Thursday, July 31, 2008

wonderful pool day

We had a most wonderful day at the pool. We as in Ivan, Dominique, me and a friend. I haven't hung out with Paula all summer and so it was a treat to see her, plus we went to the State Park, through beautiful Buffalo Gap, where there is a big outdoor pool and a great kiddie pool. When I told Ivan there was a kiddie pool, he asked if he could bring Smaky- our cat. I didn't get it. He explained "you know for the kitty pool".

I could sit by a pool and in it frequently, out in a camping area, with a book and relaxed kids and be totally happy for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, Ivan does not share my passion for relaxed pool visits. After we were in it about 40 minutes he was asking to go home. But I didn't give in and he and Dominique both enjoyed the second and third dips we took out there. We stayed quite a while, about 4 hours and I feel like I got a nice taste of summer- as opposed to what we have been having which is the burnt taste of summer. It's been topping 100 F here everyday, so I do a pool time at home or at the YMCA once a week with the foursome- as seen in the pics. It's not as nice as going to a real outdoor pool, but it's some fun outside.

Jenn got Ivan a train with one of his names on it. He has two middle names, one of which is Truth, so I painted it and it happens to match the painting we put it under. Thanks to all who have left name suggestions. Keep them coming to all you silent types yet to write. We will be telling you what we are having- son or daughter at the end of the month, if you are waiting that moment ;)

Today is a big day since we are going to a skating party tonight and I have swim class. I should be folding laundry since it is laundry day too, but Ivan is on the bed where the laundry is. Oh WHY did he just HAVE to sleep there? (ha, ha). Actually I tried to go in and fold anyways, when I realized he wasn't totally asleep, but just pretending to sleep, so that forced me to come on the computer and post.

Dominique has been playing on her trike since she got it at Christmas, but mostly scooting it forward with her feet. For a while she couldn't reach the pedals properly. Then recently she was figuring out how to push the pedals around and around. She mastered the skill in the last week or so and has been gleefully chasing the boys with her bike.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Canuck son

Ivan is definitely Canadian. He's been talking a lot about winter lately. He wanted to put his flannel sheets on his bed because they have snowmen on them. Then when we thought it might rain, he asked if it would turn into snow. Not likely- poor guy doesn't realize that July forecasts in Texas just don't include snow- possibly hail , but never snow.

His favorite question lately is: "do you want to go to outer space?" (which was the question he left you with on the answering machine- dad).

Ivan has also gotten very concerned about Big Buddy's blood sugars and has become a blood sugar specialist- questioning Brian about the cereal they were getting him. Then when I found some wheat bran for Ivan and showed him the box which displayed a loaf of tasty bread, Ivan declared that not only would it be good for his potty issue, but that it would help Big Buddy's blood sugars too.

Before you get to thinking that Dominique is some perfect little 2 year old angel (which I'm sure is what all of you were picturing), I wanted to present you with exhibits A and B. In the first picture she is sitting sweetly with our neighbor Jaime watching a video I think. But apparently I took one picture too many. Check out the look she gave me on the next shot. Yeah, this one is fiesty all right. Click on it for the enlarged view- if you dare.

I am amazed at how quickly the baby in the womb develops. I subscribe to two weekly e-mails that tell me how the babe is developing. I wish I had included the weeks of the first trimester, because it was incredible, organs and functions being set up, so quickly- meanwhile the growth in size was pretty minute. One of the lists gives me size comparisons. At first the baby was the size of a coffee bean, then a lima bean, then a peppermint... Now suddenly, the major organs are already in place and the baby is mostly just growing and being fine tuned. Last week baby was the size of a lime and this week he/she is apple sized. That surprised me. Here is what the e-mail said:

Your growing baby now measures about 4 inches long, crown to rump, and weighs in at about 2 1/2 ounces (about the size of an apple). She's busy moving amniotic fluid through her nose and upper respiratory tract, which helps the primitive air sacs in her lungs begin to develop. Her legs are growing longer than her arms now, and she can move all of her joints and limbs. Although her eyelids are still fused shut, she can sense light. If you shine a flashlight at your tummy, for instance, she's likely to move away from the beam.

Meanwhile, I still have some of the nausea from time to time and need lots of rest, although it must be getting better since I made it all day yesterday with no nap (it did help that I got to sleep in).

We had contemplated being surprised as to the sex of the child, but then we'd have twice the amount of names to go through, so we're opting to find out at our next ultrasound which will be at the end of August. Meanwhile, we are not the kind of parents who have names all picked out in advance. It's such a big decision to name someone and such an honor. We like names that are not overly common, but not totally weird/unheard of, with good meanings. So pass on your favorites. If you were to name a baby, what are your favorite names? include the meaning if you know it. I'm not saying we'll use your suggestion, but you never know, it may strike us. Anything has got to be better than these interminable name books and internet sites!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Little miss powerhouse fashionista

Dominique is so tough, she just amazes me- and others. This week she amazed our pediatrician and nurse. She had her finger pricked and blood taken, then got two vaccinations. The first shot, she winced. The second shot I told her "that's the last one" when her lip quivered and she relaxed and was totally fine- no crying, screaming or anything!

Nearly every day, she makes a unique fashion statement. Sometimes she will let me do her hair, or she'll wear a hat, but her preferred fashion quirk is necklaces and bracelets (and not just one). She wears about 5 necklaces and one of two bracelets every day. Today she had the bracelet pushed up on her bicep.

Ivan has had me laughing lately. He is going through a tough phase right now. The doctor says it is pretty common, but he has discovered he can hold in number 2 many days, then fights it when it comes. It has caused pain, emotional and physical for all involved- like when I was trying to convince him at 2am not to be afraid of his poop. I cajoled for an hour, threatened the doctor sticking his arm up his rear, but Ivan finally went when his dad was awoken at 3am to take hold of the situation. Brian said about 10 magic words: "I'm going to spank you if you don't poo" and less than 10 minutes later Ivan had gone and admitted that he felt much better.

So while at the doctor, I told him what's going on and he recommended more fruits and vegetables and if that doesn't help a prescription for fiber. Ivan promised to eat prunes if I bought them, so I did. He took one bite and threw it on the floor- refusing anymore. He will eat raisins and he will eat those prunes once I bake them into muffins! Tonight he ate a salad and a bunch of veggies I forced into him, as well as raisins, grapes and cherries.

The doctor had said that dried fruit is good, so when we got home Ivan told me he wanted to eat crackers. I gave him a list of fruits he could have and he told me, "but crackers are a dried fruit". Now anything he wants to eat is a dried fruit.

Ivan has started a new ritual when he stops in front of an automatic door (which don't open for him since he is too short). He says "open please, it's Ivan". At which point Dominique and I usually catch up to him and the door opens. It's so cute.

Ivan found a new pet. Apparently there is a baby lizard in my house. After I took the picture, I went to find something to catch it with (what do you use to catch a lizard?) and Ivan scared it under the freezer. So I'm hoping the little critter is either content behind the freezer eating bugs, or eaten by the cat or dog, or found his way back outside. I like little geckos on the sliding glass door, on the outside- where we can marvel at it and admire it's fine qualities, but I prefer them outside and don't dare think that it could venture out of the back laundry room.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Baggett funnies

Upon my return to the States, we celebrated Dominique's birthday- many times. A couple of times in Houston, before we left, and in Abilene. Each day she was getting cards in the mail and when the actual day of her birthday arrived, both she and Ivan didn't believe me that it was still her birthday.

Mom- remember that lip gloss you gave Dominique for xmas? I bet you didn't know it had color in it. Well she loves it, as you can well see.

After lunch, Dominique was told to go clean up the mess she had made with the crayons. Ivan came in calling out: "Dominique is not cleaning up the mess, she is sleeping". Some days I feel exactly like that too, Dominique, ESPECIALLY on house cleaning day and rarely when I'm reading a good book.

Big Buddy, our 91 year old neighbor often saves treats for the kids from his meals on wheels. He saves his cookies (which he can't eat) and his fruit (which he doesn't eat). He also gets candy from time to time to give them. So every few weeks or so, he opens up his fridge and presents them with loot. They get so excited! They are even excited about the fruit- which I think is so sweet.

Ivan is taking this having another baby thing seriously. The other day at the dinner table he posed a possible dilemna. He explained to me: "Mommy, when the baby comes out and you go to swim class, daddy will have me, Dominique and the baby. How will he do it? We need another friend like you." So then I said, "what about when daddy goes to work and I have the baby, you and Dominique, will I need help too?" "no"- he said.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Onslaught of pics

OK, since I've been home for a couple of weeks and life goes on, plus I've already posted all these on facebook, so I figured I needed to get all these pics up for you to see from my trip to Canada. Of course one of the greatest highlights was to see and play with my one and only niece- Imogen! She is such a happy little girl- to the delight of us all. She loves all the attention too. Here is a rare picture of her without a smile- she kept wanting to drink the ice water from the glass, but made this funny face each time.

I got to look through some old photo albums and there was a picture of the acreage the year I left for University. It looked like such a desert despite mom's efforts with a huge flower garden. When I showed it to dad, he said he needed to take a new picture of it today. The trees have grown and it's so beautiful. So I also ran to get my camera, knowing that I would find a funny creature on the rooftop. I was not disappointed, he even waved and smiled. My family is a bunch of crazed photo takers- anything for a good shot! I am sad that I didn't have my camera or get pics when I got to see Sarah, Ninette, their kids and Irene! That was really dumb and un-MacLeod-ish of me.

Here is Jenn and me touching the next baby to come in the family. We have been able to see each other at some point in each of our pregnancies- I do believe- so that is pretty amazing. We may even have a pic of us touching the pregnant belly like this one for each pregnancy. This will be the 5th between the two of us! So that is pretty impressive considering that we live 27 hours apart by car.

My last day in Saskatoon, Mom, Jenn, Imogen and I decided I should see some of the city before I leave. We walked along a newly renovated part of the trail along the river. It was beautiful and we got to see a little museum about the early days of Saskatoon, which I was surprised to realize was not very long in existence before dad's family moved there. So very young and so much has changed and grown up in such a relatively short time. I guess cities can be that way.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

some pics from my Canadian holiday

sorry it's taking me a while to get back into the swing of things. Last weekend, Ivan came down with fevers, so we camped out at the house and tried to get him well. I had the extra boys in the early part of the week, when I discovered that Dominique now has it. She is a tough cookie and I now wonder how many times she has been sick without me even realizing it. I took them swimming and she said she was cold, which first made me wonder if she was coming down with it. That evening I came back from water aerobics and she was eating pizza and seemed hot, so I took her temp and she was 103! At 103 Ivan would be moaning and barely responsive on the bed, but Dominique was eating and running around. That night, her back and forehead were cool, but I felt underneath her and felt heat. So I thought I should take her temp. just to make sure she was ok and she was at 104! I've never had either kid get that hot. So I gave her medicine and bathed her down with a wet cloth. She cried that it was cold, but when I told her it was all done, she immediately stopped crying and went back to sleep. She amazes me, but it's taught me to watch her because she may be hurting and I don't know it.

Then Brian got it and now I'm not feeling so good. We're getting a bit sick of being home bound.

So, to give us some relief, we look over our pics from my holiday. Ivan just watched some videos of grandpa Ian and one of my uncles telling stories and he thought that was awesome.

The retro pic above was found in an album at my uncle and aunts', my brother Andrew,

Here's John (my brother-in-law), Andrew (my brother) and Corey (my cousin) playing the wii Mario carts or something like that. We played the wii, karaoke, wii fit, and dance, dance revolution- very fun for all, both participating and laughing at each other (um- I mean admiring each other's skill).

aunt marj and Imogen.

the Medicine Hat MacLeods who now live in Edmonton, Lethbridge, Swift Current and, Camrose.

Uncle Duff, Robin and Sarah.

A couple of strange creatures in a zoo exhibit.

the boy cousins: l-r Andrew, Corey, Robin and Sion, missing is Everett (who had to leave early) and Kelly.

the girl cousins: l-r Jennifer, Cayley, me, Rhian, Sarah, Amber and Rhian's dog Archie that flew all the way from California for the special occasion. missing is Krista. Genetics is so fun, especially in my family. Notice how all my cousins (blood related first cousins) are blond hair and either green or blue eyed from my dad's side. On mom's side they are all 5 shades darker than me.

the brothers- uncle Duff, dad, uncle Pete, missing is uncle Archie

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Beautiful Canada and my budding toddlers

This last trip to Canada, I was struck again with how beautiful it is. I felt like I was enjoying a feast for the senses. The trees, big skies, flowers and lushness was breathtaking. The smells were delicious, cool, refreshing with hints of lilac, pine trees and northern grass (yes, the grass does smell different here). When I left home, my parent's acreage was still quite desert like, despite all our efforts. Mom always said we would appreciate all the work of planting and watering trees, hoeing, mowing grass... some day. I guess now is the day. Their acreage is so peaceful and a great place for gatherings. They had a bonfire party the night I came and made a huge fire with everyone sitting around it, visiting, singing and snapping pictures.

Here are some pics from my parent's place and the tiger lilies at Jenn's house.

From the kid files, Ivan has been fighting something all weekend. He had really high temps last night, but is better this morning. His feeling yucky has affected his appetite, but not his talking. He still talks up a storm. He is funny in that when he refers to something in the past, he always uses the expression "remember LAST YEAR when..." even if it was last night. Everything in the future is "NEXT WEEK". He also loves to eat "yogrit" (yogurt).

Dominique is in potty training mode. She went #1 twice in the potty yesterday and a few times in her big girl underwear. She loves wearing them, but I have also started letting her go naked once I've washed out a couple of pairs. Today she went #2 in the potty mostly. It's pretty exciting. She has her own cute words, like "waffee" (coffee).

What is the most beautiful thing or place you have seen this summer?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Dominique!

Dominique is on my lap right now singing happy birthday to herself. She wore her birthday crown this morning during breakfast and has been all excited about the many cards she has received. Each time she gets one, she carries it around all day.

She is definitely a little character. She found some of her clothes to grow into and put a shirt over her head like a scarf and one as a skirt. The "skirt/shirt" quickly fell off but she wore her "scarf/shirt" the rest of the day. She is seen here with her new clothing trend and an overgrown squash from our garden. The skin was too tough to eat, but the inside flesh fed the bunch of us!

I've never seen anyone eat food like our daughter does. While Ivan would prefer just plain bread and nothing on it, Dominique wants just the insides- well that is if it is a peanut butter concoction. I made them peanut butter and peach sandwhiches (with peaches from our tree!!) and in her typical fashion, she opened it up and ate out of the middle. This time, she just ate all the insides. Usually she takes one bite out of the middle of the bread or tortilla, whatever the case may be, leaving it with a hole in the center.

As you can tell, her way of eating can get very messy.

Thanks for the phone calls and singing, the cards and birthday wellwishes. I'm about to crash and I'm hoping Dominique will too. Ivan is already in bed. We did errands and when we got home, I discovered that he has a low grade fever and he is complaining that his eyes hurt. Hope we don't all get it.