Tuesday, March 27, 2007

parent survival tactics

You've heard of container planting... well why not container parenting? Doing laundry? Just stick her in the basket and pile clothes on her- she'll have a grand time and won't get into anything!

The age old favorite: wear them out. As soon as Dominique can walk well, we may have to start morning races. Today I took them out, but not in the stroller and they BOTH went down for a long nap ;) Of course that meant that my phone rang off the hook and someone needed to stop by for help, but it was at least peaceful in the house even if I didn't get all that peaceful time for myself... life is better lived with friends (and rested children!) The day I took these pics, they both fell asleep on the floor- which is very rare. In fact this is the first time I'd seen either of them fall asleep on the floor. And yes, that is still Ivan's preferred sleeping position.

Funny Ivan: He is into licking. It's totally revolting, but he likes to imitate the dog, so especially when it's time to go to bed, or he wants my attention, he will come up to me and lick my face or arm! YUCK!!! He thinks it's hilarious fun as I squirm and try to get away. Sometimes if I forget how disgusting it is, I remember to get my revenge with the tickle tactic.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Darling Dominique

Some favorite recent pics. Do you like wearing winter or summer clothes best? Why?

Saturday, March 24, 2007


If there is a mother out there hogging Mr. Sandman, you need to share! Ivan needs a nap every day. He usually sleeps 1-3 hours depending on how tired he is. The problem is when to go down for the nap. I try to put him down after lunch. Some days, he goes down right away. Today, he chatted, talked, read himself stories and played until 3pm. The problem with that is that he'll sleep until supper time and if it's one of our swim days he'll miss it, plus I usually try to plan to be home around the times of naps which is less and less predictable. Dominique only sleeps 20-30 minutes at a time, about twice a day. I don't know where her energy comes from, but apparently there is no end of it. Maybe once she's walking she'll tire out more and nap longer.

Some days I feel like super mom and that this job is so easy. I'll have gotten up, with the kids, fed everyone, gotten housework done, quality play time, maybe even gotten out somewhere and make supper... It's like amazing. Other days (OK, most days), it seems like we can barely get anywhere before noon, if that, I'll have housework or something awaiting me that never gets attended to and the day flies by with me feeling like nothing has happened (this is usually a day when the kids are grouchier, or more demanding, or something). I don't know what the difference is, but I'm thankful for both. Like Netts says, the harder days make the sweet days that much better.

Today I had a totally revolting experience. I fed Dominique some of my meatloaf and it was soon obvious that her little tummy wasn't ready for it, because she threw up on herself, her clothes, hair and our bed. I gave her a bath and redressed her, then we were playing and she threw up again all over me- in my hair right by my face! yuk, yuk, yuk. Puke is so gross. Far worse than dirty diapers in my books. And I think the worst place to have it is in hair, especially curly hair, hair that is only supposed to be washed once a week and was cleaned yesterday. I can still smell it.

Do you take naps ever? long ones or short?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My fancy filter secret


sunny morning light
digital camera
two cute kids
mystery red filter


snap, snap, snap
delete, delete

Good for untold onlookeers, some smiles, maybe a laugh, an idea.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

the supper

Our hopes for a harvest is shown here with the blooming buds of our peach tree. It's bloomed every year and we have yet to eat a single peach from it. The first year, ants ate them, the second, birds ate our crop and last year a late freeze did them in. We are all the wiser and hope that this is our year! I've calculated that there must be about 500 on our 7 foot twiggy tree, so there should be plenty even if we can't keep the invaders from them. We'll see.

I tried to get Ivan to retell a story he was recounting of a painting we have. His retelling wasn't as good as the first, but at least I got his "ho-hey" on tape. According to the dictionivary that translates as "OK". The picture is Jesus with some poor children. Ivan of course assumes that they must be having supper and if they are having supper, with Jesus, they are of course having desert as a meal and not all that other stuff. That night we had fruit salad and yogurt for desert, thus his telling comes to fruition (forgive the punn!!)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Story time

Of course, the obvious: they are growing up quick. Just how quick continues to astound me. Dominique is leaning against the wall in the picture. We are seeing her personality come out more and more. She is very easy going and loves people. She also loves food. She hasn't pushed away anything I've given her and doesn't stop unless I quit shoveling it in. She could probably out eat her brother.

It is so shocking how fast they grow. Ivan likes to lay on top of me with his head on my chest like he did as a baby (a year ago). This position is not comfortable like it used to be- for either of us. I noticed though that his head was under my chin, with my head tilted up and I could feel his toes on my knees. That means all he has left to catch up with me is the height of my head and lower leg and I'm 6' tall! I'm guessing they must slow down in growing height over the next couple of decades because at this rate he'd be like 20' or something.

About the video: You may not be able to follow along since you don't have the story memorized like we do and some days he reads a story better than others. He skipped a page and it through him off a bit, but I hope you can follow along and enjoy the story. And now... master Ivan with the reading:

Sunday, March 11, 2007

in front of your nose

Dominique started the week with her new sound: "baba", next came "dada" and a day later "mama". I'm not sure she knows we are mama and dada. Brian was telling her this morning: "I am dada". Ivan who had to have the exact same breakfast as dadda, piped right in and said "I am Ivan". Glad we all know who we are.

I discovered Ivan one day playing hide-and-seek with his sister. This version is for the movement impaired. It's called "right in front of your nose". You know how sometimes you can't find something and it is right there?

Ivan funnies: a stray cat was at our door, desperate to get in. Ivan presented his argument in her favor: "cat inside, cat barking". She did sound pitiful.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Another project

OK, so I may not be posting quite as often as usual since I am trying to undertake an overwhelming project. I'm attempting to paint a portrait of Ivan. We had some pictures taken by a friend before Christmas, but none of them were what I wanted so I tried to take my own. Some 30 shots later, I gave up. Most of the pictures were of Ivan running from me which he thought was hillarious fun. Then I got the shots with the really fake smile, a sugary smile- for I was holding a lollipop and telling him he only got it after he looked at the camera and smiled. Still, no perfect picture. The above ones were good, but not hang on your wall forever good, so I cut the head from one shot and stuck it on the body of another. Hope it comes out good. If not, you'll never see it- just kidding!

Ivan is in a phase where he contradicts everything I say. I hope this is as short lived as my flu (thank you, I feel much better) and so will we all if he will try to assert his will in cooperation with the rest of us. He constantly grabs toys from Dominique or yells no at her- even for looking his way. I tried finding a solution from a seasoned mom and she encouraged me that second or middle children grow up in that environment and they become the peacemakers. I guess that means the first child is just being assertive? This positive light doesn't make it seem any better.

One sweet thing he said... We have a picture of Jesus with poor children on our wall. In the background is a table. Ivan was interpreting it to me. He said: "Jesus. Come children. Eat yogurt, green apples, green grapes, strawberries..." They are not eating in the picture, I think Jesus showed up during a lesson, but instead, my son sees it as dinner time (we'd had fruit salad and yogurt for desert). Of course Jesus would not eat an actual dinner with the children. He'd serve them desert! I love to see vicariously through this creative, assertive, child mind.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Song and sand

I'm feeling a little under the weather today, nothing serious, just achy, feverish, dizzy and nauseous. I hope the kids or Brian don't catch it. I'm hoping it will go away soon. Meanwhile, I got some rest today and plan something low key for tomorrow- like hang out in the backyard, lunch and naps??? The kids love to be outside and so maybe I can just sit there and watch. Hope my plan works ;)

Meanwhile, enjoy my little rockstars with their first not so original composition on Ivan's play Chapman Stick.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Before and after

Yesterday, I was going to post how twos aren't terrible at all, that Ivan had eaten 3 servings of carrots (with generous dollops of ketchup) and picked up his toys and helped sort clothes.

Today he didn't have a nap.

OK, I still stand by my statement that twos aren't terrible, but they can be terrible acting, especially when sleep deprived. It was like his ears were turned off and he was high on sugar. This was a lesson learned for us all. Well, mostly for the parents. Never, never, NO NEVER skip nap time. We did get to go see Miss Mary and I was hoping he'd fall asleep on the way back (30 min. trip). He did, but of course it was as we were driving into town. So he got a 5 min. nap as opposed to his regular 1.5 hour minimum.
A few days ago, the Baggett hackers took to Ivan's mop. It was getting very difficult to contend with. Much worse than the toddler under it all.

Here he is after the chopping clippers. Excuse the food on the face. Yep, I have children with food on their faces half the time. I used to think that was so gross. Now I see it for what it is: cute little dirty faces AND PEACE!

Ah man! I just looked and you couldn't see the food in the pic online. So retract what I last wrote. My kids are always well groomed and above all clean. ha, ha