Monday, July 08, 2013

Kayak outing

I had 3 things I wanted to try on my second outing- how tippy is it?  can a kid sit in it while I paddle and what's it like with the spray skirt?

It's really very stable.  I was rocking it tons and it would bounce back flat very easily.  The first night I took it out, there was quite a bit of wind and waves to contend with, so it's not foolproof either, but not as scary as I would have imagined.

The wet skirt was really nice.  It kept all the water out- which will be really nice when it's cold, but in the middle of summer, it got warm in there and the water splashing in is actually a bit refreshing.

We didn't have a life jacket Emora's size and I was having a time trying to find one to borrow.  I was thinking I'd be hunting all summer for a used one, since we only found expensive ones in the city, but then Brian went in to do some errands and they had some cheaper ones, so we are now hooked up with something that will fit everyone for kayaking.

Brian is already thinking we'll want another one some day.  He really enjoyed taking it out.  And while he was out, I got to swim!  Oh, so happy!!

Emora is a bit of a scaredy cat, so I'm hoping she will get used to it and feel more comfortable after a bit.  She kept saying I was going too fast.  I just took her in the very shallow part since I didn't have a lifejacket for her.  Maybe with a lifejacket now she'll feel safer.

Dominique and Ivan took their turn paddling with an adult and then maneuvering and kayak by themselves too.  They loved it!

It was so pretty seeing the sun setting in the hills and lighting up the clouds.  I LOVE SUMMER!

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