Monday, December 26, 2011

my little performers

Last year at the Christmas concert, Ivan looked terrified, but this year, he looked terrific!

He performed in a play that he performed for his classmates. He was supposed to do it for the school Wed., but we won't be here, so the teacher is going to take his place. But Brian, Emora and I got to watch it and we were so proud of him. He worked hard at it and did really well.
I was a little surprised to see that Dominique was a bit scared looking on stage. She is always performing for us at home with gusto, but I guess it's different with 500 people watching and big lights (I really have no idea how many people were there, but it was packed).

Emora had lots of fun watching the performances and hanging out with auntie and uncle and cousins. I think in the pic with Mike, she has her best ever smile for the camera. Usually she makes a fake looking smile, but I took the picture on the sly while they were having fun and the true delight was all over her face!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

we wish you a Merry Christmas

May the peace that passes understanding fill your heart and home. May the Lover of our souls inhabit your day. May you have grace and not fretting, love and not anxiousness, appreciation and not frustration. May you hug, kiss, laugh and enjoy today... as the world pauses, may peace reign.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Eenie meanie miney moe

I didn't teach her this. It amazes me how she picks up these rhymes who knows where!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's like I'm not gone

I like how blogger lets me post things to appear later. When you read this, we will be in Texas, but I'm actually typing it before I've even packed our bags! I wish facebook did that too so that I could post here first and there after. Otherwise everyone will see them on facebook first, unless I save them ;)

Here are some more sweet moments from our short stop in Saskatoon. Imogen and I got to do a name puzzle together that I'd made for her.

Andrea had made personalized cookies for the kids. She put a word on them that described them. So cool Andrea! I love personalized things.

Andrea also did some German traditions with them like lighting the insense burner, and candles and putting out decorations- even though it wasn't the 24th! (when she used to celebrate Christmas in Germany).

Here's a full view of the puzzle. Under the flaps 1,2,3,4 are pictures of her at those ages. It was so fun!

I had to get a pic of my brother and his wife in the spot where he proposed to her at Christmas time 5 years ago. They get the patience or stick to it award for sure. They dated for years, most of which was long distance (like, very long distance, across an ocean long distance), had a years long engagement and spent their first married year apart since they had to wait on immigration and Andrea wanted to finish her studies. We are all so glad all that waiting was finally over about the time we arrived in Canada, but I'm sure not near as glad as my brother was!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Some more pics from Saskatoon

Baggett trio: Ivan, Dominique and Emora (in red) with Wallace duo: Imogen in skirt and Isaac on the end. They sang for us ;)

A couple of fairy princesses helping grandpa with his computer.

Brian and my nephew chilling out.

waiting not so patiently to open presents.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Watch out Justin Beiber, here comes Ivan!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Anniversary babe!

We had a whirlwind trip to Saskatoon this weekend. We left after school and arrived late, then came back Sun. morning. Sat. we decorated mom's Christmas tree, took some pics and went to Imogen's 4th birthday party.

I think this was the first party we've made it to, so that was fun. She had a swim party and then we were in a room with jumpy castles, a craft, snacks, cake and face paint! The kids had a blast and I was so glad Dominique had gotten over being sick just in time. She'd been running a fever a bit right up until that morning. She really wanted to go swimming!

We left Saba with the grands who will take such good care of her.

Happy Anniversary Brian! The day will be hectic with trying to get ready to leave early in the morning and with all the last minute running around, not to mention a dress rehearsal for the play Ivan was supposed to be in, the Christmas program and packing... but maybe we can celebrate in Texas ;)

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Victoria (my cousin's daughter) has been so excited about her pointe shoes so she came over one evening with them to show Dominique. She gave a little historical overview of them and showed how she is learning to dance with them.

The kids were very attentive. I thought it was so cute how Dominique had taken a very ladylike pose to listen to her cuz. She also went and grabbed her dance shoes given to her from another cousin.

Beautiful, beautiful...

Saturday, December 17, 2011

kid pics.

These little gems were taken by the kids all on their own, when I told them to take a picture or two of Brian remodeling the bathroom. I'm guessing Dominique was taking some liberties to ensure that the entire experience was well documented.

I'm trying to get all my postable pics up before we head out. It'll probably get pretty quiet on this blog while we travel and enjoy time in Texas!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas excitement budding

We are about to head out for Saskatoon tonight so that we can celebrate Imogen's 4th birthday and a bit of Christmas cheer before we leave for Texas. And the grandparents are going to keep our grand dog for us while we are away. Dominique was sick yesterday so I am carefully watching her today to determine if she should go or not. She dragged herself out of bed on her own, got dressed and ate a bit of cereal then squeaked out "is today the swim party?" Poor girl, really wants to go, but she is much better today. She did have a slight fever, but nothing like yesterday. OH, go away stomach and sinus bugs!!

The kids are so excited and with good reason. Trips, family, Brian and I are excited too!!

Dominique the smart shopper should have been with me while I got my niece and nephew gifts. She just informed me that the gift I'd gotten a month ago for Imogen is something she already has! I wished I'd informed her earlier! But I figured out something last minute, so yeah!!

It's been pretty exciting, finding and being given gifts/thanks from work and kids. I don't work much, and yet got 2 gifts for my work cleaning the bank and a little something from the library and Brian got a couple of bikes from his boss!! So exciting. I'd been wanting to get a bike all summer and was going to use my birthday money once the Christmas mayhem was over. Now I can move on to something else on my wish list ;)

It also doesn't hurt knowing that we won't be having all the school schedule and early morning clean schedule and life as general schedule, but seeing sights and friends and family and lots and lots of special moments... ah, so nice to anticipate and enjoy rest/renewal/recouperation and regrouping. Especially at the end of the year, it's nice to reflect and go back and look forward...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Reindeer festival

Our school is so awesome! I took the kids to the reindeer festival this weekend. There were real reindeer! I actually didn't know that reindeer were real until I was an adult reading National Geographic- not even all that long ago! Then my cousin said they are also called cariboo! OK, heard of those.

There were tons of crafts at booths all through the gym, a couple of Christmas themed games, hot chocolate, ice cream sandwiches, cookie decorating, pics with Santa (we don't really do the Santa thing, but the kids still wanted to get their picture taken and it actually came out really nice) and it was all for free! We ran into lots of the same people we have known some, so that is fun.

I posted this pic to remind myself that I do love this munchkin. She's been pushing the princess complex a bit too much lately. She got me up about 5 times last night and about 8 times the night before and she's wanting me to carry her everywhere now, even from one room to the next. Then she'll want to bathe herself, dress herself and she went up on stage with her siblings who were doing their performance for GLOW- a Christian after school program Ivan and Dominique go to. She walked up with the big kids and I thought it would make a huge scene to try to get her down, so I let her stand up there with everyone else singing "away in a manger", not knowing all the words, just like her siblings.

Some days I've let the big kids help Emora get dressed. Dominique does better at the mechanics of it than Ivan, but then I have to deal with her wild, wild combinations. This day in particular was a doozy. Dominique creations all the way. And yes I did let them go out in public like this. But on school days, I do give Dominique a final, "yes" or "tone it down" on her wardrobe selections.

Goodbye little reindeers- see you next year ;)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Cousins' visit

A couple of weeks ago, my cousin Lin visited with her 3 kids. Jac's tooth was really loose, so she asked her sister Harley to try to pull it out. They tried many positions. Ivan was giving Jac the peace sign in the first pic to encourage her. It didn't come out that day, but I'm sure it's out now!

The kids performed for us, of course. We aren't quite sure what to call their ensemble- "youthful mayhem energy"- perhaps?

I remember my siblings and I putting on plays for our parents so it was funny to be on the receiving end.

It was nice to visit and Lin shared the best ever pizza making recipe. We've made it since and while I missed the ease of frozen pizza, I'm not sure we'll ever buy one again! Thanks Lin!