Saturday, July 27, 2013

beach days

I put my trio in swim lessons before we came to Saskatoon.  I am so thankful I kept with this.  The first year, they didn't do anything, because they were cold, but they've gotten used to it now and are learning a lot.  This was Emora's first year in lessons and I've babied her some- she overwears her arm floats.  So I was a little horrified to see these waves the first day!  Ivan is in black and I think Dominique is about to do a float.  They were in the same class.

Emora braved it well and although she didn't pass her level this year, she is well on her way and got much more confident in the water.

I loved all the activities the park workers had planned!  It reminded me of going to park programs when I was a kid and gave me some much appreciated time on the beach with the kids interacting with others.

My uncle and aunt stayed past the wedding and we got to see them some, which was nice.  They camped and had us out one night where we got to learn how to make pie over a campfire!  What a treat.  It was basically grilled bread with pie filling in the middle- so delicious.  Uncle Pete could barely make them fast enough for my ravenous kids.

This is my dad's brother.

We went down by the beach with Aunt Marj to check out the sunset.

Another book nest.

This day there were water games and races at the beach.

Good times in the summer time!

We are finishing up our week in Saskatoon as I write this.  In fact we got to swim in a pool today and I wish we'd chosen indoors, because it was cold!

We got to hang with my extended family - my sister and her family and brother and his wife and my parents and play games.  I love our games nights!  So fun!

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GMS said...

I fondly remember the lake & how much fun the kids had.
Good memories!