Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Canada day

July 1st was a hot one- we started off at the parade.  Since we were trying to head out to the city right away, we had the van packed and parked ourselves near the start of the parade route.

It was great.  The snowbirds flew right over our heads, we got to hear the trumpets start the parade with O Canada right in front of us and since we were on a corner, we got to see the floats coming, go around a bend, come toward us and go off again- plus the shriners in their little cars did circle formations for us.

we bought freezies from a friend of Emora's who was selling them with her mom's help.

My favorite part is the horses and bands.

the firetruck also sprayed water which was fun.  Then we went to Regina, I bought the kayak, we had a picnic lunch and to Craven for Brian's gig, back home and I took the kids to the fireworks on the beach.

I'd seen on pinterest a pattern where you can transform a t-shirt into a halter top, so I did that with my tank top.  We were a bit shiny too with bug spray.

I hope these pics work.  It looks like I didn't shrink them down enough.  Much love to all of you out there.  I hope your summer is turning out to be a beautiful time for you.  Even through the sick kids, we've had our fun watching movies or taking in what we can.


Davis Family said...

What a nice way to spend Canada Day! Awesome!

Ian said...

I am impressed that the snowbirds showed up in Ft. Q. They just did a show in Saskatoon last Sunday.