Saturday, July 06, 2013

Emora my baby girl

She would be so very offended if she knew that I wrote that she is my baby girl.  She likes to be known as a big girl and wants to be all grown up and have sleepovers, until she wants to be totally babied and throws a huge fit on the front lawn- oh yes she did- for about an hour.

But then I have to remember that 1- she is so very strong and has to be with older siblings to defend herself from and 2- she is still a little girl and sometimes she has to have her little girl fit too.

For the most part, she is very agreable and eager to help with whatever I am doing.

She lets me face paint her and do her hair.

We were waiting for the big kids to be done school and played at the play ground.

Something that day was SO hilarious.

She likes to laugh and get others laughing.

She is also our night hawk- last to fall asleep, but maybe that will change some day when she has to get up early for school.  I love to see how she sleeps, so cute like she's not ready for the day to end.

I remember Dominique wearing this outfit.  I should find a pic of her big sis in it at this age and see how they compare.

Emora and I had a ton of errands to do in the city and planned a stop for a picnic one day by Wascana park, where the geese like to roam.

And when I say roam- that means they want to nearly crawl up into your lap.

Especially if you have food.

These wild creatures don't know how to keep their distance- the geese or Emora!

but then again, it makes for a great shot.

Ivan and Dominique liked feeding the geese in Abilene too.

It was such a nice end to our busy, busy day.

I keep forgetting about all the playgrounds around.  I should write them all out since it's nice to try somewhere different from time to time.

Emora was able to have a few playdates on days when I knew I wasn't subbing.

Love my little pre-schooler.  We are now in our last year before she will go to school.  We aren't doing preschool.  Brian and I will tag-team again come fall and winter-- but for now- enjoying the summer!


Ian said...

She is growing up fast.

Anonimo said...

so cool... great family!

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