Wednesday, February 22, 2012

ice castle

We had a fun time in Saskatoon seeing family and friends & having fun adventures in the city. We went to a place along the river where they had ice sculptures and this fun castle with an ice slide. There were square pieces of plasticized canvas on site for the kids to ride on. They loved it!

Some cities have wonderful winter celebrations as a way to embrace winter and have fun when it seems the most miserable. The Carnaval in Quebec city is in the coldest part of winter, and yet people come the world over to be outside for races and snow sculptures, ice sculptures and palaces... So much has to do with our mindset. Of course, that is easy to say since this winter has been gorgeous!

Got to have lots of time with Jenn, my sister, and her kids Isaac and Imogen.

Isaac has gotten so big and gives the best hugs I've EVER had! He melts into you like butter to a hot pancake.

We got in late last night and today woke up to fluffy white snow falling. So pretty. We didn't get out much though. We were being holiday slugs! We did celebrate Ivan's losing his first tooth though with a family date night including a trip to DQ.


GMS said...

LOVE the winter coats, boots & mittens. Glad you can enjoy the winter. We have no snow yet & pray it continues.

Nana said...

Yeah Ivan on the lose of your first tooth!!!!