Tuesday, February 28, 2012

a weekend in Kenosee

Aunt Mary and Aunt Betty (my dad's first cousins).

It's great to be closer to Lin. Lin and I pretty much grew up together. We are second cousins, but closer to each other than our first cousins. After we graduated, I wound up in Texas and she in Yellowknife, so we were about 4 or 5 days drive from each other and saw each other only a couple of times in all these years. What do you know, we both moved (her South 2 days and me North 2 days), so that now we are only 3 hours from each other!

It was nice to have a weekend away sans kids. I got to see my sister and cousins without kids hanging all over us too. Conversations are just a bit easier without them some times! I wish I hadn't been battling a cold and that we had more time because Janet had invited me to do some cross country skiing with her and came with 2 sets of skis and it was so beautiful, but I didn't even go outside the whole time! I did admire the deer in the yard at night and an amazing foot or so of fresh snowfall the next day. My cousin Roberta spoke on the topic of "This is my story". She is Aunt Betty's daughter between Lin and my sister Jenn in the group picture. I haven't seen her in so many years I can't figure it out, but it was before either of us had kids. We giggle that we have nearly parallel lives. We both have a boy age 7, a girl age 5 and a girl age 3, so that sometimes she'll post on her blog the exact thing we are living! So funny. Maybe we'll get to spend some time with her and her lovely family in the future. They now live only about 9 hours away!

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Ian said...

It took me a while to catch up your latest posts...I'm not used to seeing your posts finished so quickly.