Sunday, February 19, 2012

The big little 3 year old!

3 is a bit of a hard age. She wants to be a big girl, but in some ways is still just little. She doesn't want to take naps, and sometimes she can make it without one, but in reality, she still kind of needs one. Emora takes huge naps and then has a hard time falling asleep at 9pm, when we put the others down. But when she goes to bed at 9 with no nap, she will often wake up in the middle of the night, so that's not fun. This day, I kept Neve and Lanelle for the day. Lanelle doesn't nap, so I let Emora stay up too. Emora and I had just decided to walk to pick up Ivan and Dominique from a program they were at. It was about an hour after Lanelle had left. I went to get her stuff to walk and Brian said "I think she's asleep". She was standing up, but had leaned over the dining room chair. I moved her hair to see if she was in fact sleeping and she was out cold! Brian did move her to the couch.

Emora loves to help make muffins, which we do pretty often. I thought it was funny how the flour had gotten her on her face so artistic like!

Emora had gotten money for her birthday and it dawned on me that she would love a play kitchen. Ivan has his huge lego collection and Dominique has a huge barbie house and barbies. Both the kids love to play the wii and watch movies, but Emora is not really into any of that. She loves her books and imagination play, but more at her level. She was very overjoyed with her gift. We noticed there was no microwave, so I made her one to add and then we got her a sponge and cloth and a little bottle for doing her dishes ;) so fun! There will be lots of time here making creations! She usually makes me a pretend coffee each day now and brings it to me in her little blue cup!

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Ian said...

What a sweet girl!