Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Ivan and the big men

We'll see if this is childhood curiosity or if there really is something to the gender differences, 'cause Ivan is fascinated with all things motorized. He will watch his dad cut the grass for hours. Several nights ago at a party with FOOD, he kept running away to check out the lawnmower. At Big Buddy's he runs to every broken piece of machinery sitting in the yard and wants to carry all the tools, especially the dangerous sharp ones!

He imitates us perfectly. If he sees his daddy's gum, he makes chewing imitations, if big buddy grunts, so does Ivan and he's learnt from me to put lotion on his legs and chapstick on his lips.

Brian and Big Buddy were working on fixing our rottotiller. Of course Ivan loved being right there! Here he was in the middle of all the action, I'm sure thinking he was one of the big guys doing their thing. Notice how Ivan grunts like an old man when he gets up!

Do you think gender differences are mostly learned or inherited?

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Spoiled rotten?

I hate that expression. People are always asking me if Ivan is spoiled or if his grandparents spoil him. To me this is such a bad imagery. I've got a compost and we are always filling it with spoiled or rotten kitchen stuff. It's disgusting. Nor do I want our son to have so much that he can't function without the myriad props of middle class, or without the latest, greatest whatever. At the same time I understand that we want to pour our love into him and one of the ways we show that is with gifts, so as grandparents or parents, we lavish gifts on our children, and love and attention and, and, and.

While shopping for groceries, a man loudly exclaimed by the lunch meat "no one can say we don't have lots of choices!" I looked to the wall he was refering to and he was so right! It would have taken us a long time just to count all the different lunch meats. It actually took me by surprise when I really looked at it. Then he shared a comment from his heart, the kind of heart that I hope I have and that I hope Ivan and our daughter will have. He said "I wish everyone in the world could have these choices like we have." and "I wish everyone could afford what they want". It humbled me and made me truly thankful for what was in my cart and for what I could afford.

Big Buddy is presently my worst spoiling source. All three sets of grandparents give lavishly, of course, but they don't see us everyday. But we have adopted grandparents and one has suddenly become the sugar king accross the street. I remember going to my grandfather's and having ice cream. He also had a candy dish set out for us grandkids to indulge in. It did make me feel loved and special. Big Buddy must have gone to the same grandparenting 101 class. He had bought two tubs of ice cream a few weeks ago, then a week later got us a tub. One day as I was visiting, he wanted to give Ivan some ice cream of his. I told him he had already gotten us ice cream and that it was at our house. He looked at me and in all seriousness said: "that boy needs a little ice cream EVERY day. He's a growing boy"!!! What parenting book did he read? (The abridged grandparent section, I'm sure). Another time, when Ivan was wanting to play in the yard instead of come in, Big Buddy offered him some orange juice, 'cause "I have to give him stuff so that he'll want to come over". Yikes!

And this takes the cake! (ha, ha) Last week, Brian took Big Buddy to his favorite store, which had a sale on Blue Bell ice cream (very expensive and good ice cream). It was 3/$10. You can buy one for $3.30, but instead, he buys 6 tubs and sent Brian home with 3! I've never had 3 tubs of ice cream in my freezer. In fact I don't right now, Big Buddy is holding one for us since our freezer was too small! So, is Ivan spoiled? I hope he'll always be compassionate, that he'll always share and be giving. I hope I will too. In the meantime, they got my favorite kind! Mint chocolate chip ;) umm umm. We never get it, 'cause the knock off cheap brand sucks and Brian thinks even the expensive one tastes like toothpaste, so we always compromise on our one tub with something we both like, (when we splurge). Now we're high on the hog, eating ice cream everyday (if we want- which we usually do) and knowing with every lick that a friend a stone's throw away wants us to know how deeply he loves us.

I saw this quote and it made me laugh. I added my own version.
The greatest sweetener of human life is friendship. Joseph Addison

And friends with ice cream are even sweeter-- Angela Baggett, 2006

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

Monday, May 29, 2006

Kids say the funniest things!

Ivan likes to replay conversations, especially ones we've had repeatedly. He will go up to something he is not supposed to touch and say "no, no, no" or bring us something taboo saying "no" all the while. I guess it's good that he is openly confessionary about his acts! Since we only understand about half of what he is saying, we often ask him "what?" and proceed with a plausible list: "do you want a snack?" "are you thirsty?" "do you want some water?". Now, we hear him babble away, then in a pre-teen attitude way say "what?" (I hope I don't sound like that) and go back to babbling.

Probably the funniest one is the scream and shhhh! This only happened between the two of us once, but Ivan has decided it is a part of his repertoire. He will scream, put his finger to his lips and say "shhhh!" Often he does this little charade over and over. We happened to catch it on video, only he just does the replay once.

Sunday, May 28, 2006


Brian is from a family who served in the military several generations and cousins still do to this day. I'm from a line of pacifists. But whatever your view on past or current wars, it is humbling to hear the stories of attrocities and turmoil people have been through for a cause they believed in.

Brian's grandfather was part of a group that helped release people from a concentration camp. He said they were barely recognizable as humans, just skin and bones. You knew that image was forever seared in his mind. It's hard for my generation to imagine WWII and even though there are plenty of people now in wars all over the world, it seems so far away from us and it's easy to forget and live our easy, comfortable lives.

Big Buddy also served in WWII. His experience was also one of a kind, not just because of the intense situations he faced, but all that was aggravated by racism. He drove a truck and described being lost and finally stumbling upon an american camp, but since it was a white camp, they were not welcome and had to continue on their way, because his fellow americans would not receive them although they were supposedly fighting on the same side. How ironic, that people went to fight racism, but couldn't see their own as equally grievous.

Everyday women, children, young and old are trapped in war torn countries. We have friends here who escaped their home country in the Congo, then their adopted country in Ivory Coast due to war. I can not imagine living in that fear, having children and living in that kind of danger day in and out, not to mention all the perversion and horror that go along with war.

I am so thankful that I have never had to live that way and that my family is all safe. I also realize with the people we know that there are wars just as intense here, on a different level. There are women and children, young and old suffering abuse, violence and horror in their own homes. There are also many people fighting wars within themselves. My heart goes out to these vast seas of people in torment. May they have peace. May we all have peace.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

A tea party!

Ivan is so very excited about the baby. If I ask where baby_____ is, he pulls up my shirt and sticks the side of his head to my belly. He's started singing a couple of notes over and over to her and the other night sang her a song, some parts with unintelligible syllables, and others just humming notes. He must have laid there 10 min. (until I moved him off), feeling her kick and I guess sensing her presence.

In preparation for our daughter and since Nanna had just sent us a tea set, we figured we should have our first tea party. I didn't pull out hats or dresses, but I think my guys are pretty much ready for our girl. Of course I was never much into hats, dresses, purses or make-up, so she'll just have to be satisfied with a tea party or two without all the froo froo.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

snaps: cute and quirky vol.7

Hanging out, enjoying his tea.

Little stickist.

Daddy teaching Ivan to play Stick.

Two things Ivan has in common with his mommy as a child.

#1- this picture! I am quite sure that if I were at my parent's house I could find a picture almost just like this one, on an old green car in the summer.

#2- I was such a poser, and so is this little guy. He loves to give a thrilling performance, smile, and look at his picture or video. What can I say? I can't take my eyes off him either!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

the littlest stick player

Ivan loves it when his daddy plays the stick and daddy's been practicing a lot since he had a gig last weekend. Ivan wants to play in the instrument parts, push and turn buttons, plug and unplug and PLAY! Daddy wants a private studio! In the meantime, they work out time share with the stick. Actually I'm amazed how Ivan will sit and watch or stand and applaud or dance and not meddle too much (easy for me to say).

This morning when daddy left, Ivan decided it was time for a concert. He pulled out the belt and refused to have it removed all morning. He took out cords, the cleaning cloth and opened the bottom latch of the stick case. Had he been taller, he would have had the instrument out too. I told him that we couldn't play without daddy, that I didn't have a clue how to play or even plug it in and that we really didn't need to be messing with it just the two of us. I have the feeling that in a year or so, Ivan will know how to plug it in and get it playing without me or even his daddy.

Tonight, he took a board off the bbq grill and was pretend playing stick on it! Cute huh? So, I know I have another project on the horizon, crafting a play chapman stick for the little guy. It won't make sound like daddy's stick, but it'll be better than a board!

Last week we got Ivan's first stick "concert" on video. It was a private performance, with Smacky being his most dancingnest listener. We present on the humongous adult sized stick, our very own Ivan, the littlest stick player (as far as we know).

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


For the last month or so, Ivan has been fixated on his little aunt Shasha. We hadn't seen her in a while, which was why it was weird that he kept saying her name over and over again everyday. I took it as a sign to talk to the Lover about her. I think Ivan has really played a huge part in helping her because for the first time, she was honest with me about some stuff in her life when we met last week. We got to hang out with her again tonight and Ivan was so excited to see her, as you can tell from the following video! Also note his own special pronunciation of "momma". Brian calls it his italian accent. And no, we're not Italian!

When it was time to go, Shasha and I snuck away without telling the guys, thinking that we would avoid an Ivan meltdown if he didn't know we'd left. Apparently when we were gone, Brian and Ivan came back to an empty house and then the "Shasha! Shasha!" rant started. When I walked back in the door without her, he really freaked out and kept looking out the door and crying for her. So, we made a phone call and he got to say bye-bye and night-night and gave her kisses over the phone.

Shasha told me tonight that she is never having kids, because they are bad, but secretly, she loves Ivan just as much as he's enthralled with her. To prove my point, when I picked her up tonight without Ivan, the first words out of her mouth were: "where's Ivan?"

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Week 35 and counting!

I managed to find a picture at 35 weeks pregnant with Ivan, but it's a scanned copy of a bad print out. Sorry. That was in the day before the digital camera! Here is a current 35 weeks pregnant picture with our daughter. I'm wearing the same shirt, so maybe you can tell the difference. It was pulled pretty tight with Ivan, but I still have room in it this time. I've only gained about half the weight. Ivan, the placenta, water and whatever else I lost at birth weighed what I've gained this time. Pretty weird, but I'm not complaining.

We just got back from our doctor visit. My blood work from the time before all turned out great, so I don't need any extra vitamins for the birth. I asked if the baby had dropped, 'cause Brian thought she looked low, but the doctor said she hadn't and in fact at that moment was breach, but that there is lots of time for her to flip before birth. In fact, the doctor was laughing, 'cause she didn't know where to put the monitor to hear the heart rate, our little missy was zooming all over my belly and giving quite a show that could be seen along my belly's rippling surface. The doctor also said that I have plenty of water and with the baby moving like that, she could be flipped by afternoon or may have flipped this morning. She added that the movement was a good sign of brain development and our daughter's racing heart was due to her morning gymnastics routine! All is well. Next time I go in, she will be a week shy of being full term.

One big and one small

I got another couple of projects done. To my surprise, I finished another big project last Monday or early in the week. I made shutters with a mural behind it, painted on the wall for the nursery, when Ivan was born. So, seeing that I am moving him into a new room, I figured we needed another set of shutters and picture; since he loves opening them and closing them and saying "night-night" to his picture. This time, I painted the picture onto a board so that it can be moved as our family grows and we may need to rearrange again. Missing is the clasp in the middle, I have to get that still and put it all together when we hang it.

I also made door decor for each of the rooms. Ivan's is a dog theme, since he loves dogs! You may notice that I covered up the girl name. Sorry, not yet... just 6 weeks more of suspence or so!

One more big project to go, then I can rearrange the rooms and finish up little projects. Almost there!

Tomorow, I'll give you our doctor visit update and current pregnancy pic. with a blast from the past pic. from you'll never guess when!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Have a rocking weekend!

I thought I'd leave you this weekend with Ivan's most rockingnest moment. He was totally digging the guys playing. It's hard to see in the video, because he was trying to be subtle, cool and collected, but he was so excited. At one point you can hear him yell above the music, he was bobbing his head, lipsyncing to the wordless song and waves his arms in the end of it. Brian is playing stick to the left and can be seen as I scan the musicians at the end. It was a great double party for some dear friends and the little rocker liked it too. (BTW, Ivan will head bang- litterally- to every style of music, rock, classic, jazz...)

Thursday, May 18, 2006

snaps: cute and quirky vol.6

Brian created this photo montage, a boy and his dog, or Ivan tails! Ivan has gotten good at throwing, but hasn't figured out the dog likes to chase the ball down. Instead, he thows the ball right at her head. I guess that means he has good aim.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Ivan loves babies. He calls them the french or spanish way: bebe. My friend and her two daughters stopped by the other day. We had a fun time together and I was getting excited about having a little girl, especially since Ivan was so mesmerized by little baby Analuz. He wanted to watch her sleep and would crouch down to see her real good. He also woke her up accidentally when he lost his balance and touched her arm. I may have some of that in my future too, but I am praying for the best that the siblings will be close and loving and not fight too much.

Another sibling set from down the street visit pretty often and they are a boy and girl 2 years apart. They are so sweet. They go everywhere together and play well together and sing songs about loving each other! I'm not kidding. They also tell us about fierce fights they have, but the older boy feels bad about it and we've talked to the Lover together about helping him to be kinder to his sister. They've said it's helped.

At our last dr. visit, Ivan saw a lady leave with a baby in a carrier and he started shouting "bebe, bebe, bebe" obviously wanting us to have that one. I told him we'd have our own in just a little while now!

How many siblings do you have? Where are you in the line-up? Did you get along? What was the best thing your family did to help you get along?

Monday, May 15, 2006

My mother's day

It started off great. "Ivan" went all out again, getting me beautiful, unique flowers and my favorite chocolate and some cold tea. Brian made a gorgeous card they both signed and cooked up some pecan waffles for our enjoyment.

But then my neighbor came over and shared that her mom passed away this morning. My heart has been hurting for her ever since. Not to mention that she is sick with a stomach infection that makes her uncomfortable, her only daughter (eldest child) just moved out into a not so good situation and she's worried about that, then ON MOTHER"S DAY, she finds out her mom is dead. Pretty sucky.

Big Buddy had made us a brisket meal and gone all out getting decorations for the table, but doing all that wore him out, so he actually felt pretty miserable. I was making side dishes and a desert for the neighbor, so I got all hot and tired too, then felt bad that Big Buddy had pushed himself like that and was paying for it now. The meal was fabulous though and I was touched that he cared so.

A single friend I haven't seen in what seems forever was supposed to come by, but hasn't, so I'm disappointed in that, but I've also been thinking about other's like her with a young child and no one to make her mother's day special or for the moms whose child is incapable or inconsiderate in not doing anything to show their love and appreciation. I sure hope I did something to make my mom feel loved every year!

The rest of the day was enjoyable in that we really rested outside for an absolutely gorgeous day. I didn't do any projects, but played on the computer and got to talk to my sister on the phone. It was a good finish to the day.

So while we celebrated in our own way, my heart goes out to all the single moms and people who have lost their moms and wish for them joy and beauty also. May we rise above the trials and down times and find beauty, love, relationship and comfort in them too!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!

I remember this day. We had been to church that morning and had eaten lunch. My sister and I are wearing our comfy dresses with soft velvety material I liked to feel, so soft to the touch; two of the many dresses mom sewed for us over the years. We were relaxed and wanting to be near mom. There is something about moms that makes you want to sit in their laps or be wrapped in their arms. They are warm and soft and comforting. These feelings are amplified by a thousand when I was sick. Mom could always make me feel better by making things quieter, warmer or cooler, with her medical expertise and loving touch, and after a mean cool bath to decrease the fevers, a soothing hot rum tawdy.

Mom brings flavor into our lives in so many ways. I actually didn't know this until I became an adult and was asked what it was like growing up in a multi-cultural family. At the time I was studying cross-cultural communication and to be honest, I had never ever realized that our family was different; I mean apart from people always asking me what my "heritage" was. If I wanted to cut to the chase, I'd say "my mom is Jamaican", if I wanted to watch them squirm in all their political correctness and curiosity, I'd ask them what they meant, or say "I'm Canadian".

I do remember the first time I got a hint something was up. It was my 12th birthday and my friends were imitating the way mom called my name. They said they liked her accent, at which point I was shocked and said she didn't have an accent. After the friends were gone, I asked dad if mom had an accent, just to be sure. "You can't hear it?", he replied. Again, I was shocked. He said, "listen when she's on the phone with someone from Jamaica, it gets thicker". Well, I listened and I heard, sounds from an island, music from afar, beautiful lilting, melodies filled with spice and the caribean.

I started to discover mom had a whole other life before we came along when a Jamaican man asked to speak to Miss G. I started to tell him he had the wrong number, then thought what are the chances that this obviously Jamaican man would dial our number. So first I asked dad if he knew of a Miss G. He said, "I think that's your mom". I didn't think so, since I'd already asked the man if he was looking for a Ruth MacLeod or Williamson and he'd never heard of her, but I gave the phone to mom to see if she could make some sense of it all. To my surprise, mom was Miss G. and her first cousin had never known her real name Ruth! (In Jamaica, almost everyone goes by a "pet" name, or nickname).

I know I'm a different person because I've got a touch of island too and because mom will forever be Ruth AND mom AND Miss G. I also know that I'm so very much like her and that she is strong and courageous and fiercely loves her families, near and far.

I wonder if my children will also go though these life altering moments when they realize I am not who they always thought (ie. JUST mom). Maybe they too will see that I'm from another place, with sounds and tastes and attitudes a little different than Texas. Maybe they will glimpse hints of someone who loves seasons and snow, cultures and naturalness. Most of all though, I hope they know deep in them that I am for them, that I love them and will always be there. Just like with my mom. love you mom, Miss G. or whoever you are ;)

Special mention also goes to my mother-in-law who has received me like a daughter, who helped raise an amazing man that I love dearly and who pours love into my children (yes, both already). I'm so glad that I have never had to deal with any of those awful mother-in-law steriotypes. We may be totally different in myriad ways, but you have never let that get between us. You have danced with grace what I'm sure is a most difficult balance of being there and a part of things, while respecting our lives and ways. We love you and thank you for the mother, grandmother and mother-in-law you are, par excellence!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Snaps: cute and quirky vol.5

I can tell the pregnancy is nearing it's end because I dream of owning a bed made of clouds, so soft it would just lightly sustain a body in the horizontal position. Instead, I just tried the couch. Ivan must have identified with me, 'cause he kept waking up every 20 minutes, so we both hit the couch. He was quite happy to sleep on my head most the night-- think clouds, clouds, I would tell myself as his sweaty face smooched into mine. Of course, sometime near morning, we both got comfortable and started sleeping better.

Trying out the B-1 bomber at the park.

The wild flowers are absolutely breathtaking this time of year. Indian paintbrushes (bright red flowers), buttercups (seen here) and even flowering cactus abound.

Ivan loves reading at this point and is known to even recruit visitors to our home to read him a book or two. He is even requesting longer books which he didn't have the patience for before. Of course, one long book he likes that I always shortened is now good in the long version since daddy discovered it can be read rap style. Sorry, no video available for that ever- I make a very pitiful attempt at rap, but he likes it so I try!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Baggett reality, Take 2- Ivan speaks

We were at the park with some dear friends on a most gorgeous spring day and Ivan was having a wonderful time. The geese were so hungry they came right up to us and actually had to be shooed off by the daddy who is fearless. Mommy who is not typically scared of them couldn't believe their audacity and stayed behind with Ivan. Ivan's new word is flower. He loves to point out flowers everywhere we go. He likes to smell them too. He also likes the word yellow and is getting clearer in saying his name. Watch it all here, on Baggett reality video!

The funniest new trick of Ivan's is to re-enact conversations where we correct him. Everytime I read his rainbow book, he would yank on the ribbons, then loudly say "no", then pat the book and say "nice". I finally asked Brian if he'd told Ivan no and to be nice with the book. He said that happened once and now Ivan re-enacts it every time. He also grabs an empty can of shaving cream out of the garbage, says "daddy, daddy", then "no" and puts it back, then claps at himself! What a little actor!

Thursday, May 11, 2006


This time I want to proclaim a challenge to all the mothers and mothers-to-be out there. I have met so many women who want and try to be perfect moms. They stress themselves out and their children- needlessly. I think it is not only unhealthy, but destructive and most definitely impossible to make this one's standard. So, be free! Your kids don't need a perfect home, perfect days, perfect clothes or hair, perfect behavior, perfect adherance to growth or development charts, perfect parents and certainly not perfect mothers. Not only is there no such thing, but if there was, it would be in stark contrast to our broken world and to try to make this perfection happen when there is no such thing is absolutely ridiculous and painful to all.

My philosophy, if I may be so bold, is that there is beauty in our imperfections when we can accept them and turn them into true worth like: teacheable moments, humility, grace, forgiving and asking forgiveness... In my opinion, these gems, as demonstrated by us and thus passed on to our children, will not only allow them the freedom to be who they are, in all their imperfection, but also help them to cope with our world, with other imperfect people (including their parents), with dissappointments and faillure, with miserable days and with tragedy.

One of my favorite movies is "I am Sam". The message of it was that superior intellect is not necessarily an advantage in parenting. Without love, all our grandeur, our stuff, our status, our plans are as nothing, totally useless. And with love, the rest doesn't really matter. It is so hard for us with our tendencies to want to keep up with the Jones' or propel our kids ahead of the rest or over-controle... to just let go, be free, and love without having to fit them into a hole no one can squeeze into. And secondly to allow ourselves to be who we are and fail and say those second most important words after "I love you" which are "I'm sorry". This should be said often, more often than we think.

Having such and such program or book or regimen will not make our kids superior or happier. All they need, all we need to really prosper is love. Henry Ward Beecher said it this way: "The mother's heart is the child's classroom". That's a nugget worth chewing on!

Another one from the Lover's book is: "love conquers all". Several nights ago, Ivan was being absolutely horrible. He threw a tantrum when I took away a straw we'd been playing with, another tantrum when we brushed teeth, another one when we stopped brushing teeth, again when he wanted to watch a video instead of go to bed... Then as we were reading bedtime stories, only moments later, he looked up at me and kissed me- out of the blue!

We were excited after a huge storm to see wild lighting outside and a double rainbow. We've been reading about rainbows and I was happy for Ivan to see two real ones that night. The rainbows are messages of love after a storm. Sometimes the storms are necessary, they bring rain and strengthen trees and plants while tearing away old or weak limbs. Sometimes they bring devastation, but if we look carefully, there is always new growth that results. Rainbows are a message of love to see the beauty after the storms and remember that over it all, through it all, in it all, there is love and beauty.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

adopted grands

Ivan, Grandma Wynetta and I went to see our friend in the nursing home in Anson. I guess it had been a while, 'cause upon arrival, Ivan got a little freaked to see a bunch of elderly in wheelchairs playing bingo. But he soon got into it and quickly became the "helper". After the lady would call out a number, he would try to repeat it, especially if it ended in 9. He also liked putting up the chips. Our friend Mary won twice and would get so excited that it would take her a good 30 seconds or more before she could call out "Bingo!".

Then as they got Mary ready for our walk, Ivan "entertained" the residents with piano tunes. His style is what I would call avant-garde jazz. Serious, I think Brian used to have some recordings that didn't sound much better. One lady took a particular liking to Ivan and had to give him a kiss (no wonder the place freaks him a little). I did feel bad for her, she really loved seeing Ivan and wanted to keep him, when we went out on the porch, she kept ramming the door trying to get out to see our little wonder. She has a don't escape device that looks all the doors and inside my heart wept for this lady who is pretty whole in body, but is trapped in her mind and can't get out.

Other's are doing great in mind and not as well in body. Big Buddy celebrated his 89th birthday last month. We enjoyed feasting with him at a buffet. Ivan is definitely Texan. He eats brisket like there is no tomorow (one northerner friend said it's the meat they throw out up north!), he'll also eat his previously untouched food if it's wrapped in a tortilla. He's got an apetite Texas sized too. One morning he ate 2 1/2 pieces of French toast and downed it with a cup of whole milk. This night, he tested the kitchen's ability to keep filling the fried okra platter (another Texan trait, he'll eat anything fried!) We all had a great time.

So, do you feel older, younger or exactly like your age? And do you ACT older or younger or just what people would expect of a ____ year old?

Monday, May 08, 2006

Tired of dr. updates?

We had another visit today. It looks like we won't have another sonogram unless there are complications, which we don't want! So I took these pics of other babies at 33 weeks off the internet. The Dr. says our daughter is little maybe about 3lbs. She said this is a normal weight for this stage and everything is going fine (of course, it's not necessarily normal for me). They did some blood work to make sure I'm alright vitamin-wise before the birth. It's weird thinking this baby could be so much smaller than Ivan. I just figured all our babies would be huge. Good thing mom will be here, this one may zoom out fast. I told the dr. mom was going to be here for a window of time and so the baby needed to come then and she said we could talk about inducing as I get further along. Well, she can talk all she wants, I'm not doing it! Sorry mom, I love you, but if the baby's not ready, she's not ready. That's my opinion. Besides, if she's petite, the dr. won't have to worry about her being too big!

Brian and I are thinking our boy's body type is more like the MacLeod giants and our girl favors his size, which is more lean and less stocky. I always did feel a little clunky growing up. I was placed on the backrow with all the boys for school pictures while my friends sat in the front row in dainty outfits. When I had all my ringuette equipment on (like hockey), I was really huge and dad told me how parents would gasp upon seeing me skate onto the ice, thinking about their little daughters going against me. Of course, the little skaters were frustrating to me, 'cause I could never catch them. Mom said I only wanted flat shoes, not even running shoes because "they had heels" and I can actually remember walking hunched over so that I could hear what my friends were saying!

My size has had it's benefits though and as I've gotten older, I tend to blend in better. I played hockey several years on all mens teams and the oponents were always shocked to discover as we congratulated each other on the game that I was a girl. My team always knew of course, but not others. I don't have to use stepping stools in my house and can pretty much dust even the ceiling by going on my tiptoes. Plus, I now proudly proclaim the mantel mom said over me, which I thought very unflattering in 7th grade, but now gives me an upper edge. She said at age 12 or so that I had child bearing hips! Well, indeed I do and I'll keep them thank-you. With this girl possibly being "a more regular" birth weight, this may come even easier this time!

In our looks obsessed culture, do you tend to worry about your size/height/weight? do you like your size? or not really care or think about it?

Saturday, May 06, 2006

a video???

Janet (on sidebar) found a way to post videos, so my thanks goes out to her! I'm hoping I can get this up or at least post a link. Bear with me as I learn the system.

Our adopted grandma Wynetta, Ivan and I went to visit a friend in a nursing home in Anson. Ivan has discovered the piano and wanted to give the residents a performance. It was totally improv and unrehearsed, but one of the ladies absolutely loved it (ok, 3 ladies if you count Wynetta and myself).

Click here to watch. It will take you to another page. I find it best to click on the pause until the bar shows that the video is fully loaded, then press play. Enjoy!

Friday, May 05, 2006


OK, so there's a theme here. You did notice that mother's day is coming up, right? This quote is not only good, but fits perfectly with what I mean with my blog!

"Heaven is at the feet of mothers"
arabic proverb

This quote also has a lot of potential for other tellings, so I think it needs to be personalized. Go ahead and Make It Your Own! Take liberties to change the words to your liking. For example, you could change the word "heaven" or "feet" or add to the quote.

Here's my new rendition:

"Heaven is at the feet of mothers,
(and also in her lap,
in her arms,
in her hair
and in her fridge!)"
Angela Baggett, 2006

Here's my little climber and my big belly! Apparently I look like an excellent mountain to climb. Then he gives the baby kisses, isn't the first child a little mom too?

Thursday, May 04, 2006

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I found this quote on mothering very true and telling.

"Sometimes the laughter in mothering is the recognition of the ironies and absurdities. Sometimes though, it's just pure, unthinking delight"- Barbara Schapiro

Laughter is so easy with Ivan around. He does funny things constantly, and he finds us quite hillarious as well. Of course, grown adults putting baskets on their heads or making faces is really funny- and it's so worth it, just to hear that beautiful, frolicking music called laughter, coming from deep in his inner being, pushed out from his rolly belly, tickling around in his delightful throat and leaping off his rosy lips to dazzle our ears.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Snaps: cute and quirky vol.4

Reminds me of home on the acreage. West Texas has a lot of similarities to Southern Saskatchewan in it's landscape. If you take out the cactus that is!

Before and After pics.

Another big project is done, 2 more big ones to go and a bunch of little jobs.

We painted the front room this week. That is, Brian scraped and painted. Ivan and I occasionally peeped in to ooo and ahh. Saturday my big part came up. The walls, ceiling and very labor intensive triangles coming down from the roof were complete, the paint fumes were not overly intense and I had a few hours free, so I painted clouds on the ceiling. I really needed more time, but we were heading out for the evening, so I learned to mass produce my clouds and finished up that afternoon, scraped some paint off my arms and went out!

Here is the new room. When the guy at the store first put the paint sample on the can, I thought it would be way too light. It looked like white when we wanted green, but the finished product is just what we wanted. The room is actually brighter than before, with washable paint (the real reason we painted) and a cheery, summery, light green color.

It's hard to tell here that the walls are green, so you'll just have to come visit to see for yourself. We are booked in July, but the rest of the year is pretty much free!