Saturday, February 28, 2009

Her movements

My vivid pregnancy moments with Emora will soon fade and drift into the realm of distant memories, but not quite yet. She is still small enough that I recognize her movements. As I hold her on my chest and feel her jerky twitches, pushes and twists, I recognize them from when she was in my womb. It's such a wonder- to actually now see what all those jabs, rolls and movements were within me.

It also strikes me, as she stretches out, how terribly squished we were. I know she has grown a little since birth, but not tons and when she is straight, her head can be crouched under my chin and her feet reach down to her birthing exit ramp. Calculating the fact that I still needed room for some little items like my heart, lungs, ribs, stomach, intestines, kidneys, liver... and such, not to mention breathing room, it's no wonder we were uncomfortable! I try to figure out how she could have been all curled up in there and move too- quite a wonder I tell you. Glad she's out!

I think she's glad to be out too. She is looking around more and more, smiling more and getting lots of play time with the kids- mostly Dominique since she is constantly trying to interact with her baby sister. I have to watch them because a couple of times I've seen Dominique try to pull her off a bed or pick her up to hold her. She told me the other day that she wanted to dance with her sister. She's just so eager for her to grow up. I'm not. It's nice to have a baby again and I think 2 toddlers is plenty of trouble and excitement for us right now, we'll let the little one be a baby for a while.

pics are from our swim day this last week

funny freesome

There are so many things to laugh about in the house, more than just tickle sessions. The way the kids say "free" instead of 3 (thus the title for this post). Ivan also says "nuse" for use and Dominique is getting harder to understand by the day. Yes, harder. I think she is trying to use a much bigger vocabulary than we are used to with her and since she has not mastered all the new words, we are having a harder time at guessing these in depth conversations. She is mostly patient with us though.

Then there are the situational laughs, like when I was cutting Ivan's hair today, Emora decided I'd been long enough and started crying in the living room. Dominique came to go pee in the bathroom, where I was squished in with Ivan. I told her to use the potty chair that I had put in the hallway since the bathroom was already overfull with the hair cutting station in action. Next thing I know, she had accidentaly dumped all her pee, and the toilet paper on the floor, with the hair, where I was standing, plus she'd gotten some on her pants and underwear. She had thought to flush the stuff down the toilet, but was walking with her pants around her ankles, tripping over the hair and all of us "in her way".

There are other converstational laughs and of course pictoral moments. Above is Emora in the baby doll craddle my uncle made. I took this nest pic. to demonstrate her unruly hair. Most of it lies flat, then there is this big wave in the middle that will only stand up and tilt to the side. This was after we comb it with water. I guess she'll be our little rocker.

These ones were taken at the library. My little readers and what they really think of their books- check out Emora's expression!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tic toc

Dominique has been running a low grade fever since Sun. night, so we have been staying home trying to get well, which has not been easy because Dominique never slows down, even for a fever. In fact, I probably shouldn't have, but I filled the pool for them today and let them play in it. Ivan has been asking for weeks if we could fill the pool and at first I thought- no way! It's winter time. Then I realized that it's been plenty hot for swimming- summer temps in Saskatchewan. Today was crazy hot, so we filled it up and I justified it by saying maybe it would help break Dominique's temperature, which really was only 99 degrees today. Emora is real congested too and coughing, but she at least hasn't been feverish.

I'm ready to get out of the house more, but I should be enjoying home while I can. Next week I have a doctor appointment, another appointment and then will be back with the water aerobics class. It will be nice to get out, meet people and be in the pool, but I'm not looking forward to the hectic evenings that will result with my leaving.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our weekend

We have had a fairly adventurous weekend. I had to do a CPR refresher course, that was supposed to last only about an hour, but I pumped some milk for Emora's first attempt with a bottle. I hadn't made much since Ivan and Dominique never took much with the bottle and really didn't do well their first time. I guess I should not have used those guidelines, because the class took 2 1/2 hours and Emora drank every drip from the bottle like she'd been doing it for months, then looked at her daddy as if to say "is that all you've got?" I could hardly believe it when he told me. She is by far our most enthusiastic eater so far.

Yesterday we had a surprise. A friend called up saying that she had tickets to the circus for 2 adults and 3 kids, but couldn't go because of work commitments. Brian zipped out and picked up the tickets while I fed and loaded up the kids so that we could get there on time. The kids loved it. The best act was the motorcyclists in a metal spherical dome riding around like crazies. Half way through, they had an intermission and it was hilarious to listen to the people behind us with their observations. They were noticing all the kids throwing fits. By this time it was 8:30pm (ie. past bedtime for about half the crowd). Parents were hauling screeming kids throwing fits up the stairs, some even left.

We were not immune. In between each act the ring master tried to sell junk to all the families and Ivan was smitten. When we left, he was still crying about not getting more treats than what we had gotten. To change the subject, I asked him what his favorite part of the circus was and he answered in a pouty voice: "My favorite part was when you were frustrated at me".

Unfortunately, Emora and Dominique have been all snotty nosed and coughing through the night and today. Dominique just told me her stomach hurt and that she needed medicine. I told her I didn't have medicine for her stomach and she said she needed ice cream as her medicine.

I should go get the camera right now. Dominique is playing with her sister. She took off Emora's jacket and socks, is pouring the socks on her head, trying to hold her, wanting to change her diaper and Emora is just beaming at her with love and admiration. It's beautiful.

We got some family pics Valentine's day at our friend's house. In the second picture, you can see Emora smiling again. The kids are: Jase (Olivia and Bryan's foster son), Lily (Tighe and Greg's daughter), our threesome and Isaiah (Tighe and Greg's son).

Friday, February 20, 2009

growing up already

Here is Emora's door hanging in case she forgets which room is hers I guess. I had made one for Ivan and Dominique when Dominique was born.

Our newest little daughter is one month old today and yesterday her umbilical cord stump finally fell off. They say it should take 2-3 weeks, but my kids always seem to take way longer. I guess a week longer isn't that much.

Here is her beautiful little belly button. I'm sure it won't be as dark since it is still a little raw.

Tomorrow I have a CPR class that may only last an hour, so I'm going to leave Emora for the first time. I managed to get some milk pumped today, so she may even get her first attempt at a bottle.

My schoolhood friend Kim, made the hat and blanket Emora is wearing in this pick. See her smile? She smiles a lot, but it's not easy to catch on camera.

If I remembered to write them down, I could write a whole book of funny things I've said that I never thought I'd say. The situations kids iniciate are just crazy. For example, I just told Ivan "don't hit the bottle" and realized how funny that could sound. He was playing with a glass bottle I have up as decoration, when he accidentally bruised his lip with it. In retaliation, he hit the bottle... thus my statement. But without context, if we just wrote down all the things I say, it would come out really bizarre most of the time.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

So much sweetness

There have been so many sweet and tender moments with the kids that I can't even remember them all. Just now, Dominique wrapped Emora up, got some books and "read" to her and put her to sleep! That was very nice since Emora has been thinking all day that she only wants to sleep in my arms.

Tuesday, Brian took off from work to take Ivan to the dentist where he had 3 more fillings put in. They did great. Ivan got some laughing gas this time and came back with prizes they had given him for being so good.

Wednesday, I took the threesome to the optometrist, where the wonderful optometrist checked Ivan and Dominique's eyes. I was a little suspicious that Dominique was having eye problems because of the way she blinks her eyes a lot and sometimes she brings a book real close to her face, plus she's really clumsy, but none of that has to do with her eyes. Both her and Ivan have excellent vision. They are both slightly far sighted with a bit of a stigmatism, but she said they cancel each other out and are very normal for kids their age as they are still growing. They really enjoyed the visit. The optometrist is trained to work with kids and they loved all the games they played, picking out letters and pictures. She had them watch a video while she looked at their eyeballs with a bright light and even complied to Ivan's pleas to do the game she did with Dominique for him too. He just read the letters, but Dominique just wanted to spell her name, so they had to use pictures with her, but then Ivan got out of joint because he didn't get to do the pictures. So the Dr. let him do the pictures too to keep peace. I thought that was super nice!

I just talked with my sub for water aerobics and there are 3 ladies attending. I'm so excited to get back to it! I'm not looking forward to how it will make 2 evenings more hectic for us, but it will be nice to get out, be in the water, have some exercise and other adult interaction. 2 more weeks until I can go back to class!

Pics: Ivan helping soothe Emora by cuddling and giving her a pacifier. Us at a birthday party that was at a gymnastics place (so fun), we got out our hammock so that Emora and I can hang out with the kids outside. Ivan took the pic of me and the girls.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Be my valentine

The kids and I got Valentines from Brian along with thoughtful gifts.

A notebook for the prolific writer of the family.

A set of pliers for our preschooler journeyman in training.

Flowers for the little beauty blossoming before our very eyes.

Emora- "I'm cool- check out my loot, they love me"

Emora- "OK mom, what are you doing, are you a little nutszoid with the camera now?"

Emora- "Mom, really, enough's enough! Put the camera down. Are you going to terrorize me all my life with looks for me that just don't work, or only while I'm powerless to say or do anything about it?"

Friday, February 13, 2009

in love

Yep, we're in love, in love with a not so little 10 pound bundle of squeaks, huffs, snorts and cuddles. Yesterday she actually stayed awake some, nearly all afternoon and evening. Nights are not so bad anymore. She eats around 10pm or 11pm then again at about 3am and 6am. So I'm only getting up 2 or 3 times a night, if I stay awake through the feeding. If I fall asleep it's bad because then I wake up twice for each feeding, about an hour apart, realizing that I need to put her back in her bed.

Our neighbor Big Buddy decided the name Emora is too hard and is calling her "little squirt". He actually finds every name too hard except Brian's. I am often "Brian's wife", Ivan is little buddy and Dominique is Monique. He gave Ivan a Christmas gift with a bold handwritten name of "Irving" on it.

We are having a fabulous day today since Brian is off. We got the house cleaned, several little tasks done, had naps and are heading out for a starbucks date and supper. We even got a movie to watch with the kids later. We've not done that yet and they are so excited. We got Mary Poppins from the library.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

a regular routine?

In the last couple of days, it seems that we are finally starting to have some semblance of a routine. It's a bit of a weird routine, because everything seems to be in slow motion. It's hard for me to get up in the morning, but thankfully Brian gets the kids eating breakfast and on a video so that I get a little extra time to drag myself out of bed, get dressed and showered. Then the kids have second breakfast with me (is it horrible that they eat a disproportionate amount of breakfast? Probably- since I have to fight them to eat lunch or supper, unless it's something they really like). We may get an activity done or have some meaningful interaction if we are at home that day. Other days, we may hang out with a friend, meet them or go to library time as our outing.

Naps are a must come afternoon- at least for the girls and I. Ivan has been growing out of naps, but is learning not to wake the rest of us if he doesn't sleep. I usually try to get something done for the house each day and am at times successful (ie. dishes were done, a load of laundry, vaccummed...) Cleaning day or laundry day are no more. I no longer have a couple of hours to knock out such a huge task, so I try to just do it in little chunks. Dad used to say that if we picked something up in our room each time we entered it, that eventually it would get clean. Of course, he wasn't factoring in two toddlers that constantly leave things out, or drop things on the floor. Nothing is as tidy as it used to be, but I chalk this up to this time in our life and know it will not last forever.

Ivan and Dominique play great together half the time and fight the rest. However, they are unanimous as to their feelings toward their little sister- whom they both adore. Every day includes time for them to hold her, kiss her and try to play with her or teach her a nursery rhyme.

I've given up trying to post videos here for now, so if you want to see them, you'll have to go to my facebook postings. If you are not on facebook and want to be, write me a note and I'll send you an invite, then you can be my friend and see the videos.

I just posted one of Emora sucking her finger (yes, the videos are fascinating like that!). Here is the corresponding picture. She is doing great. Her evidence of the traumas of birth are slowly disappearing (ie. her bump on her head is shrinking and nearly gone and the red in her eyes is fading). She makes darling noises and is a proficient spitter upper. She has her older siblings curled around her tiny pinky finger. The minute she utters a cry, they run to her, want to give her a pacifier or tell me outright that the baby needs me.

Friday, February 06, 2009

project completion!

I have the major baby projects done. Emora's baby book pages are done, apart from things that will be added later and writing in the details of her first word, step, tooth... I finished her clock a couple of weekends ago. I really like how hers turned out. It is definitely the most symbolic of the three. I really tried to capture the meanings of her names in the painting. Each of the clocks has the time and date of birth painted on the clock face and I try to base the theme around the place they were born as well, with the season. Of course I take a lot of liberties. Like in Ivan's, while all the elements can be found in Texas, Abilene doesn't look anything like his painting. Dominique's is mostly all about the sky, since one of her middle names is Celeste. Emora's is the first one where I did not paint a Canadian symbol, but since there is snow, I guess that is close enough. Ivan's has a maple leaf in the water and Dominique's has the wheat, which can be Texas or Saskatchewan.

Now, (in my SPARE TIME!!!) I need to do Dominique's 2 year old painting. I painted Ivan's portrait at 2 years and have it as I goal to do one for each of our kids. I have Dominique's canvas and picture picked out, ready to start. My original intent was to paint it before the baby came, but that didn't happen. So I hope to finish it before Dominique's 3rd birthday in the summer!!!

I'm still not having any luck getting videos posted. That sucks since I have some super ones I wanted to share with you. Maybe I need to write tech support. sigh.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Top 5 benefits of no longer being pregnant

#5- I have returned to a love-love relationship with food (as opposed to the pregnancy induced love-hate food relationship) ie. no more heartburn or nausea.

#4- I can now drink fluids in the evening or even at night without having to break up my sleep with the need to use the restroom. On the flip side, I'm awoken plenty at night with the baby. On the flip side, I get to stay in the warm cozy bed. Are we dizzy with flipping yet?

#3- Speaking of, I no longer feel like a rotissery chicken at night, never comfortable, rotating from side to side. I have banished the body pillow, giving us more bed to actually sleep in and can even sleep on my back if I want.

#2- I can buckle my shoe- without help. I can put on my own socks and bend over to pick up toys, and socks and jackets, and shoes, and crayons.... ok you get the idea. My wardrobe has also reverted to encompassing most of my closet- which has been quite exciting. That last month I was down to just a few pants that still fit comfortably and even many of the shirts were becoming horribly short.

#1- best reason to not be pregnant anymore- I get to smell, hold, snuggle with, admire, kiss, hug, see, touch and learn more and more each day about our little growing beauty Emora. This is compounded with getting to watch Ivan, Dominique and Brian also hold and love her, speak sweet words over her and tell her of their great love for her.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

a pound bigger

We had an appointment yesterday and found out that Emora has already gained a pound from her birth weight. She is in the 90th% for her height and over the 95th% for weight. That means that out of a 100 babies her age, she'd be in the top 10 for height and the top 5 for weight. But that is how Ivan and Dominique were also and then they thinned out.

Emora is all snotty nosed and one of her eyes is goopy, so I may need to call her Dr. if it doesn't clear up today or start to get better. She was a bit miserable last night and ate every 2 hours because of it, but now that the sun came out, she's slept a real long time. She's like me. I love a nap in the daytime with the sun warming me.

Ivan and Dominique are really loving being big siblings and are actually a big help. It is so different from when they were little. I was having to deal with the phone or get the things I needed all on my own, but now, I can ask one of the kids to get me a blanket or burp cloth and they love to run and get it. That is such a huge help.

Ivan was growing out of naps, so I made him an activity box. I write down what time he can get up and work on his activities. So far, he is all excited to go lay down and watch the clock and falls asleep right through the time for his activities. Dominique has gotten up and done some of his pages herself- which was pretty amazing, she is so good with a pen.

Pics of our snow this winter (2 days only) and of our changing family. Gotta go, Emora finally woke up.