Thursday, June 28, 2007

Playing life

Ivan and I were playing the board game Life. Do you remember that one? It was pretty interesting playing with him, so I thought I'd share with you some highlights.

He had the choice between 1-artist 2-teacher 3-travel agent and he chose artist. He also earned $100 000/year, so I take it he was a pretty good artist. When he married, I asked what his wife's name was and he said: Mini. When I got married, I said that I got to put daddy in the car and Ivan got confused with reality and thought daddy really had come home. He had twins and I gave him the choice of 2 boys, a boy and girl or 2 girls and he chose 2 girls. He got a beach house on the ocean, that he was pretty pleased about. At one point, he told me he needed to buy some food (which is not a part of the game, but obviously should be!) When he had a choice of having a baby boy or going on a picnic, he chose to go on a picnic.

I posted 3 pics of Dominique that are almost all the same because I liked each one for a different reason and couldn't decide which to post.


Dominique, to our amazement found Ivan's sandals today. We've been looking for them for 1 1/2 weeks. I've even checked lost and founds, friend's cars, upturned the house several times... It was in a small box we put toys in, with it's lid on, right under our noses. This goes to show that sometimes an 11 month old is smarter than two adults and a toddler.

Saba, our dog figured out how to open our back screen door from inside and from outside. This is bad news since she hasn't figured out how to wipe her paws, keep the cat in or close it behind her. The cat has gotten out twice today. There is a line of muddy prints from the back door to Dominique's kitchen chair (Saba's favorite feeding spot) and I've spent the night swatting flies (some of which suck our blood). So hooray for canine intelligence. If only she could learn how to heel and change diapers, I wouldn't mind the door so much.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

One of each

If you are totally tired of seeing Dominique walking videos, you can skip this one. If you are carefully watching her progress- here you go! She is improving although not often very diligent in her practicing. This was at least a week ago.

I caught the end of Ivan's song and performance.

We got a Big Blue House episode on dvd about going to the potty that rocks (Thank you Jenny and Corey). Ivan watched it with avid fascination today (twice). I made up a game to entertain myself as I reread the books we read every night. Tonight, I inserted not so subliminal messages about going potty. I think I had the characters go potty at least twice in each book! ha, ha- we'll get him yet!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Summer fun & 1st blood

Here is our summer activities in pictures.

a trip to the zoo

playing pool at the neighbor's party (and volleyball)

swimming in our backyard (and our toddler pool parties)

painting and creating

swimming at the neighbor's

a trip to the museum

Dominique drew first blood a couple of days ago while head banging. The music was on and she was bobbing her head up and down as she held onto the table, then literally banged it on the table. I never could figure out where the blood came from when I washed out her mouth, so it was pretty minor, but a rude introduction to the dangers of head banging (it hasn't stopped her from executing her favorite dance move however).

Unfortunately, this was tame compared to her fall today. I was back and forth at the neighbors hauling water and had put her on a blanket in our yard where I thought she'd be safe. I thought wrong. She must have figured I'd gone inside. I responded to her screams where I found her fallen down the cement stair squeezed in between the last stair and a wooden board. This time her lip is puffed out. Some people pay big bucks for that!

She also conked her head on the cement sidewalk today when she tipped over from a stair. Mobility can be so freeing, and harsh at the same time. I can see why they can't crawl or pull up for so long. They're little heads need time to develop before the violent mobility stage.

Were you accident prone as a kid? What was your worst fall/injury?

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bubbly fun


prettyful- he pronounces it like you would beautiful, stressing the first syllables

Ivan is totally into birthdays right now and wants very much to have his own party. He always asks where his party is. If you ask him when his party is he will tell you October. I can't stop laughing about our conversation today:

I- "Where is my birthday mommy?
A- "Your birthday is in October"
I- "Well, I want to go!"
A- "Ivan, October is a time"
I- "Well, it's time to go!"

What can I answer to that, other than giggles?

His other cute expression right now is: "That is a good idea"/ "is that a good idea?"/"that is an idea for Ivan?" that he often adds after he thinks of something to do or places a request.

Monday, June 18, 2007

For Ale and Abbey

This post is dedicated to two very special girls, who I would imagine would become fast friends if they only knew each other.

This video reminds me of one made by Abbey where she starts singing a song much like this. (Abbey is Max's sister. Max is Ivan's online friend.)

I just love that creative flair!

Ale, you are a precious girl and a great friend. Thank you for all your love and attention.

Did you have an older friend growing up that meant a lot to you?

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Our little smarty

I'm the first child and I tell you, the first has to pave the way for the next. Few people believed me when I claimed that I was the reason my sister is so smart. I had to learn everything first, figure out the world, learn to walk and talk and phonetisize all on my own, but not the second child. The first one does all the hard work and the next just has to mimic and voila- they've got it! The world is so clear, so understandable and un-lonely with big brother (or sister) leading the way. As it should be.

Here Dominique has learned her phonetics along with Ivan.

In case you don't believe that she actually understands, we'll make it totally clear.

Now before you think she's a total genius- we have her a bit stumped. She has a restricted sound range as of yet, so when we asked what the V says, the T or M, she still says "ahh". Ivan is 25 letters ahead of her, for now.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

back to "normal"

I am happy to report that we are fever and drugs free! Ivan's fever broke yesterday and he hasn't had it since. None of the rest of us got it either- yeah, yeah, yeah.

Funnies today:

-I was trying to get Ivan to give a gift to Brian (for the 12 days of father's day. Didn't know it existed? That's 'cause I made it up). Anyways, it was in the gift bag Ivan had received from a friend who brought the sick boy gifts and Motrin. He refused to give it to Daddy and screamed like crazy saying "It's MINE!!!". He continued screaming for what seemed like forever, when I told Brian to just put something in the bag and give it to Ivan. Later I found Ivan craddling a pear. He loved his "gift". Do you think I should gift wrap his green beans for supper?

-Ivan doesn't like eating salad, but we put Catalina dressing on it (looks like ketchup) and told him to try it that it's crunchy like chips. He tried it and I think even swallowed some! Yeah.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Who's the leader?

I was trying to take video of Dominique walking and it seems that all my videos have a different common theme pulling through. Sorry that there are so many, but I think it's a little hilarious to see the diversity, the finesse, the stealth at which he moves, so mirror like through all the clips.

Notice how Ivan carefully studies her every move- the adoring brother, or perhaps the slightly jealous?

See how he walks just like her?

Before you think this one deviates from the imitation theme, you should know that Dominique started this before I was able to start the recording. Enjoy their concert duet.

The grand finale

Are you a follower or a leader? How do you feel about it?

Monday, June 11, 2007

Ivan update

The doctor checked Ivan's chest, ears, throat, did a strep test and nothing came up. He said that a throat virus has been going around and that that is probably what it is. Ivan has a mild rash on his chest and he said that is a sign he's coming to the end of this. It's lasting 3-5 days. So we're just to keep giving him Motrin and Tylenol to keep his fevers reigned in and let him fight it off. I was relieved he didn't have anything and also sad we didn't have some instant medicine to cure him! Ivan was a monster at the office. When he realized where we were going, he said he felt much better and wasn't sick. He kept saying that he didn't want to go to the doctor's house and that he didn't like the bed/couch. He wouldn't stand on the scale and I couldn't talk to the doctor above the screaming. But he got a sticker anyways. Kids get all the breaks!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Two stepping

Don't let the proliferation of pictures fool you. She hasn't been walking much this week. But last week, she was really going for it- thus all the pics and this video. I have a ton of other videos, but a funny theme came through them, so I'll post them together. In the meantime- this video is all Dominique!

Once viewed, you tube is now posting other links for other videos, some of which are ours and some are not. Not sure how to disable that yet, but they may not all be family friendly viewing. To just see ours, you need to make sure the user is us and not another person posting. Anyone know how to get the other links off?

We've had a feverish boy all weekend. No idea what it may be, so I'm calling to make an appointment in the morning. I knew at one point that Ivan was really bad off when he didn't want to finish his ice cream that I'd gotten him as a "please eat, little sick boy" treat. He seemed to do better today on some 8 hour Motrin, but once it wore off his temp spiked up to 102.7 again. I was thinking of calling the family nurse, but apparently she had her grandma sensors on and called first. She tried to diagnose him over the phone, but had trouble looking for white spots on his throat. When she asked him about specific places hurting- he just said yes for everything.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


They are getting longer and growing up every day. OK, so I guess that's to be expected, but somehow it still amazes me. I distinctly remember bringing Ivan home and thinking he'd never be as big as his diaper changing pad. I remember wondering why they made it so big, thinking all I needed was half of it. Now just look at him- all arms and legs hanging all over. And while we don't still use the changing pad for him, he does still get diaper changes.

Dominique's hair hangs down to her shoulder blades. It is full of pretty loose curls except for the top ball of hair, where it has decided to take her Jamaican side. That picture where some is hanging down and some is totally wild? That is her COMBED hair. Some of it just has a totally wild streak. I'm not sure how on the same head you can have slick straight hair and another section of textured/nappy/kinky/fuzzy hair. One pigtail got most of the fuzz and you can tell the difference in the two pics. It's one of those funny and beautiful quwerks of so many cultures mixed to form this precious child.

I kept our little friend Jaci again today and was so happy that all our talks about sharing helped some. Ivan was pretty much well behaved. There was only one instance where I had to send both of them to time out for a screaming, intense tug-of-war over his bike.

What's hardest for you to share? time, money, gifts, love, affection...

Monday, June 04, 2007

london bridges...

It's amazing how much a week can do. After her first step, add seven days and she could take a couple of steps. She can now stand in place well and start then walk about 2-3 feet. Of course I've tried to catch this on video or in pictures and instead this is what I get (which is much funnier and humbling).

I'm not sure why she won't just bend her knees and go down like she does when she feels like her learning to walk regimen is over for the day.

I've had major problems trying to get these first steps in a picture. It's tricky anyways since she is not very good and I have to sit far from her to get her in the shot, then with the delay- but by far the biggest difficulty is Ivan, the slightly jealous, totally mobile, grabbing the camera, wanting to have the attention older brother. Oh, well, he'll pay for his naughty streak by having to break in his parents, do the most chores and be the defender of the siblings.

Worst part of today: Ivan's fits have been horrendous. I was keeping a little girl today and he wanted everything she picked up or glanced at. He didn't want it once she was done with it, then he wanted the next thing she had. His way of dealing with this jealousy and desire to control is to scream and wail (but at least he's not hitting- think positive Angela).

Best part of the day: The little girl only speaks Spanish and it was so cute hearing Ivan repeat her phrases, acting like he totally knew what she was saying- which was only half way true.

Have you ever been in a situation where language was a problem? Where were you? What language were you struggling to use or understand?

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Hope you're having a good weekend

The neighbor put up a volleyball net. We had so much fun. I could barely move the next day. They're going to put it up again tonight. I can hardly wait.

This video is lovingly titled: "In case you didn't hear".

Ivan can be so sharing- even of a lollipop!