Friday, March 01, 2013


And now for your viewing entertainment... miscellaneous pictures!  Oh yes, it is the much awaited and anticipated don't know where they fit in, pictures in the file, looking for a home and posted HERE!

This was at the rink.  I thought Dominique looked so cute in her hat from aunty Janet.  She also looks too grown up in this pic to me... but thankfully I still have this little critter...

This one full of laughs and also reminds me that she is still young enough with her tantrums and crying fests from time to time- to shake things up.  She'd gotten a lollipop this day.  I'm guessing it was lime or green apple flavored.  Actually, as we did a puzzle today, that I've been doing with my kids since Ivan was little itty bitty, I realized that this is epic.  As Emora grows up, we are moving on as a family.  Some day, I will need to put up or give away that pirate puzzle we just did and she's already telling me some of her books are too babyish and need to find a new home!  Wow- it took so long to come, but now it's suddenly upon us and it's a bit harder for me than for them to realize this era is leaving us (the era of having little kids).

This was not the puzzle we did today, this is a crazy hard puzzle, like one of the hardest puzzles ever, but so fun to see familiar faces appear (the faces were the easy parts).  But the puzzle came to the right home as this gang can beat puzzle challenges.

Meant to post this picture with the winter festival pics, but it got lost in the shuffle.  Dominique is in the front row.  Look for her pointy hat and Ivan is in the back- there is no way you can find him, unless you can recognize his black pants and the white stripe of his glove- as only a momma looking for her kid can.

This was the scene on the floor after our skating one day, when the kids raced off to run on the stairs and I was left with the bags- and skates in the dressing room.  We had Kellen that day and he did offer to help carry something. ugh, maybe some day these kind and gentlemenly friends and cousins will rub off on my kids.

Ivan had a rough lesson in life today, but perhaps it will make him stronger.  He has money burning a hole in his pocket.  All week, he's begged for us to let him go to the store to buy a gun- he's been dreaming of.  We finally gave in and thought it'd be a growing opportunity to let him walk by himself and buy it himself- not to mention get him off our backs!  He came back devastated.  The gun he wanted was no longer there, so he got a different one that he didn't want.  We got to talk about what is important, about sometimes having to give up dreams, maybe even for something better, of giving over emotions to God and of not having to spend money if you didn't want it in the first place.  He was all in tears, but even as I rolled my eyes, a part of me was thinking how this was big to him.  After a while, he was thinking he'd return the gun he didn't want and realized that it was not the end of the world.  Big steps for our little guy.

And now- let the weekend begin- yeah!  No big plans- yeah!  Although if it's still warm, I'm going to see what we can do about a walking or sledding or hiking outing.

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