Friday, April 30, 2010

party overload

So far, we are averaging about 1.5 parties a weekend, maybe more, I haven't done an official tally. So the kids are wired and high on sugar, but not wanting to nap, even if they need it.

This was our first pool time of the season many, many weeks ago. Haven't done another one yet, but we need to. It's hot enough for it.

Brian got the yard ready for the party we are having tomorrow. The hard thing with a party is not getting to really visit with everyone, but we are excited to see everyone anyways. Apparently some are coming from out of town, several of Brian's old college friends and people just hear throughout the city that we are moving and pop over to see us, so that is fun. Once this weekend is over, I think we will get serious about going through stuff and making some serious headway.

Dominique just fell asleep on my lap while waiting for the computer that I was not going to share with her. I'm serious the girl could be on the computer all day and be happy, but I refuse to let her and she really really needed a nap today. It was a good party!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

slowly getting ready

We shift from focus to focus. Right now it is our party and some sorting for garage sale-lables. But I know that once our party is over we will go through every closet, nook and cranny to see what we are ditching and what we are packing. Then there are all sorts of loose ends that we are constantly tying up, not to mention daily life with the kids.

To add to the spice in our life just now, Ivan got some kind of 24 hour stomach bug this week and Big Buddy is still in the hospital, so we try to go see him as we are able. We always figured that our move would coincide with his funeral, but I am glad that he is still well and his animated self. However, he has finally, through this dramatic fall come to the realization that he can no longer live on his own. They are looking at moving him from the hospital to a VA nursing home and his care worker is going to manage the sale of all his stuff. That is such a relief, because going through his stuff would be horrendous and it's great that there is someone able and willing to do it.

Then to top it off, we are prioritizing time with friends right now and laying the rest aside as much as possible knowing that these are our last weeks to be with people who have been put in our lives.

Several have promised to come see us in Canada though, so it is not all farewells forever. In the meanwhile, here's to Bluebonnets, scorcher summers and the Alamo- not sure why we are not supposed to forget it, but I do know I will never forget Texas and our time here. It's become a part of me.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

no more soccer!

Dominique had her last soccer game Sat. We had a very busy day with no less than 4 engagements and it was Nana's last day with us too. Dominique got a trophy and hot dog. We also got to go to see friends, go to a birthday party for Lily and hang out that evening with Nana.

We are starting to say goodbye to friends and will have our big farewell party on the weekend. That is all bitter sweet. We had a ton of fun with some friends on Sun. that we have not spent tons of time with and we were all thinking, "why haven't we gotten together way more?" I told her that everyone should think like they are leaving once every 2 years so that they can get together with all their friends and realize just how fortunate they are to know such wonderful people.

We are slowly going around the house putting things aside for the garage sale the weekend after. It is getting to be more and more fun. I am liking downsizing now and realize how much stuff we really don't need. I really hope it all goes.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

face paint

The kids wanted to face paint each other one day. So I let them.

We'll miss the paramount museum, even though we haven't seen anything there in such a very long time. I'm not even sure we've taken the kids to a show there, or at least not in a long time. We'll have to at least take them in there to look. It's so beautiful.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nana and sunshine

We'd had a rainy week, but today the sun broke through, the temps rose and Nana came- all cause for excitement around here. The next few days have a lot going on, including Dominique's last two soccer games. Brian and I will both have to miss one of the last games, but Nana will get to go to both. Other plans include library time, swimming, a birthday party and Brian and I will get to go hear a speaker Fri. night while Nana keeps the trio.

Ivan has already launched his plea for Nana to take them home with her. He has it all figured out. He will go to work with Papa for UPS and Dominique can work with Nana with the Post Office. I guess Emora is not invited, poor girl. Ivan says he was only thinking of helping us since we need to pack and he would then be out of our way. So generous of him like that!

In the pics- fun with friends. Us with Tighe and her kids at the mall play areas. Olivia has an art showing of her photography and had her grand opening last artwalk. Her photography and concepts are out of this world and her tag along dog Gracie- topped it off!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Walking the dog

Grandpa Ray is a fan of the Dog Whisperer and we actually got to see some of the episodes recently. They and the fact that we are about to move and expose the dog to new people and environments, inspired us to try to get Saba leash trained and comfortable with traveling. We are most likely going to have her ride in the trunk of the van and put our luggage in the cab of the towed truck. We got her a muzzle, just in case she decides to bark all night in her new places and a leash thing that can be staked into the ground. She has been on a couple of walks and I don't know how that guy gets dogs calm and submissive in seconds, but she still dragged us for blocks on end. We're hoping practice makes perfect and are trying to take her out more regularly. Plus with me loosing a free pool a couple of blocks away, I really need to find a regular relaxing exercise to take up. I used to walk a lot before I had kids. Maybe I can rediscover the joy again?

It's funny because the show and the new doggie tools have got the kids all excited about Saba. We've had her all their lives and they've barely paid attention to her, except to harrass her, but now, suddenly, they are crying if they don't get to take her on a walk and want to help train her too.

do you have a dog? have you ever taken a dog to training school? do you like to take walks for relaxation/exercise?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Stick it to them

the boys were taking good care of baby Emora!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Family funnies

Kids can be so hilarious. Emora hates the vacuum and it is making it hard for me to clean. I used to just hold her in my arms and vacuum at the same time, but she is getting too heavy for that, so now a parent needs to occupy her while the other vacuums. She still pasted herself to my lap anytime she heard it from across the house. She has the same violent reaction to other loud noises, like the motorcycles that go blaring down our street. Today, she was on the other side of the room from me when a motorcycle roared by and she was so funny. Her eyes got huge and she ran like a madwoman, then dove into my lap, clinging to me for dear life.

She also got me laughing when I noticed her later in the day, in her socks, with one of Ivan's flipflops, on the wrong foot, yet attached as she walked around playing.

Ivan cracked me up yesterday. His friend Caleb came to play and Ivan was very distraught at their parting. He took Caleb's shoes and threw them in the neighbor's yard so that he couldn't leave. I guess Caleb seconded the motion, because after he retrieved them, he threw them over our fence back in our yard. We did manage to unglue the two, but by the time Caleb was in a car leaving, Ivan was in a full blown fit with tears streaming down his face. I told him that we'll try to arrange another playdate before we leave and that maybe they'll come to our party. Ivan screaming and crying, says maybe they could have 2 playdates. When he heard me say, "um, maybe", he quickly says "no, WAAAAAAHHHH, can we have 3 playdates?", mistaking the sound of my laughter for approval, he amends the request again and says "I mean WAAAHH, can we have 5 playdates!"

But Dominique topped them all. Today she said: "I think somebody is stinky. I think it's me!"

Dominique hammers

Ivan and grandpa build

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I have a ton of videos to upload, here's a first one

grandpa gifts

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So long, farewell, until next time...

Grandpa Ray left early this morning before the sun rose and when Ivan rose there were tears streaming down his face. "I didn't want him to leave!" Apparently 3 weeks is not long enough in the eyes of a grandson.

I told Grandpa he shouldn't leave without sending his replacement. Not sure who that is, but it was sure nice having another adult to help and who was a kid magnet. They were always in his lap, in his arms or being pulled, swung or otherwise entertained in some fashion.

Our calendars seem to be filling up pretty fast now and we'll have to fit packing in there somewhere, but we'd rather fill our days with more memories and friends than boxes, so we are still not focusing on that so much yet.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Weekend part III

So I still haven't posted all the pictures from last weekend and the now it's another weekend again. Last weekend was a really full weekend, then I got a 24 hour something that knocked me out Wednesday. Brian played his last gig in Abilene Thurs. at Artwalk so we all went to that and this weekend is Grandpa Ray's last weekend here, so lots going on!

The wildlife park was so fun. The animals came right up to the vehicle and we had a zebra try to eat the window or from my hand. We did venture and feed a few of them by hand, not that we were supposed to. The kids loved it especially sitting in the front seats on our laps and throwing food out, then screaming when the animals came up close. Our favorites were the zebras and giraffes both of which had babies with them.

Sunday, we spent time together as a family, celebrating the Lover's resurrection and that in our hearts then on to Easter egg hunts- 3 that day! Our house, Big Buddy's and Valerie planned out a scavenger easter egg hunt, and even gave our kids Canadian coins! She and her husband also cooked up the most amazing spread of food for the neighbors. It was so fun.