Friday, February 24, 2012

skating outside

We had such a fun time skating in Saskatoon. Every year, the city makes an ice rink beside the Besborough hotel downtown, facing the river.

The scenery is pretty. There are some big trees in the middle of the rink and they have skates available for free for people to use.

The fun thing is that a lot of immigrants and families are out there, first time and beginning skaters. Somehow, the ice was super easy for beginner skaters.

I think since it was so warm, the ice was soft and also there was a fair amount of snow on it, which made it easy for the kids to skate. Ivan and Dominique could go around easily without support and Emora even skated for a full hour! Usually she only lasts about 10 min.

And here for your gruesome pic of the day. Ivan's new toothless smile!

It was so funny. Dad really yanked on it. He screamed, got a bloody mouth and was running up and down the hallway dancing and yelling with delight! He was so excited to have it gone. I'd made him a letter with pics of him growing up and telling him how much we have loved watch him learn and grow, with a coupon saying that we could go to DQ or for donuts and look at his album. He gave me a huge hug and said thanks. He loved looking at his album with us all and picked DQ for the family treat. Another milestone passed!

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Nana said...

Great skating kiddo's. Ivan can you spit water through space where your tooth was?