Monday, July 29, 2013

Camp Cousins part 2

We were figuring out how big 9 feet tall is- which is one of the guesses as to how tall Goliath was.  Dad is 6 foot, so he told the kids to add 3 feet to his height.  Next time we will need to include dad in the games.  He was asked to be a part of some of the activities and managed to be a part of some of the others too. ;)

The 2 "babes" of the group (Emora and Isaac) were having issues with their paper.  She wanted it only her height for one thing.

9 feet is what the tape measure is at on the wall. 

Emora wasn't so sure about standing up on his shoulders.  That's my girl!  When I was a kid, dad wanted me to stand on his shoulders while he walked down the stairs and I refused.  But Jenn did it- so Dominique must take after her!

Ivan was getting crazy tall and wasn't as comfortable standing up that high either.  See the pics in the background?  They are paintings done by a family friend Marlys Rivard.  She did mom and dad's wedding portrait and each of us kids at about age 2.  Can you tell which one is me?  This was the reason I wanted to do my kids' portraits at about that age.  I loved that we still looked some baby and like us too.

Camp Cousins wouldn't be the same without face paint.  Ivan didn't get his done.  Dominique and Imogen picked new designs that I had never done before, so that was fun.

Jenn painted Isaac and Emora.  Isaac wanted to be scary and Emora was a butterfly with shiny paint that unfortunately smeared easily.

Tuesday night was a real treat.  A theater group in Saskatoon was putting the play Alice in Wonderland on in parks all over the city throughout the summer.  We caught it on a night when it was in my sisters' neighborhood.  My brother and his wife met us there too.  It was really well done.  Here Alice had grown big and was busting out of the house.

4 people played tons of characters and sang and did a bit of music...

The kids loved it and it helped that my two big kids have already seen a play of this so they knew the story line.

This is my brother and his wife.

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