Monday, February 13, 2012


Ivan got to go skiing with his school a few weeks ago. He had fun and improved from last year, although he hasn't moved off the bunny hill. He is on his way at least!

I got to have a mom's night out on the hill myself. Victoria, my cousin's daughter has skis and is about my size/height, so I borrowed hers and took advantage of cheap lift tickets one Fri. night.

I'd like to try snowboarding before the season is done, so we'll see if we can fit that in somewhere. But then again, the weekends are piling up. This weekend, the kids and I are going to Saskatoon to see family and the weekend after, I am going to a ladies' retreat, where there will also be a lot of family and cousins.

The weather is so weird, -28 one day and -5 the next. Today it's sunny and melting again! So it seems the best tactic is to get out while it's gorgeous, when you can. Which is kind of how we ran our summer at the beach. If it wasn't nasty out, we went. So nice to be able to get outside and soak in beauty.


GMS said...

Great job, Ivan.
Doesn't look like very much snow, though.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea you guys are coming up. Why is no one telling us those things? Saturday I'll be busy with an AED training. I assume you stay till Monday, right?