Tuesday, July 02, 2013

lots to catch up on!

With the rapid end to the school year, I realize that I have totally neglected posting.  I have so much to catch up on!  There are a lot of pics to share.  It's been hot lately and I think Ivan got a touch of heat stroke from all day out for Canada Day yesterday, so while we hang in the cool basement and they watch a movie, I figured I'd make a bunch of posts to appear over the next several days.

Mom and Dad got to come down for a short visit so that they could see Ivan and Dominique play soccer.  They each had a game that day in town, so it was the perfect time to come.

And the rain stayed away most of the time they were here, until the guys tried to mow that is!

Brian hurrying to get the mower out of the rain.

Of course when the rains came, the kids ran out to play in it!  This is what happens when you live through a long winter- the change of the season and new weather is a breath of fresh air!

Ivan is practicing at being a teenager!

Yesterday was such a full day.  We went to the Canada parade and had the perfect spot, zoomed off to the city where I bought a kayak!  I found it on kijiji and got it used from some guy with paddle and spray skirt.  Then to Craven where Brian and his band played at a campground.  When I mentioned that I was looking for a cheap lifejacket, one of the band members told me that there was a sale on in the city, so we stopped on the way back home and I picked one up. I'm looking forward to seeing how it does and how I do!  Then I took the kids to the fireworks in town that they do at the town beach over the water.  It was so pretty!  The kids thoroughly enjoyed it!  We were up super late and slept in super late too- so late we couldn't catch the cousins at the beach, but I guess it was good we didn't go with the boy all fevered up.  I'll have to be more careful from now on- I seem to remember fevers last year too and now I wonder how much of it is just the heat, sun and not drinking enough.

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