Wednesday, July 24, 2013

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We got to go berry picking once as a family and Brian another time with Uncle Bill and the kids again with a program coordinator.
The mosquitoes are crazy bad this year.  It was bad enough berry picking, but in Saskatoon they are even worse.  Thankfully mom and dad have a big house.  We are doing camp cousins and have had to change up some of our activities to be inside because the bugs are really that horrible.

Today we went on a huge adventure.  The city of Saskatoon was celebrating 100 years of bus service and offering free rides!  My sister has been riding on buses by herself since she was 4 years old (no joke)- so she figured out the schedules and we got to take 3 buses.
We went from her school to the library down town, then to the University where we got to visit Uncle John at his work and check out the dinosaur and geology displays and then headed back to our vehicles.
People riding the bus are so friendly and helpful as we were total newbies trying to figure out which way to go.
These are Saskatoon berries.  They grow all over western Canada and are similar to blueberries, but have a spicier flavor.  I love them.I love picking them and having them on my cereal, in pancakes, in muffins and pies.  I also like Stoon berry jelly, but do not have the endurance to make food that involved.
Brian enjoys picking berries the most and was the one who got us out there that day.  I'm so glad he did.
Ivan was taking so long to keep up with us as we walked back and I was hollering at him to catch up, then he brought me these flowers!  oops- had to swallow my reproaching real quick.  What a sweet boy!

I didn't get pictures driving back, but the sky was so blue and the clouds expressive.  The little sloughs and gullies we passed were so gorgeous and I kept thinking that it was so gorgeous it looked fake!  It was a feast for the eyes.
I'd had my hair beach ready that week, and we ended up staying home all week with heat stroke. But we were able to get out the next week.

OK, so here is also pics from our 1st beach day.

This is by far my favorite reason to be in Fort Qu'Appelle!  I love the lakes- beach days, even playing at the beach playgrounds is so restoring for me.  I haven't gotten to use the kayak much, but hope to be able to once I get home again.

This was from a food prep day for the wedding.  It was fun to have work bees with the fun fun family crew.

This was my work station- lots of little hands, but they could get some stuff done!  

Just before the wedding, Victoria and Moira stopped by to see if Emora's dress fit and Moira got lured into story reading.

So we are just a little enamored with books.  I think it's so hilarious to find Emora sleeping under and surrounded by books.  Can you find her?
This was during the wedding rehearsal.  The girls were checking out the order of the wedding.
This is my uncle Bill and he was telling us that this was what his school "bus" looked like.  It was pulled by horses and about 5 kids would squeeze into it.

They had a play train at Motherwell where the wedding was for the kids to play in.

The girls got to try on their dresses at the rehearsal to see if they fit.

This was Ivan's heroic contribution to the wedding.  He had a loose tooth and was afraid it would bust out the day of the wedding and bleed all over his super white shirt, so he decided we should yank it the night before and let it heal up over night.  It was a success.  He pulled it out himself and the wedding day was saved!

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