Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Park play in January

Just because there is a little snow, that doesn't stop an excursion to the park. The temperatures have been so amazing- some days even above freezing! So we have been able to get out some days. We should really get out everyday, but it's crazy how some days just slip away so quickly.

There is a huge ridge of snow on the frozen or semi frozen part of the lake. It was several feet high and I would have loved to go check it out. It runs all along the shore, but a good 20 feet out and I'm not sure where the ice is thick enough to be out walking on, so I'll leave walking on the lake to the crazy ice fishermen.

This is the same lake around the corner. It never freezes here as it's right beside the dam.

It was so icy this day and the kids were having a blast sliding on the perfectly smooth ice. We were a wee bit late for the bell- oops, but it was fun.

Hope you are having fun this winter. What is the most fun thing you have done so far outside?


Nana said...

Work in the yard and check the rain gauge.

Ian said...

Used the push-broom to sweep away leaves from the driveway in January!