Monday, February 06, 2012

time to upload again!

I just pulled out the last of my pics to post file, so it's time to get the camera out and see what treasures we have captured digitally. It's amazing how memories surface when you can see the moment. Not just what happened then, but the FEEL of it- how fun or funny, beautiful or meaningful it was. Always loved pictures.

Emora takes long late naps, so she has problems falling to sleep at 9pm when we try to get them all down for the night. Dominique falls asleep the easiest. She gets wore out at school and going hard all day.

Ivan likes to stay up LATE reading. Emora was so hyper this night, reading and singing and carrying on for hours (I'm not exaggerating).

We are trying to tell her she is a big girl and has to start doing things herself. Other times, she likes to be a helper and all grown up.

We are all learning and developing skills as students of life and navigating all these relationships together, helping each other become all we can be through the power, presence and guidance of the Lover. Some days are smoother than others, but it's fun to capture the precious moments and hide them away in our hearts.

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GMS said...

I LOVE how you hide them but share them with all of us "blog readers".
I can tell you enjoy every minute.