Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Last week, it was pretty hot out, so we dug out the pool and slip and slide. I kept shutting the water off of the slip'n'slide when our yard became a muddy mess, but the kids kept turning it on. It didn't take long for them to discover the mud.

That night, WHEN WE HAD GUESTS OVER, us adults were talking while the kids "played". When we turned to look at them, we saw that they had painted themselves in mud. There was mud all through Dominique's hair, their suits are now stained red earth color, but their smiles stretched from ear to ear. They weren't to fond of the clean up which started with a cold water hose in the back yard. We still could have potted a plant with what was washed down the drain.

Big Buddy had his party. It was fun, although he was in a critical mood, making quite a show for all his guests. He was given a whole lot of helium filled balloons. He gave a couple to the kids and Emora was just enjoying watching the one I tied to her foot as she kicked it around.

Our totally amazing news is that Ivan read his first words. Before going to naps, he told me he could read the switch on a toy "on" and "off". So I thought if he could read that, he could read other words. I wrote things like "in" "if" "is" "an", went on to "hat", "hot" and we even got to words with the silent E like "more". He kept wanting more words and we ended up with about 50 of them on the table that he had mostly read with no help except for a few. It was so exciting! I need to upload the pics to show you. The funny thing is that he still can't make the hard G and K sounds, so he told me not to write any C, K or G words! It was so fun.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

writing her name

Tomorrow Big Buddy turns 92, so we are having a big birthday bash. I'm making Shrimp Scampi so wish me luck! ha, ha. I've never even eaten it, but the recipe looks easy enough. We are hopeful for some rain later or during the week. OK, that's big news around here!

The pic. of Emora in the basket is on our computer desktop right now and whenever the kids awaken the blackened screen they yell- "oh, how cute!"

The kids like me to help them with things even when they can do it on their own. For example, I usually make little dots for them to write their names. When Jenn was here, she did not know that and just told Dominique each letter in her name in order- this was what she came up with (Jenn did help her with the "D"). For a little 2 year old with a 9 letter name she did pretty good! It amazes me as they develop more and more skills. While Imogen was here (16 months old), it made us really notice that Ivan and Dominique have moved on from the toddler stage and are well into preschool age/abilities. It's weird because we just naturally transition with them through the steps without realizing how different life is.

Now we are on the other spectrum too- of little baby. My friend lent us some big baby toys- an exersaucer and a jumpy toy and Emora just loves them.

The fun is in seeing Emora's delight, but also in the way that the older kids love on and nurture Emora's development too. What a treasure we have!

Before you think we've reached some utopian family, I should inform you that Ivan and Dominique have been fighting all morning. Emotions are high!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

heard today

These are pictures taken at the jumparound- a fun place filled with jumpy air castles. Somehow Jenn looks a decade or more younger to me here. Must be no glasses and how slender her face is.

These were at the zoo.

These were at Jacob's dream at ACU.

Sweetest thing I heard today, Dominique said of Ivan while we were on a bike ride: "I'm riding beside you because you are my best friend". Worst thing heard today: their fighting during our supposed "nap time".

Yesterday was unbearably hot, so I let them play outside in the pool and on the slip and slide. Our yard became a giant mud field with which the kids painted themselves (while company was over no less). I'll have to post those pics some day. They were pretty funny- funny looking anyways.

Monday, April 20, 2009

We have had such a nice calm day. We got to have our little friend Isaiah over, read books, listened to music, the kids played outside. We were planning to go to a library program, so I got supper ready early and then it happened, like every night, only now we were trying to head out the door... they diddle and dawdle and don't eat. They had 45 min. to eat a little supper and I ended up helping Ivan so that we could run down the street and make it nearly on time. Even with help, Dominique wasn't done and could be heard screaming all the way down the street as we left her. I hope they learn from this. The programs start at 6:30pm and we normally eat at 6, so that is a challenge, but really should it take that long to eat a little food? I'll tell you what, if it was pizza or a cookie they would have had no problems with it at all!

Emora's dedication to the Lord was beautiful. Lots of people came and spoke sweet words over her of love and hope and promise. I read the ones e-mailed to me also. The dress Dominique is wearing was sent by my cousins Amber and Cayley from China. This smile picture is on our desktop right now and seems to sum up her cheery disposition. She is such a wonderful baby. I'm going to gather up the main ideas and make her daily songs to sing over her. The siblings will be so happy. They always ask me to sing Emora's song and we hadn't made them up yet. There is still time to send her a note if you feel so inclined. Just e-mail me or post it here in the comments and I'll create music with your words to her.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

already a week ago?

Has the week already gone so fast? I knew the day Jenn, John and Imogen landed that they would leave before I knew it and they did. I should really be in bed right now, but then I saw all these pictures from a week ago. Angie is holding Emora with an egg that had her name on it. Asaco is her daughter-in-law from Japan who got to color eggs for the first time in her life. She made each kid a special egg and the one Ivan is holding that says Japan in Japanese characters, among other eggs. She had as much fun hiding the eggs as the kids did finding them. It was another beautiful moment among many.

I have more pictures from the week, as you can well imagine. We had a wonderful time together, doing fun activities in the city, doing crafts and spending time together. Auntie and Uncle even babysat one night so that Brian and I could go out. Such a treat! No supper to cook, or kids to try to convince to eat, or fighting or dishes... they even bathed 2 of ours for us. It's funny when you have kids, you don't realize all the little steps that go into taking care of them.

The kids adjusted pretty well to having the house back as it was. They asked where the auntie, uncle and cousin were, quizzed us over the details of their leaving, declared that we needed to go to Canada and reclaimed their room. I'm hoping we get up there this summer and trying to focus on that and not miss my little niece and her parents too much. It's always so short. It seemed even shorter too because we were all so worn out by all the youthful energy. Visiting was limited due to the fact that we took naps in the day and went to bed not too long after the kids were asleep. Ah well, that is life with toddlers. I told Jenn that someday, they would be teenagers and we could visit a bunch while the next generation hung out.

We've been doing laundry all day, undoing and making beds and scheming with Big Buddy for his birthday plans. He turns 92 next week and wants to celebrate with a seafood night- fish and shrimp. He wanted lobster, but I don't even know how to eat it, yet alone cook it! I suggested we go to Red Lobster, but he said "their bills are too high". So he is going to fry fish and I'm going to make something with shrimp. Any pointers? I've never cooked shrimp except ready to use salad shrimp in a soup!

Friday, April 17, 2009


Tomorrow we have invited friends to come to our home to speak words of blessing, promise, hope, goodness, prophecy, love... over Emora. We would love for you to share in this celebration with us by writing a message for Emora. These will be spoken over her not only now, but throughout her growing years. We believe in the power of our words and that the messages spoken to her from heaven and from our hearts/soul/minds will have a great influence on her. Feel free to post a message here or e-mail me at:

We are excited to know who our daughter is and are full of joy for her future with us and in the world. We know that she is so very precious and that it is a huge privilege for us to be able to speak life and love over her.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter day

Us adults would love to hang out and visit in the evenings, but by the time we have all the high energy toddlers bathed and ready for bed, we are beat! And 3 of us adults are taking naps in the day too. Crazy how a few little 30 lbs wonders can wear capable people out like that. We took them to the library today and did some more camp cousin activities. It is so wonderful to be together. I got to hear Imogen's gurgles and laughs as she played delightedly tonight. She loves the baby so much, it's nearly dangerous. Dominique wants to guide and direct her little cousin. My trio are basking in the love of their auntie and in the charm of mystery man. It's so cool. I think web caming has really helped in that they already know each other a bit and can just add depth and memories to their technology permitting get togethers.