Wednesday, February 01, 2012


OK, for my fellow Texanites, I know you call knitted hats toboggans, but here, those are "tuques" and tobogganing is sledding down the hill- which we did several weeks (?) ago. We have a little more snow than this now, which is so nice. The snow makes everything so pretty and sparkly and with the great temps we've been having, we can't even complain that it's too cold!

The last two mornings, we've had beautiful frost covering the trees, hills, fences... I should really take some pictures. The sun's light is so magical here in the winter. I love how it plays on the hills, through the tree branches and the amazing sunsets that greet us in the mornings. I have a huge front window that makes it such a fancy display.

We had a spectacular weekend. Brian played at the school Fri. so that was extra special fun. Sat. we went to a great library program around the theme of Robert Munsch books. Sun. we went to my cousin's blog launch about her walking and meditating on Treaties. We live in the very town where Treaty 4, which covers much of Southern Saskatchewan was signed.

After that, we drove 20 secs. to get to the Rexentre where we watched a live hockey game by the Fort Knox. They played a super close game with most of it tied, but our locals won. We ate fries at the rink which were so super yummy and I had smuggled in a ton of muffins left over from the blog launch, so that was supper ;)

THEN- the kids had Monday off from school, so I took them into the city where we got groceries, books at the library and went swimming- we didn't have to rush back to do school pick-up and thankfully my cousin was there too, because Emora wanted to stay in the kiddy pool the whole time. So she stayed with her while I took the big kids to the bigger pool some.

THEN- Tues. Ivan had his ski day at school. He had fun. Brian got off early from work and went to spy on him and get some picks. Ivan's no olympian prospect, but he improved from last year and enjoyed it so thumbs up to him trying something new. I never skied until I was about grade 5, so he's ahead of me already! I will get to try out skiing hopefully Fri. though. My cousin is going to lend me her skis and I heard lift tickets are only $10 Fri. night ;) I hope my knee will be awesome and will be summoning up some of that courage Ivan found. I used to ski OK, but it's been about 20 years! Wait a minute am I really that OLD!!! YIKES! and yippy for me. I hope I'm skiing at 50 and 60 and 70... ;)


Michelle said...

Nice. You can also check out for a map of local hills and add hills to the map for others to locate and enjoy. Happy tobogganing! :)

Ian said...

What happened to our winter this year? It was plus 5 today in Saskatoon.

GMS said...

We aren't having a real "winter" either but we're not complaining, just holding our breath that it keeps up.
The cold & frost probably are pretty but not as much fun for the kids without the snow.