Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween week

It's been a bit of a busy week.  I'll have had 2.5 days of subbing this week.  It's a bit crazy going back and forth like we do-- but nice in lots of ways.  It gives Brian, Emora and I all a change and sometimes change can bring good too.  But the change has also meant less mommy and Emora time and therefore less pictures!  Plus I've found that I've been very delinquent with pictures... but there may be a few to get off the camera yet. 

In the meantime, Brian got these ones from a hike he took the kids on.  I find myself needing more down time with being in the schools some, but thankfully Brian has stepped up to the plate.  We juggle who has Emora, who cleans the bank at night and who cooks supper all depending on if I go in for a sub day or not.  It seems to be working out ok, but will be even nicer once I get my first paycheck for the year.  My first sub day this year was Sept.16th- right when a new pay period started, so we are still waiting to be financially rewarded for all the days I've put in.

I was hoping to try to skip out on the Spookarama festival this year.  The kids also had their activities that night, so I thought we could get away with not going, but when the kids came home from school, there was no stopping them- they wanted to go!  Brian said he didn't mind taking him and I thanked him by cleaning the bank that night.  They came back so excited about all the fun they'd had and I was thankful- because I just didn't have it in me to go.

Tonight, we were carving pumpkins- total fun and getting seeds ready to roast, trying on costumes and putting them where they can be found tomorrow.  I'm subbing Friday, so I don't know if I can convince Brian to cook and puree up our pumpkins that day!!  That may be beyond the unspoken list of trade-able jobs.  My usual is to stay up late halloween night and get it all cooked, pureed and frozen, but we may have to just stuff it in a fridge until the weekend.

I think this is possible the absolute most boring blog post I've ever written- so I better sign off before it gets any worse!!  Hope you are enjoying the week.

Friday, October 25, 2013


Mom and dad during thanksgiving weekend.

I vividly remember getting this rock from some farmer's field.  We used to go rock picking- because we are fun like that.  Seriously, mom and dad and us trio kids would go in the suburban, drive up to some farmer's field and ask if we could have rocks from his rock pile.  That was in the days when farmers didn't realize that rocks were potentially profitable.  They gladly let us haul away anything we wanted.  That is what dad used for landscaping and keeping the dirt in place along the sides of the house and in our ditch.  BUT dad didn't just like the manageable rocks- like 50-100lbs monsters.  He would always spot some monstrosity and figure that we needed it.  I remember this beast taking us hours to get into the van.  He used a giant pry bar and 2x4s as ramps and our 5 person manpower (3 of whom were kids 12 or 13 and under).  Once we got it to our acreage, we had another huge deal trying to get it out of the van.  We would ride back from our hauls going super slow- because there was way too much weight in the suburban- the back riding low to the ground.

When he pulled this rock off with the front end loader of the tractor, the weight of the rock busted up the tailgate-  but was it worth it?  Look at the memories it generated, the beauty it displays FOREVER by the entrance- and a great picture spot!  I'm sure there are a 1000 metaphores in all that-- but I'll leave that up to my cuz- Sheena!

The expecting parents- Andrew (my brother) and his wife Andrea.  So fun to watch them going through those fun days of preparing and making space in their hearts and lives for a baby.

I really like this pic of mom- you look so happy and relaxed mom!

Mom and dad and the grandkids thus far.  This was not an easy pic to get and the best semblance of a group shot we could get---

I mean, just look at who we had to work with!!

This is the pic they wanted to make!

Our contribution to the family mayhem...

My sister Jenn, her hubby John and their gorgeous kids!  Love them ;)

Brian and I planted one of these trees in our front yard.  I hope it learns to look this nice when it gets bigger!

Remember how I said that it's hard to get a serious pic with these people as our subjects!!!

Hey karate kid!!  Ivan is wanting to try for his yellow belt this year.  Maybe his sister can lend him her new headband ;) 
So far both girls are saying they want to do karate too-- we'll see.  It sure would be nice to have a simpler schedule!  Maybe Brian or I would take it too.  The Sensei has a great rate as you add family to the class and it wouldn't cost any more for us parents to join in too.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Beautiful days...

It's a good thing that I still have lots of thanksgiving day pictures, because I think I've only taken 1 picture on the camera since then!  That's un-MacLeod, but I've just been going about my days and barely even grabbing the camera.  Some days are not particularly noteworthy, although we had our first snow and I didn't even get images from that before it melted.  The kids were so excited and built a very muddy snow man- whose head immediately fell off.  Emora was sad there wasn't snow again a few days later.

The sun has come out most days and so that is gorgeous with the leaves all colorful and shimmery.

Our planted trees have their own beauty.  The one in front finally got some color and went a little redish and one in back is full of yellow.  They will be really gorgeous once they get big.

Meanwhile, I've been subbing for my cousin some and getting to know her students a bit.  Emora is not very impressed because after subbing a week, I was sick a week and we didn't do anything together.  Then it was trying to get house caught up-- so today we finally got to do something fun (apart from going skating or to gymboree or Story and Rhyme Time- which she didn't count as "having fun"- those are just regular events we go to).  We painted today and then she was invited to go for a playdate-- so I got an errand or two done- which I know she would have hated and worked on a shelf we are trying to finish for all the winter gear.

I had Brian make me a three box shelf.  Our former system for all the winter accessories was not working much anymore, so we will hang this above their hooks, where in principle they hang up their coats and put their boots, that is on the few occasions when they don't leave them on the floor, in the doorway, or hidden in obscure corners that you would never look in at 8:30am when it's time to go to school.

Here's "master Brian" who tackled the house and kids while I was MIA and sick and while I was subbing.  It's good to have to switch spots now and then.  He realized what my day really looks like ;)
I've nearly survived my first week of being 40!  It's awesome!  I highly recommend it.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Loving 40!

Here are some more pics from our quick trip to Saskatoon for Thanksgiving.  I finally got a day with Emora.  It seems like forever since we've had good time together.  I subbed for nearly a full week, then we went to Saskatoon, I subbed one more day and was sick for half a week, so it was a huge relief to have the day off with her today.  I had hoped to convince her to get out in the kayak.  She had her heart set on skating, but we did that yesterday and can go Wednesday, then it started snowing....

and I realized that I'd procrastinated too long.  So Emora and I were wrapping our newly tiled picnic table in plastic, picking up sidewalk chalk, sand toys, chairs, bikes and a million other yard stuff and getting it shut up for winter.

With our big garage, I did keep some stuff back like the chalk, skipping ropes and mini golf set that they will be able to do in the garage- which Brian has made into a pretty cozy man cave.

So we got cold, got hot strawberry milk and read a billion books which is our next favorite thing to do while we tackled all sorts of house to dos- like laundry ;)

After being sick so long, it is so refreshing to feel human again!  Saturday was fun.  Brian took Ivan and his best friend into the city for lazer tag and supper and I got to watch Anne of Green Gables with the girls.  It was so fun to hear their questions and to get to talk about things as varied as life "back then", courting, feelings, our own history...  Then the boys came and they wanted to watch too- their comments and questions were just as cute and sweet.  I've always loved how I can identify with that movie differently as I get older and am watching from different perspectives each time.

So far, on day 2 of being 40, I love it.  I've got an amazing family.  I feel free to be me and not have to strive for things that don't satisfy.  I am thankful that I was invited to work out regularly with some ladies.  It's still not the same as access to a pool, but it gives me that adrenalin that I need to be alright emotionally, spiritually and physically.  We are so blessed and fortunate in a million ways.

We are slowly making friends in Fort Qu'Appelle.  Yesterday, I got to take the kids skating and we had some people over for deserts- and it was helpful to see that we have gotten to know a few folks a bit- there are people who mean a lot to us and who are a support to us.  Hopefully us to them also.

It's good to be closer to all the kids' cousins so that they can build all these memories together.

I appreciate my kids so much and love to find out more and more who they are and who they are becoming.

It's pretty fun to share a birthday and get to celebrate milestones and love where we are in life.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Returning to the land of the living

For the first time in about 3 days, I feel a bit human again!  Wow- that was some crazy cold/flu.  I'm seriously hoping that no one else in our house gets it.  I've literally been asleep since Monday after school.  Last night I stayed up from after school until 9ish, other than that, I've only lasted up 2 hours maximum!  I got hungry for the first time today.  I thought that was a good sign too.

So here of lots of pics of our brief visit to Saskatoon.  I hope none of them get the flu/cold either!  My throat was just scratchy while I was there.  Dad asked the grandkids if they wanted to go fishing.  It was time for him to take in their goldfish for winter.

The rest of us were mostly just cheerleaders, but the sunlight was awesome.  Dad in the trenches.

John and Jenn soaking up the sun.

Brian got a little walk in a time or two.  I didn't even make it around the acreage once!  But it was a quick trip this time.  We got to see my cousin Lin and her family Sat., but I notice that I didn't pull my camera out that night.

Dad had 7 big fish to pull out and then we found about 20-30 baby fish.

I'd thought of bringing some home with me, but the next day only about 10 babies remained and I thought maybe I shouldn't mix them with my fish ;)

Brian was marveling over all the huge rocks around the house- oh yeah, we did haul all those in from farmer's fields during my teen years!!

AND there was not a single tree on the 10 acres.  I used to COMPLAIN about planting all these little twigs in the ground and having to water them and hoe around them.  Mom said I'd appreciate them some day.  Well, some day is now.  Note to my teen self- you could not imagine all those years of them growing, but they did and it's lovely now.  Of course Ivan wouldn't be able to imagine it.  I should have showed them the pictures.

John helping look for baby fish.

I'd meant to look at old photo albums while we were there, but there were all these people to hang with and even play a game or two... take pictures, ok, lots of pictures.

Love my cute nephew.  He talks so much more now.  He still runs away from me when I try to get my hugs, but I'm still faster ;)

Here was a big fish.  Andrea's parents (or grandparents?) also have a fishpond in Germany so she was not squeamish at all. (Andrea is my sister in law at left).

Mom checking out the last of her garden still holding on.

Emora's catching on quick.

I love the halo the sun made in Imogen's hair.  This is my wonderful niece!

We were mostly spotters and let dad pull them out of the cold water.  He had to go slowly to not stir up the muck and to sneak up on them.

He was either having fun or enjoying the attention or some of both?  Or he's a MacLeod and has learned to smile for the camera.

Mom picking some of her flowers.

Here's my brother who is going to be a DAD!  wow.  I've known it for a bit, but it was still strange to see him and think in a few months (about 5) he'll be holding his firstborn.  So happy for him and exciting for us to be adding a new person in our circle to cherish.

I did get to rub her belly.  So lovely to be expecting.  There's no other gift like being parents.  What an awesome journey.
ok, back off to bed... my throat is hurting again.  ugh ugh.  Brian is taking Ivan and his friend to the city for his birthday and I'm thinking Anne of Green Gables marathon sounds about right for us girls.