Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Camp Cousins- part 3

We did the story of David counting his men for "in all your ways acknowledge him", so I did several activities and games with numbers.  In this one, Isaac rolled 4 dice, Ivan arranged them in a row and called out the big number, the girls arranged the numbers to make the big number he rolled.  Then they lined up and I asked where we should put our trust in _______ number of $/talents/lbs/years... or in God.

Then they had to race from a line with their name on it and go to the best answer.

They worked really well together and liked the racing best, but I should have made Ivan's line closer- his disadvantage was too big.

The kids are growing up so much.  Jenn and I were talking about in future years.  It's nice having our "camp" with some structure to most of our days and the rest of our time for things we want to take in and a last day of no structure.

We've gone to the Western Development Museum most years, but didn't this year and my kids were noticing and commenting on the fact that we weren't going, so we may have to catch that another time.

Jenn also remembered that we usually do journals, so she put some together quickly.

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