games did you like to play as a child?