Monday, June 24, 2013

soccer's over!!

It seems like each day another activity is ticked off our calendar and it feels so great!  The lily's flowered and they are SO pretty.  I had another one bloom that is smaller and all purple with an even more dramatic shape, but I didn't get it in a picture I don't think.

It was a very busy weekend.  Dominique and my team played 4 games.  2 Friday night and 2 Saturday and Ivan played 3 with his team.  It was cloudy, but didn't rain, which was perfect- except our last game when it was scorching hot.  One team told me they had 2 players go to the hospital for heat stroke- one was throwing up and the other passed out!  My games were really spaced well that second day and my kids didn't want to quit playing.  I have one missing from this pic.

It was so great to watch them come together as a team.  We had played really good games all along, but by this point, we'd figured out each kid's natural gifts and what position felt right for them- so I had a couple of super goalies, some ace on forwards and mighty defense.  They made a formidable team for soccerfest and after winning only 1 game all season and one tie, they went undefeated this weekend.  They were passing and playing positions and working together- it was so cool!

Dominique decided that she liked me coaching, so we may do it again next year, but for now it's so nice to not have practices to plan or rush to and games every Sat.  all over to drive away to.

My beauty queen played in fashion too.  She wore a jean skirt with built in shorts and a flowy fancy shirt with halter straps under her soccer shirt all weekend.  She was so hot and I kept telling her to just wear her soccer shirt without the other heavy shirt- but oh no- gotta look good on her big day!

Brian got all the play structure up apart from a roof he wants to put over the fort part later in the summer- or at least before winter.  We hung the tire swing with a chair caster and it seems to work well.  We also hung a hammock my cousins gave me and it's so fabulous!  We have a picnic table from my other cousins and our backyard is now our second living, dining and playroom.  The days are absolutely gorgeous and it's so fun to just hang out back there- reading, talking, playing, eating.

I had the easiest sub job day EVER and will get paid a wack load of money for it too.  I was at an adult ed. place that will remain unnamed, but since the semester is nearly over (3 days away) and they don't have exams, no one showed up!  My instructions were to help anyone if they needed it, if they came in- they didn't expect more than 3 people, possibly just one, but no one came.  So I got to label pictures and get them in an album, work on some projects I have going on, write a couple of e-mails and read- all while sitting in an air conditioned, beautiful room, looking out onto the lush green hills.  Crazy!  The kids have 2 more days and then Woodtick festival!!  Yeah- summer is almost here!!!

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Nana said...

Really good picture of you and Dominique. Tell her when it is really hot, even Nana puts aside fashion for comfort!!!!!!