Sunday, February 26, 2012

Western Development Museum

Jenn has passes to the WDM so we often go there when we go to Saskatoon. We had just missed the sleigh ride, so that was a little disappointing, but at the same time, there is so much to see there and never enough time to take it all in, plus the kids don't want to read all the info, of course, so I usually get to read just one or two panels per visit. At this rate, it will take me years to read it all! Plus they are always adding new sections.

What used to be the main part is Boomtown- a recreation of Saskatoon in it's early 1900s when it was first being populated. There is an old house, laundry, mercantile, doctor office, dentist, RCMP, train station, butcher, Newspaper, bank, school, church, firehouse, barber... There were some guys working with metal and hammers in the blacksmith shop.

One thing Ivan and I found interesting was to compare the jobs then and now in the school classroom. They had kid's names beside jobs like: brushes, water, wood, ink... I asked him what jobs they had today in class. Brushes was the same, but others now included recycling & white board...

The kids liked everything they could steer! From the old cars, to a modern tractor. They liked the trains and running around with us trying to track them down!!

This was an old trolley car actually used in Saskatoon. It has yet to be restored, but then it's fun to see too the ruggedness of age.

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