Friday, February 17, 2012

Drink it in

We are drinking in the beauty around us today... or will be as we drive to Saskatoon. The kids and I are going to head there for a few days while Brian mans the homefront and does my bank cleaning (thanks Brian!!) It's a frosty day. The sky is white, and the trees are loaded down with frost. The pictures show some of the frost from another day, but today it is even thicker. It's so cool how winter can transform the surroundings. We got a chair in my favorite spot in the living room so I'm very happy. It's a reading, centering kind of spot as it faces the hills. The other day, they were covered in white and looked so soft and transformed from the various hues of brown, tan, black and white.

I'm packing such an eclectic bunch of stuff for our little trip, from clothes to skates and swimsuits to memorabilia from grandma, a waffle iron (my cousin wants to make waffles) and dvds for mom to watch. She is recovering from a surgery and has to be stationary with her head down for 1.5 weeks- maybe longer!

It'll be nice to have a break from school and work, to see family and cousins and have fun in Saskatoon. There is an ice sculpture exhibit out, so I'm also packing my camera battery charger!!

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Nana said...

What kind of surgery, Angela? I'm home now. It seems that everything went great. Thanks to a great DOC.