Saturday, July 20, 2013

summer daze

This was right at the beginning of summer.  We finally got our hammock hung and were loving it.

This was given to us a year or more ago, but we don't have trees to hang it from, so when Brian made the play structure, I wanted this hung too.  It's so awesome.

We enjoyed a week at the beach of swim lessons.  The kids learned so much and now I know what they need to work on to become better swimmers when we get to pools throughout the year.

We've also been loving this picnic table- also given to us.  We use it nearly every night.  It's just so gorgeous outside, we don't want to go in!  It also has the added benefit of easy clean up.  Any food and crumbs on the floor take care of themselves!

I'm so loving the time I get with the kids through the summer.  It feels like we don't get to see Brian much though- which stinks. 

And we're headed off to Saskatoon for the week to do Camp Cousins, so we really won't see Brian then!  But he's picked up some more work and will most likely busy with that too.

Hope you are having a fantastic summer!  After our first week dealing with what I think was a touch of heat exhaustion, I am crazy careful with the kids, and was so glad they didn't land up sick after their lessons this week.  I did lots of sunscreen, telling them to drink and trying to get them to wear hats and stay in the cool.

This one is enjoying all the time with the siblings.  LOVE SUMMER!

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