Sunday, July 07, 2013

wedding countdown

This was from quite a while ago.  Tyler's siblings were coming down and we got to hang with the Koop's at Katepwa for a picnic. 

I wanted a pic of Tyler and his siblings.  He is the oldest of 5 and his brother has a year old son.  Then Victoria suggested we get a pic with her siblings too.

Then she said "hey, this is our wedding party!  Actually it's their wedding party minus to 6 other little kids.  So at her lingerie shower today, Sheena said this has got to be the youngest wedding party ever.  Before you knew it, we were writing down ages and getting their average age.  There will be 14 (??) people in the wedding party and their average age is 10 years old!!! hahahha- we laughed so hard.  They actually had to get their friends to sign as witnesses, since their maid of honor and groomsmen are not old enough to be legal witnesses!!  so hillarious.

I was trying out hair designs for possible wedding arrangements.

She loves being beautiful!  She can also be the hugest tyrant you've ever seen!  We are praying for strength and wisdom with her.  She's done lots of monster fits lately.  It's hard being the littlest I guess at times.

Our garden is doing great.  We are already eating lettuce and spinach.  Today we went and picked wild Saskatoon berries.  It was so fun.  We'll need to get out a couple of more times if we can.

I tried both of their hair while they watched Mary Poppins- Dominique still calls it Maryanne Poppins!  The big kids remembered all of it, but Emora didn't.  We have to educate her about the classics!  My other plan is for her to see Sound of Music.

We are loving the kayak!  I got it out on my own last week, then we all went as a family Friday evening.  We can fit an adult and one kid in it.  Ivan, Dominique and Brian also tried it on their own.  I keep trying to figure out when I can get it out again.  And the possibilities of where to go are about endless.  There are 4 lakes here and a river and each beach looks different-- in fact some kayakers here go out all year since the river doesn't freeze over- there is a dam here so that keeps it flowing. SO FUN!!  It's refreshing getting out there and getting to soak it all in.  The other night I got to watch pelicans, marvel at the clouds, hills and water.  The time before a deer hopped over the road as I drove home.  It's awesome and I can manage the kayak easily by myself too. 

Plans for this week include (hopefully) some beach time, pie and salad making, wedding rehearsal, wedding day 1:  including getting ready, ceremony (we are all in it), pics, reception, dance, day 2: gift opening, family visiting, Dominique going to the city with an aunty and uncle for her birthday celebration and gig in Lemberg for family to attend, then packing and leaving for Stoon Sat. for another wedding Sun.  Brian has a role there and we are going to get to go on a date before we say farewell for the week!  A bit of a whirlwind, but it'll be lots of fun too.

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Ian said...

You sound almost as busy as your mom and dad, Angela~