Saturday, March 03, 2012

kid programs!!!

sorry- no pictures again. The kids enjoyed another school fundraiser. They really do a pretty good job, except that it seems to be getting more expensive! There is a family entrance fee and then we buy tickets for the kids to play games. It seems the games all used to be 1 ticket, only now they are 2 and it's a bit ridiculous, but then the kids love it, we get to see people we live with and all the proceeds go to the great things the kids get to do through the school, so I guess it all comes around and that's the way the world spins ;)

Maybe I'm just spoiled with free library services. A lady in town just started up another kid program with resources from every child ready to read. It's Saturdays, so I left the big kids with Brian to do a little grocery run (we get sale items in town) and took Emora all on her own. It was so cute to see a bunch of 2/3 year olds together and Amber had some fun activities for them. I was a bit surprised to notice that Emora wasn't wanting to talk, answer or really participate much when the adult was asking questions. Maybe she'll warm up with time and some at home coaching ;) Yes, I may terrorize her just a bit ;)

We have some fresh snow falling again, making the town beautiful. We are hoping for some big kid skating tomorrow.

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