Thursday, July 03, 2014

My apologies to those of you who were still trying to follow my blog. I'm afraid that subbing sapped the energy and time needed to make posts right out of me. And now with using my phone more for the net- I'm trying to make up for my blogging failings somewhat by posting more on Facebook. I know it's not the same- but the shift has happened and I wanted to at least say thanks for reading all this time.

We are thankful to be mostly dry right now as communities all around us have declared emergencies due to flooding. We are thankful to the divine Lover our rescue, our God for knowing us better than we know ourselves - for his kindness to us and for his love and guidance.  We love to see those glimpses of his touch in the lives of those around us- those little tastes of what heaven will be like and of what heaven is even now reigning in our hearts. He is not far- if we open our hearts and are given eyes to see. May you know that kindness, love and grace each day. From our family to yours- peace and joy. May Jesus' great love and light illumine your path as we journey on.

Friday, May 09, 2014

Picture crazy!

You would think we'd been away for a month with all the pictures I took and it's taking me a week long of blog posts to get them up by the simple fact that I'm terrible at weeding out pictures- so you get tons of them!

This was on our walk.  Saskatoon is bisected by the South Saskatchewan river and all along the river is the Meewasin trail which in town has these great walkways and is part of the same trail system out at Beaver Creek.  There are so many sections and beautiful spaces all along it- with the different parts having different feels to it.  It's lovely to get out and be able to explore it together.

Of course nothing is remotely green yet, but I'm just happy to hear water and have a blue sky and no tuques or mitts on anymore!

These 2 pics are in the garden beside the museum- Brian and I also get a couple of wedding pictures taken here a few years ago that was!

My cousin Lin's daugher Jac. is the one with the jacket tied around her waist.

Lovely days and memories created over years and years, getting new layers and meaning added to them.

My mom and dad in the sun!

Here are my cousin Lin, my friend Sarah and me!  We got together for a visit-which was a bit chaotic at times, because...

... we had our kids with us!  We had originally planned to go to a park, but it was cold and rainy- so we were all in the house.  Thankfully Sarah has many levels and it didn't seem so packed at any moment.  For what's it's worth, 2 of these kids were friend's of Sarah's kids.

We bid our family and friends farewell and headed back to Fort Qu'Appelle, where Brian had done a wonderful job with my honey-do list.  I figured if he was going to hold down the fort, he may as well clean it while he was at it.  He went above and beyond- so that was awesome.  We did tons of laundry, then packed our bags for a family getaway in Yorkton where there is a wonderful wave pool.  We also enjoyed the cooks, dish washing personnel and maid service!  This hotel was a little more than we've had to pay just Brian and I, but it had 2 rooms and 3 beds! so perfect for our 5some and don't forget the pool, waterslide and hottub!  so fun to getaway!

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Another favorite

Every time we are in Saskatoon, we go swimming- that is a must.  We also usually go to a museum- this time, instead of the Western Development Museum, which the kids LOVE, we went to the Mendel Art Museum.  We didn't have time to do the bigger one and this one has a lovely flower section, awesome art to check out and a kid craft/make your own art area.  We had fun there.

This is the same botanical garden where Brian and I had our wedding photos taken.  It was winter, this museum is free and the location- beautiful of course ;)  We have a photo at this gate.  Then it was filled with poinsettias- this time it was orchid themed- and smelled heavenly.

Dad and mom came along too and we packed a picnic that we later enjoyed outside before going on a short walk along the river.

It's always nice to stop and take a moment to get creative.

My mom above in the art center and dad in the plants with 2 of his grandsons!

Ivan loved hanging out with his grandpa while in Saskatoon.  Sometimes he thinks he's a bit too big for all the cousin play and wants to go "work" with gramps.

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Walking the trails I've walked before

I remember crawling through the beaver house and there go my kids in the new and improved beaver house in the visitor center at Beaver Creek.

My trio have their pouty faces on here since 1) I made them carry their own water bottles- OH HORROR and 2) we were leaving at this point and they didn't want another picture!

Isaac found a place to rest.

Dominique's face paint matched the water scene!

We watched ice chunks flow down the creek here.  Imogen also has a game board they gave us to spot rabbits that were planted on the trail.  We must have been really good spotters, because the lady at the center told us we counted even more rabbits than were out there!

We are thankful for each and every sunny day- because it's not always a given here just because the calendar says it's spring.

We also got to see my cousin Lin and her kids a little bit.  We did snag her daughter for a couple of sleepovers too.

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Got to do some of our favorites in Saskatoon

We have favorite things to do in Saskatoon with the COUSINS!  One is playing games.  Young and older like to get into it.  Thankfully Uncle John is a game afficionado and has a great collection.

The kids often play and sometimes the adults stay up late and play some more once the kids are asleep.  That is at times tricky to accomplish!

A couple of favorites:  Dixit and Ticket to Ride.

This little guy was my partner for a round of Dixit.  Jenn and I did this pose with my son, Ivan when he was a babe, so I'm glad we recreated with Isaac.  I just love my snuggles with the nieces and nephews, and Isaac gives some of the best ones, but not always on day 1!  He makes me work my way back into favor for snuggles each visit!

Ivan wants me to tell all of you that he won Ticket to Ride with grandpa.

Another favorite is face paint- Isaac wanted to have a shark this time.

One of my favorites that we don't always get to do is to go walk the trails at Beaver Creek.  We used to do this when we first moved out to the acreage.  Sometimes you can see beavers or other wildlife, the birds will often come eat from your hands (not with our group though) and there are numerous trails and activities to do there.

The kids made an impromptu little skit (we really didn't have too much time- or they would have gladly done more).

more pics to come-- stay tuned!

Monday, May 05, 2014

the hunt was on!

The kids ready to attack manned with buckets to gather chocolate eggs!

They like being goofy together and borrowed some glasses to show how smart they look.

It was so nice to get to hold this gem numerous times.

I got his clock done.  His name means summer in Japanese and came about from an anime cartoon character that Andrew and Andrea wanted on his clock along with Natsu's pet cat "Happy" and the Fairy tale symbol which is his "clan" or house.  He has the super power of making fire and I thought- how perfect- he must have come to help melt away our coldest winter in the last 50 + years!  He certainly warmed my heart!

Dad had us kids update his old photo ;)

A couple of lovelies.

How do you like my selfie?  Yeah, it can be a bit chaotic at mom and dads with 15 or so eating most nights, sometimes sleeping there too.

Emora and Isaac were very serious and diligent with their egg decorating!