Tuesday, February 21, 2012

finishing touches

Brian hasn't had as much work this month, which has been fun for him so that he can focus more on his music and it's been fun for me since he has helped with kid pickup from and to school and also got the shelves I wanted for the bathroom. When Brian made the bench/structure to hide the sump pump and water softener in the bathroom, I saw that it gave the bathroom a real boxy feel. Whenever there is a weird house part that I'm not all that excited about, I figure the solution is to elaborate on that theme. When we had weird ceiling levels in the guest room, we added a skylight and painted it so that you noticed it even more. Same with the narrow stairwell, I decided to make all that descending and ascending space decorated with fake tile, birds soaring and painted windows to give a sense of space and movement.

I saw these shelves online and liked them a lot. Brian had to do some mental gymnastics to figure out how to hang them, but he did it and I love the results!
Then I added more geometric designs to the cabinet/bench to tie it all together. I keep thinking it's all done, but my mind is simmering with the idea to paint in Emora's room too. She doesn't have any permanent wall decor, but is at an age now where we can collaborate on what she would like. We have a couple of butterfly things up already and since she is not into any one color, we are probably going to go with a butterfly theme. I wonder if I'll get to paint a sky on her ceiling. I miss our skies that we had in Abilene in the kid's rooms ;)

Emora loves our friends Ellen and Keitha. This was Valentine's day and she was all into the love and cuddles.

How is your bedroom decorated? Do you have a theme or color that it's organized under?

When I did Brian and my bedroom, I didn't really conciously pick the color scheme- as some items were given to us, but we ended up with black and blue room- which is the colors I had wanted for my room ever since high school!


Nana said...

I love the shadowbox shelves.

Anonymous said...

Love the finishing touches, You should take over from Martha Stewart!
Ellen reminds me of Carmen. mom