Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy New life day!

I took the kids to an Easter literacy program at the library.  So proud of Ivan.  We walked in and right away he noticed that it was pretty much all preschool kids coloring at a table.  He was Mr Cool, found a Geronimo Stilton chapter book and read the whole thing.  Once the kids were done, they came to where Ivan was and the facilitator read stories to them.  By the time she was reading a Robert Munsch book, he had moved over into the group and gotten excited about the reading.  When she finished, she called all the kids over to the table to make another craft.  The kids were given cut out chicks and eggs to make a collage with.  Ivan's creation was full of action.  He wanted me to help him cut out bows, arrows, swords and a shield.  At first he called it "Angry Chicks", which I thought was totally hillarious.  Then he said they were Army chicks and one was Legalos and the other some other Lord of the Rings character.  That's my mister imagination.

So this Easter, Brian is home alone- enjoy the peace while you have it hon... hope it's not flooding.

There is much concern over flooding.  He's done a fair amount of prep and there will be crews in the week to fill and deliver sandbags.  It flooded last year and this year there is WAY more snow.  More than they've ever seen.  We love our basement windows, but not with water coming in them.  So he is in water duty and clean the bank duty and change the bed sheets, feed the pets, rescue our neighbors...

Speaking of our bank cleaning job.  The garbage is in the alley- the shortcut to reach the alley is down this icy gauntlet.  The ground is covered in a thick coat of uneaven, very slippery ice.  My strategy this night was to lean against the brick wall, and shuffle my feet forward as if skating.  My coat is now dirty, but I didn't fall or get impaled by a 6 foot icicle.

Our drains looks something like this too.  So far Brian has put de-icing salt in them and hot water to get them unclogged.

There's nothing like a Canadian winter to keep you on your toes!

Hope you are having a wonderful Easter and experiencing new inner life, peace, joy and transformation.  May it be a transforming, fulfilling, revitalizing year for us in Fort Qu'Appelle- may the resurrection power infuse us, color our days, stabilize us and move us through trials onto grace and strength, love and mercy.

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