Sunday, June 22, 2008

Get your fill now

For those of you who don't know yet. I am going to be on vacation come Tuesday. I am going to Stoon and Edmonton for my cousins reunion. Yipee! I'm so happy. The kids and Brian will be on vacation too in Houston at Nana's where I'll be flying out from and arriving. So, I'm not sure how much I'll be posting from now until I get back the 6th of July and even that week I may not get to it until near the end of it, since I will need to get groceries and will be back keeping the boys Mon-Wed.

All of that to say that I'm getting you your fill up with this marathon of pics. and videos.

Last week, we played camping out. This is why moms never throw out much, even old sheets can be a treasure trove of fun on an unbearably hot day. We camped out pretty much all day- fishing, building fires, reading, picking berries, going on hikes, swimming in the lake, seeing deer drink by waterfalls... At one point I told the boys to go pick berries for breakfast to go with the fish they had caught and Ivan said: "yeah, and I'll pick some vanilla ice cream". He came back with a round toy that was our ice cream and let us taste the delicious treat. You didn't know ice cream grew on trees did you? They grow right next to the trees with money on them.

I told Dominique to pose for this with her hands on her swayed hips and an attitude. She's such a comic!

Speaking of, Brian found them today stuffing their shirts with lego pieces. They said they were pregnant with babies. All we need is more pregnant people in the house! Luckily their pregnancies were short lived.

We attended another birthday party this weekend. They had a trampoline which the kids loved and they had ordered up this huge air castle with a waterslide. I was surprised that Ivan did it. He is usually intimidated by lots of people and something new like this. But he went on it numerous times until he was shivering from the cold water. Dominique, who usually loves such grand adventure was a little over her head. A bigger kid helped her up there and down, but she screamed and cried the entire way- as did others her age. I'll give her a year and I'm sure she'll be right there with the rest of the big kids!

This picture is just hilarious. Dominique was yelling at Ivan to be careful on the slide and some other incomprehensible instructions. See that finger pointed! She's going to be someone to reckon with I tell you. It really is beautiful how Ivan and her watch out for each other.

That's all for now. See you again when I next get a chance to post eh?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

last weekend

He begged us and begged us to cut his hair. It is really hot here and his hair is very thick. I'm sure it felt like he was walking and running around with a blanket on his head.



Pregnancy wise- I am feeling much better. The times in the day where I feel normal/well are getting longer. To help increase the likeliness of feeling ok, I do have to eat every two hours and have been taking naps everyday. Thank goodness the kids still nap! If I haven't eaten in a while, I start to feel sick and then even after I eat, it takes a while for my body to realize that it got something and can feel normal again. When I start feeling sick, I also get headaches and sometimes all my muscles ache- don't know what that is about. All of that to say it is getting better to my great relief. I'm only a few weeks away from finishing up the first trimester!

Friday, June 20, 2008

A two vehicle family once again

Our huge news this week is that Brian bought a truck! He has been wanting to get into house flipping for some time now, so he borrowed some money and has gotten a few tools and worked with another house flipper to gain experience. He's been looking for a while at trucks, trying to find what he had in mind for the price he was willing to pay and found it this week. We are all pretty pumped, but none so much as Ivan.

What is the deal with little boys and trucks? Today we came home at lunch and Ivan said: "Daddy and the truck are home!!!". It was funny because the night Brian brought it home all the neighbors came to check it out. We all went for a maiden voyage in it after Brian changed the oil and needed to take the old oil to recycle. It's a standard which is fun, I've always loved driving standards.

We had some friends over tonight and we all ended up sitting in the back of the truck (Ivan begged us). Paula said that we could sleep out in it. Well that got Ivan all in a frenzy. He asked me if he could sleep out in it and I said only if Miss Paula volunteers to chapperone for the night. What was she thinking? We can't even share our bed with this little squirmer yet alone an uncomfortable, misquitoe filled night in a truck bed. Am I getting old? Loosing my sense of adventure? Ivan wasn't overly disappointed. He's just happy the thing is sitting in our driveway, where he can see it out his window and drive it in his dreams.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

last week at the zoo and some pics to laugh at

Last week, when I just had one extra, I took the trio to the zoo. It was so fun and here are the pics to prove it!

Dominique is our little bundle of laughs. She loves to do anything silly to get a rise out of her delighted audiences. Which is amazing, because Ivan is very shy in front of a crowd.

It's so fascinating to see more and more how different they are.

I took the foursome to the YMCA to swim yesterday. You should have seen the lifeguard! He was very sweet, but you could tell he was watching them closely- which is good. The smallest didn't have any kind of float, so I had to hold him the entire time and the other three got more adventurous since this was our second time to go. They no longer swim near me. Caleb spent the hour jumping from the side onto noodles, toys, floats and whatever he figured he could pull off the shelves. Dominique got brave too and spent the hour leaping off the top stairs- arms and head first- into the water covering the bottom stairs. Ivan was pretty much cautious- no jumping in, but enjoyed swimming, chasing down toys and fighting with Caleb over whatever toy/float/ noodle either of them both wanted at the same time.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day, Brian

In their own words:

"Mimi, What do you like to do with daddy?"
"rake-- garden"

"What is the best thing about daddy?"
She points to his picture on the fridge and excitedly yells out- "right there!"

"Ivan, What do you like about daddy?"
"I like about him cleaning the floor."

"What's your favorite thing to do together?"
"Playing games together"

"Why do you love daddy?"
"Because he's my friend"

"What would you like to tell daddy?"
"Something about dad's heart"
"What about dad's heart?"
"My dad's heart is very filled"

Friday, June 13, 2008

A bit different

We had a changed up schedule this week. I had a break Monday and Tuesday, then Wednesday I had both boys, except one had a DR. appointment midway through the day and Caleb was picked up early as he and his mom went out of town. Yesterday and today I just kept Micah. It was nice just having 3 because it is so much easier to get anywhere. We went to the park Thurs. and today I had the car in the morning so we went to the zoo. It's so fun to discover the world together with kids. They are in awe over everything and delight in the smallest of things. Micah threw sand over and over at the park, he never bored of it. We got to feed the giraffes, but my favorite monkeys weren't on exhibit today. The kids roared at the lions, who were not impressed with their efforts. We heard a bird sound like a crying baby- literally calling out "wah wah wah". Ivan my tenderhearted son kept asking why it was crying and telling it that it was ok. Funny enough but one of the most exciting part is feeding the fish in the lake. There is a walkway that lets you stand over the lake to feed the ducks, fish and turtles. There are hundreds and they get so congested trying to get the food, that they are flopping all over each other. Several times a duck was sitting on top of a platform of squirming fish. It's gross and fascinating all at the same time.

As for the pregnancy, a couple of times I have felt normal and wondered if I was over the nausea, but then by the next meal time, or once I moved or drove the car, it came back again. I think it's getting better though- I do occasionally get these moments of feeling ok again and today I even tried a 1/4 cup of coffee! It didn't upset my stomach and tasted oh so good. Which is funny to type since I don't even think I could stomach water right now. I have figured out some tricks. The mornings are a little better if I have a snack in the evening & I have to have my water ice cold. Normally I do not care about the temp. of water and drink it lukewarm, but now it makes me want to hurl. But with lots of ice it tastes much better. Weird huh?

Today was Isaiah's surgery for his cochlear implant, so I am anxious to know how they are doing.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

4 little Picassos

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Little miss independent

I think having an older brother that really isn't much older along with her very independent personality has made Dominique pretty advanced for her age. She talks in sentences "I don't want that", "I don't want to" (as some examples) and has very definitive ideas that she is adamant about. This morning she pulled out some dirty clothes from her hamper that she wanted me to put on her. I told her I was not putting them on her (it was bad enough that we let her wear them for the remainder of the day as filthy as they were). Well, I'm not kidding, she almost got them on all by herself. She's not even 2 yet, which means she is only 1 years old, a deceptive number for a child's age (12 months and 23 months are totally different ages). She started with her shirt which she stepped into but was unable to get over her shoulder. Then she tried her shorts and would have gotten them on except that she put both legs in one hole. She was furious. I finally found something else she wanted to wear and hid her dirty favorite outfit in a laundry basket far, far away from her little eyes. She puts her own flip flops on, often on the wrong feet and/or between the wrong toes, which causes some difficulties in walking, but so help you if you try to help her!

She also wants to attach her chest strap on her car seat all by herself, without any help. When she does it she excitedly proclaims "I did it!"

Meanwhile Ivan prefers to be coddled. He can dress himself but refuses every morning. He wants me to dress him. Today I played dumb, acting like I didn't know which way to put his shorts on or where to put his arms. He mostly did it himself today when he saw how incompetent I was. He has also decided that he wants me to feed him. Just on the foods he doesn't want to really eat. He has no problems with yogurt, ice cream or pizza. Dominique is happily chowing down and Ivan is crying out "I need help". It's laughable really, except when it's frustrating.

My exciting news is that I get to fly to Canada for 10 days at the end of the month and go to my cousin's reunion in Edmonton!!! One of my cousins is sharing her air miles to get me up there. How cool is that! Speaking of cool, I'm looking forward to it. I have been way more nauseous than with the other pregnancies. Not throwing up, just feeling sick all the time- day, night, afternoon, evening. I eat so much ginger, I think it's seeping out of my pores. It helps but only for about 30 min. By the time I fly up, this should be disappearing (I can hope right?) and I'll get to enjoy some relief from the Texas heat and see family ;) yeah, yeah.

The kids and Brian are going to hang out in Houston while I'm gone. So they will get a vacation too, only mine will be noticeably calmer ;)

Thursday, June 05, 2008


Here are the pictures from the day I wrote about in the post "it's stinking hot here". Can you tell that the sun is brutal and cruel in it's intensity? Amazingly, my kids seem to take decent pictures no matter the temperature index. Kid's are amazing that way. They can endure a lot and also cry over the smallest little insignificant thing (ie. the color of his plate tonight, then the color of his sippy cup).

Well, there is relief in sight and I'm not talking about our 30% chance of rain for tonight. One of my cousins is flying me up for our cousins reunion, only I'll fly in and out from Stoon so that I'll also get some extra time with my family and niece- Imogen! ;) She just had one ticket, so the remainder of the family will be going to Houston (where I will fly from and to) to hang out with Nana and Papa and vacation there. It will be so good for all of us to get out of Abilene and wonderful for me to go somewhere remarkably cooler and quieter since I will not be wiping noses, changing diapers, feeding, assisting in the bathroom or managing anyone under the age of adult for a week and a half. I'm sure by the end of the time, I will be more than excited to see even a dirty little butt again, but the break will be nice.