Monday, March 11, 2013

Tree climbing

Here are the rest of the tree climbing pictures and the last of the pics from the winter festival.  I need to upload pics again.

I should have taken some from Brian's concert- I had a perfect spot to watch it all, but they were recording it, so I didn't even bother with the camera, but really I should have taken a pic or two.  It was an amazing night!

Brian did a set of his solo stick material, then played with his band.  It was a great mix of music, stick songs, his own songs, some covers and the same with songs by the band.  I finally found out what the sounds I liked were and it's his newest song "the Valley".  I didn't know the whole band played it.  He doesn't tell me anything about his music-- probably because I'm such a music ignoramus!!  I accidentally said "corner gas" instead of "classical gas" when referring to one of his longest played songs.  Ah honey- you know I mean well :)

Another week about to start.

Coming off the high on the weekend.

Back to school and work, floors to clean, games to play, books to read, spelling word lists to locate, kid's fights to break up...

You know, all that living life stuff.


GMS said...

It has always seemed like you live life to the fullest.
Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Great pics. Glad you're having fun with the winter. It could be a long haul if one could not enjoy it. I like the kids in their nest,tell them not to stay too long or else the birds won't like it.
A Robin once chase me off the front balcony because she was afraid I would disturb her home.