Monday, March 25, 2013

The life of a preschooler

We got to get Neve from her daycare one day, which is in the high school.  From here, we headed to the elementary to get the big kids and head home with the littles on the sled.  Instead of walking outside in the cold, we took a shortcut down the deserted hallway.  Emora decided that she should hold Neve's hand to take care of her.  They were so cute, I just had to take a pic.  I can't even imagine them walking these halls as high schoolers, but it'll come some day, probably sooner than I realize!

I LOVE morning light.  There are times when sunlight is just so alive, for me that time is "early" morning or at times when the sun is about to set.  It has such a bright, alive and transforming feel to it.  It was dancing through the plant, making constantly shirting patterns on the wall.  I was literally mesmerized- to the point that I started taking pictures and wondering if it could be painted.  That was one of the first things that I was interested in painting- light.  How can light be painted?  My favorite pictures are ones where there is light play- on water, in rain, in skies, on clouds, on faces...

Somehow, this second picture doesn't even look like Emora to me.  There is something about the angle of her face and her lack of goofiness that makes her nearly unrecognizable.

This bottom pics are from "Gymboree".  Once a week, the high school gym is opened up so that preschool families can come play.  The day care down the hall and their workers also come.  This day, the day care ladies played games.  We usually have a bunch of play equipment out, but it was nice this time to do something different. 

Last week, a huge, huge, HUGE jumpy castle was set up and the kids got to bounce and slide, run and play.  So thankful for this program as winter has been VERY LONG this year and still lingering.  Yesterday there were the prettiest big, fluffy snowflakes falling gently through the air.  They were so graceful, it was hard to be angry that they were still coming down at the end of March!

Gotta go make some tortillas.  I'll have happy campers tonight.  They love tortilla suppers!  Sometimes a little thing can make such a difference to them ;)

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