Friday, February 10, 2012

Hockey game experience

The kids got tickets to go to a local hockey game for free, so we decided to have a relatively cheap family date. We bought rink fries which were so amazingly delicious and smuggled in muffins for our unhealthy supper and got a super fun game experience.

They have music in between play time over the speakers, so that kept the kids quite entertained.
It was the perfect game in terms of suspense. Our local team slightly outplayed the visiting team nearly the whole game, but it was tied most of the time, with our team winning in the end.

We asked some questions from time to time from locals who were quite kind to humor us ignoramouses. I really don't know all the hockey rules and was stumped on some of the goings on.

Our little artist Dominique pulled out her papers and pencils and drew the rink, a zamboni and then the most amazing picture of a goalie, one of a referee... It was a fun night and possibly a yearly tradition. I'm not a huge fan of hockey, but a live game from time to time is pretty fun. In a way I enjoy watching kids better as it reminds me of growing up and also I feel admiration for kids working hard at something.

Do you go to games? What sport? Concerts? What kind? Other "shows"?


Nana said...

We like the POPS concerts done by our fantastic Symphony. Also we enjoy the musicals at our Hobby Center and of course the Nutcracker @ the Worthum.

GMS said...

Great picture Dominique drew!

Used to enjoy Liitle League when the boys were in it & half-time at Football games when my daughter was in the band.

The last concert I went to was Neil Diamond.