Sunday, July 31, 2011

more memories thanks to the grands pictures

The girls love a lot of the same things, or Emora is in awe of her sister and is always imitating her, or both.

As you read this, I am most likely driving to Saskatoon. We cherish the memories from the grands' visit and are off to make some more with cousins, aunties, uncles and grands in Saskatoon! I think our summers need to be longer!!!

Happy Birthday to my brother Andrew!!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

sights in Fort Qu'Appelle

Here is Brian with his awesome gig poster (created by my cousin, Mike). Tonight is the night he will be playing at the Fish and Chips restaurant Bounty on Boundary. They have a great Saskatoon berry milkshake that I plan to take advantage of.

Sorry these two will miss the live performance, but they did get to see Brian's name in lights on Broadway- just down from here, they were advertising the momentous night.

Here is the big eyes, big, not so sweet smile.

When these pictures were taken, we had just toured the local museum. It is so fun to tour museums with people of varying generations. Ray remembered some of the items being in his growing up or that of his grandparents, I did too and of course it was all new to my kids. Sue was commenting on the display featuring the way nursing was done. Always so fun to have so many perspectives.

We had lunch a couple of times at the beach which was so fun.

Friday, July 29, 2011

In the city

In the city is small town talk around here for Regina. We went there one day and had a blast at the Royal Saskatchewan museum. Then I drove them by the parliament building, where true to my MacLeod nature, we had to stop for pictures.

It was a wonderful day. The kids were spoiled with gifts and we were all spoiled with a trip to Chillies' restaurant, which was very strange for me. We went to Chillies several times while living in Abilene, Texas and of course they are all decorated the same. It was very weird to sit at a table inlaid with Mexican tile, eating a meal with a tortilla involved and being with the Texan grandpa all while being in Saskatchewan.

Today is dad's birthday- Happy Birthday dad and I'll see you soon!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Grandparent time!!

We had to say goodbye for now to this wonderful couple last night. Brian's dad, Ray and his wife Sue came to visit us all the way from Albany, NY. They were here 9 days and we had lots of fun together. I still haven't uploaded my pictures, so all the credits of these beauties go to grandma Sue and grandpa Ray's camera and picture taking.

While they were here, we discovered that Emora doesn't know how to smile nicely for pictures. Grandpa said that she has big eyes and now look at what we are getting in photo shoots. I remember having to teach Dominique how to smile nice for the camera and now it looks like I have another recruit to train. I showed her her picture from the camera and you could see she was trying to figure out how she did her face and what a "natural" smile would be. I trained Dominique so well that she now does model poses for pictures to top off a pretty smile!

Big thanks too for the water bottle for Emora grandma Sue! What a sweet treasure for her to keep. It's like a part of you is still here!

The kids loved to play on grandma and grandpa's iphones.

Such an awesome thing to have grands that love us, make that huge long trip to see us and fill our lives with joyful memories.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

More from the Wallace visit

There were lots of highlights from the Wallace's visit. My sister, her husband John, daughter Imogen and son Isaac filled our home with joy, laughter and lots of fun.

The two curly heads loved, loved playing together with toys.

It was pure delight to watch Immy and her brother wrestle in the sun at the beach. They so love each other.

We were spoiled by the auntie and uncle with a meal out at the Bounty for fish and chips and ice cream- yummy.

A museum in Lebret was a fun tour. The girls liked sitting in the barber chair.

They also checked out the books at a used book store in Lebret.

And face paint is always fun for all.

I still need to upload pictures from our current guest's visit- Grandpa Ray and Grandma Sue are so fun! We went into the city yesterday, where we were thoroughly spoiled with gifts and shopping, a Texan reminder with lunch at Chillies and a fun afternoon touring a great museum in the city.

Brian has been working like crazy with my cousin Mike on a rooftop across the street. We were hoping to go berry picking today, but the rain is keeping us in for now anyways. Lazy days are fun too though ;)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Camp Cousins!!

My dear friend Wynetta used to host Camp Cousins once a year in the summer for her grandkids. They learned scripture, sang songs, did activities and crafts and made precious memories, so she was my inspiration in this. This was our 3rd year, but our first with cousins beyond my and Jenn's kids. We had Sheena's daughter Arwen and Janet with her trio along with my trio and Jenn's two. It was so fun and definitely a highlight of our summers. The kids are still loving singing the songs, they liked journaling, going on adventures and doing science experiments. Most of all, they loved being together.

Friday, July 22, 2011


July is kind of the party month in our family. It starts on day one, July 1st, being Canada Day. Andrea Muirhead, my cousin seen on far right in green hat made sure that all the cousins had appropriate attire for the big day. We happened upon a parade in town, then ate lunch together and then my group went off to Craven where Brian got to play music with some friends he has made here.

We also get to celebrate July 4th! See being dual citizens does have it's advantages ;)

While we are in the outfit category, this is my cousin Ian's wife Janet- mom to the darling Kellen, Lanelle and baby Neve. She made this dress for Dominique.

And gave it to her at this little party! Moira and Dominique celebrated their birthdays in a party together with a whole batch of cousins, aunties, uncles, grands...

I had fun making their cake. It's supposed to be them, Moira playing piano and Dominique dancing.

Here's another outfit pic. I guess this was celebrating being CRAZY with cousins, 'cause there always has to be some craziness!!