Friday, July 05, 2013

Wood tick day

The last day of school is a big celebration called the Wood Tick festival.  The kids start by visiting their next year's classroom and teacher.  Ivan will have 5 teachers that will be co-teaching.  Not sure how that will look, but he didn't connect too well this year, so I'm hoping for a fresh start for him in grade 4.  Dom wasn't overly happy with the class she'll be in, but she wasn't last year either and ended up really liking her teacher in the end.
Then the entire family is invited for activities and fun.  They decorated cookies, played with bubbles,

went on a horse drawn ride,

played in a jumpy castle and jumpy castle maze (for the big kids), sprayed a fire truck sprayer at students (Ivan liked that part),

saw and hung out some with cousins, 

got faces painted (this was phase 1 of butterflies), 

and much more with little gifts too... THEN...

This year there was a magician and Dominique was selected as a volunteer.

He accused her of "scribble scrabble" in the giant coloring book and I was glad my little perfectionist didn't sock him for the suggestion!  She stood her ground though and told her that she does color neatly!

The magician was able to fix the messed up pages before our very eyes much to all their delight.

Then musician's played and danced with hoola hoops and the kids got to also.

Ivan and his friend Jenna at wood tick.

Love the end to the year that they organize each year!  A GREAT way to celebrate the end and start off the summer.


Nana said...

That picnic blanket has been around along time!

Angela said...

You're right Nana! It has been so awesome. I did notice that it gets mucked up a lot at the beach, so I got a second blanket that is water repellant on both sides for the beach just this year.