Friday, August 02, 2013

Camp Cousins part 5

Jenn had a picture at this spot with me and her other bridesmaids at her wedding in this pose (somewhat), so we had to re-enact it with our girls- note Isaac also put his leg in there ;)  Special thanks to Ivan- who was elevated to camp helper due to his poor attitude last year (I mean his maturing into a more responsible role).  Of course now, all the others want to be helpers too!!!  ah jealousy- such a mean thing.

These pics are at the university in Saskatoon, where John works.  We went to give him a quick visit since we were out having fun riding on free buses!

We also visited the dinosaur display.  They also had fish, mice, and rocks to check out.

Then we played outside some, where Emora landed butt first in a mud puddle and I got to deal with meltdown number 933 of the week- but such is life with so many young and so little sleep and so many activities. ;)

Isaac really liked riding the bus.

I was glad to see that these seats were not upholstery like the other bus, since Emora's rear was still damp even after sincere attempts for drying them with paper in the nearest bathroom.

We had totally lost track of time and were glad this last bus took us fairly straight away to our vehicle and not the long way around the city.

After a pizza supper at the cousins'- we topped the day off with ice cream- what fun!!

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