Monday, July 22, 2013

1st day of holidays

Way back before July, after school had just let out, we managed to snag some friends before they head out for summer fun.

It was already warm enough for an afternoon swim and playtime in the backyard.

Brian likes to take care of the yard and his Ivan likes to try and keep up.  Ivan already has plans to be earning money in the future.

Of course he may want to borrow some of his dad's equipment.

We got these beauties when we went to a dinner party (ok, so we made it after dinner), but got flowers anyways.  Only one was open at first with a bud, then the next one opened.

To the non-Saskatchewanians reading- this is the provincial flower- the tiger lily.
Now I'm back in Saskatoon.  It feels like we are having a ton of hectic fun.  It's nice to have the weddings over with and swim lessons.  I was so glad we got to do that.  Now we are doing Camp Cousins.  So fun.

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