Saturday, February 25, 2012

Baking with auntie

We had a fun night at Uncle Andrew and Auntie Andrea's house. She loves to bake and let the kids help her create a german style cheesecake. It was so yummy, although it could have cooled longer. We were a bit impatient to taste it! She even let them crack the eggs and didn't freak out when she had to clean up egg shells and spilled egg all over the counter!

Of course had to taste as they went along. She also made pudding from scratch and it was so good! I bought cornstarch so that we could make it too and will get her recipe off her blog. Umm- what's the link again Andrea?

Here's my brother!

The kids loved playing with their cousins. Isaac is growing up so fast! He runs all over, loves to climb and says some words, understands a lot.

We went to the fun factory in Saskatoon, where it was fun!


Anonymous said...

Here is the link Angela. Scroll down to get to the pudding part. But you can try to make the cornets as well. Wrapped in plastic wrap it would be a nice snack for school.

Nana said...

Did Emora scratch her lip, or had she been sampling treats?

Angela said...

thanks Andrea- I got it!

Nana- yeah, she tripped going downstairs, outside and kissed the pavement, right before library time as we were loading into the van! She looks much better now, but had rosy lips and a spot on her chin for quite a few days.