Sunday, February 05, 2012

Big little girl

Here's little miss goofiness! She is always making us laugh and laugh! She is very, very determined and those times make us want to cry and cry!! Actually these days she is relenting a bit better by adding the phrase "FINE, TOMORROW!" as she concedes to what I tell her to do. So she is basically saying, I will go with your direction for now, but the next time it will be MY WAY. Watch out world, Emora is on board!

This picture was from her birthday party.

These pictures were from her actual birthday, when we got to go to the first day opening of the new donut/pizza place in town. She celebrated with a donut then a cry fest. There's nothing like toddlers!

We've had a pretty fun weekend. I got to go skiing on Fri. It really is pretty amazing that we have a downhill skiing facility here. On Fri. nights, they have a special of $10 lift ticket and 1/2 price rentals. I did even better than half price though- I borrowed my cousin's skis (which fit perfect). So for $10 I got to ski for 4 hours. It was so fun and my knee did pretty good. I'd really like to try snowboarding next time. I tried it once and really liked it. The runs are short here, so it'd be neat to try something new. My knee seemed to do ok, so that is a bonus. I am working hard at finding a weekly workout activity or several activities to replace the swimming I got to do in Abilene. I realized since I moved here that some regular exercise is part of me staying sane and whole, but it's hard to be motivated. I am gathering up a list of activities. There is swimming in the summer with the lakes, if I have a friend to watch my kids- which is sort of easy to arrange. Then in the winter, there is skating, we now have a wii that was given to us, skiing maybe or snowboarding, some workout videos I have... It's hard to work in something different. Swimming was a bit of a no brainer for us, but maybe now I will have more variety.

Sat. Brian got to go into the city and be an artist with Ivan tagging along. Sundays I try to take the big kids to the public skate time, so that Ivan will get to learn to skate. Actually they have an outdoor rink too that we should try out since it is so beautiful here lately. It is warm and melting! Crazy winter!


Anonymous said...

Glad you find some more winter activities,having it milder makes things so much more easier and enjoyable. Great pics of Emora,we certainly know her roots with that gap in her front tooth. mom

Nana said...

I see she is giving the "big eyes"!!