Tuesday, February 14, 2012

walking in sunshine and snow

When we are craving a change of scenery or a bit of a taste of wilderness, without making a big foray into actual wilderness, we like to go to one of the town's parks. It has little trails and this cool ravine with big trees and makes you feel like you have gone out into a forest. The girls and I were wondering what it looked like under a blanket of snow, so we went out on a beautiful sunshining day to check it out.

Hope you had a fun Valentine's day. Brian made us all cards and I made him one and since his practice in Regina was cancelled, I got to go on a coffee date with my cousin Sheena to participate in an Artist Way group. There is a whole group of women going through the Artist way book, so I got to meet some of them tonight. Not sure I'll get to go often, but it's nice to get to know some local faces and know that they too long for meaning and relationship and support for the journey.

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Ian said...

Terrific pictures!