Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Camp Cousins- part 4

It was the 100th year of Saskatoon having public buses, so they offered a "free rides" day and festivities downtown.  My sister suggested we go and figured out the schedules (THANKS JENN!)  This was for sure one of the biggest highlights of Saskatoon.

We met at my sister's school and took the number 6 bus downtown from there.

The kids loved that there weren't seatbelts.

There were a few games downtown, several buses we could tour and the longest line you've ever seen for free burgers.  Fortunately we had already eaten, because the wait would have done me in!

This is what the buses looked like when I was a kid and the story on this is that my sister used to ride a city bus to school at age 4 to go to and from pre-kindergarten.  The driver was the same all the time and did a special stop for her at our school.

But one day, there was construction and a substitute driver and she was dropped off across the street.  I remember this because I was on the playground with my friend and saw it happen.  My sister did not know how to cross the street and we weren't allowed off the playground, so we yelled at her through the fence to tell her when the walk light came on and she made it safely to school.

Can you imagine sending your kids Emora's size on the city bus?  I am still shocked by it, but I guess times and society was different then and my sister sure was courageous. 

This is the inside of the 1970s bus.

This was at my sister's school, where she teaches kindergarten and where Imogen started school last year- en Francais!

They really liked to pretend to drive it.

Dominique was trying to figure out the pedals.
This was the diesel/electric bus- a new fancy thing.

This was the bus for people with disabilities.  We got to talk to the driver some.

The bus celebration was held in front of the library that we like to visit in the summer for their puppet plays.  Dominique seems to always get chosen as a volunteer.  These theater guys are great!  We got some books too.  It was so nice to get there without having to deal with traffic, or find a parking spot or pay for parking!!

And the people were so friendly on the buses- It was a great way to spend the day, especially since Jenn didn't even get us lost!  I still don't know how she figured out the routes.  She had maps, but then we added in a trip to the university and back, so that made it a bit more complicated, but it all went without a hitch and there was little waiting either!  The buses drove up shortly after we'd gotten there each time.

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